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  1. 1. Introductory Overview of
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Established 1960 Ron Bullock acquired 1987 250+ employees, two shifts 115,000 sq.ft. 10 acre site
  3. 3. PRODUCTS AC and DC Motors Fractional HP Parallel Shaft and Right Angle Gearmotors Gear Reducers Integrated, Lean Manufacturing
  4. 4. MARKETS Foodservice Machine Tool Specialty Machinery Medical and Scientific Leisure and Exercise
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION National: W.W. Grainger, Applied Industrial Techologies, MSC Industrial, and others Automation Partner: Minarik Automation Regional independents
  6. 6. Balanced Markets
  7. 7. NEW PRODUCTS Expanded Motor Production Range Brushless DC Drives and Controls Severe Duty Energy Efficient