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Environmental and Social Responsibility of Biscuit Brands in India


Submitted by Kowsalya Suganthi M 09AC19

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Anna University for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration

MARCH 2011


CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that the report titled


is a bonafide work done by Kowsalya Suganthi M 09AC19 for the award of degree of

Master of Business Administration

---------------------------Dr.R.NANDAGOPAL Head of the Institute

---------------------------Mr.Ajit Shankar Faculty Guide



I hereby declare that all the content in the report is original. It is not plagiarized and not been used by any other person for any other work before.




I am heartily thankful to the Director, Dr.R.Nandagopal, whose encouragement for doing the report from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject.

I sincerely thank my faculty, Mr. Ajit Shankar, for guiding me all the way through the proceeding and making it a successful one.

I also wish to express my gratitude to the other faculty members of PSG Institute of Management, who rendered their help during the period of doing the report.

Last but not least I wish to avail myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to my friends and my beloved parents for their manual support, strength and help for everything.



S.No 1

Topic Introduction

Page No. 6


Meaning of SER



Study of SER



Tools utilized



Detailed Study











Biscuits these days are considered to be the tastier and healthy snacks for children and people of different age groups. The term Biscuit is divided into two parts Bis which means Twice and Coquere which means Cooked in Latin. This name was derived was biscuits were cooked twice in olden days. These tastier biscuits do not have a proper history that can be told. Though there is no proper history it found that biscuits were invented long back in the 14th century by the Romans. As per the Roman cookbook Apicius biscuits were made with a thick paste of wheat flour. This paste would be spread out on a plate and let to dry. After it dries up, it is cut into pieces and served. Earlier biscuits were so hard and therefore were called as Stone Bread. This trend was changed by the Americans. They introduced biscuits which were soft. This is how biscuits came into existence. It is also said that the French also were involved in the invention of Biscuits. Though the French had invented biscuits, it is said that the French biscuits are the worst biscuits a person can ever taste. Now a days the most popular manufacturers of biscuits are the Americans. Their biscuits and cookies are the best and tastier too. Biscuits today are of many shapes, types and consist of various ingredients too. There are cream biscuits, sweet biscuits, salt biscuits, tea biscuits etc. The advantages of biscuits are it can be easily carried during long distance travel, they are small in size and a healthy snack. II. What does being Socially and Environmentally Responsible mean?

The term Socially and Environmentally Responsible means making the public aware of certain problems in the environment and also protecting the environment from being destroyed. Some of the ways in which a company can be socially responsible are: Company can give funds for charities Fund academic scholarships Support community-building initiatives Commitment not to pollute the environment etc.


On the other hand environmentally responsible from the companys point of view means producing products that do not harm the environment. A company can be environmentally responsible by Using fewer resources Using solar energy and wind energy Emitting less CO2 etc. In todays world it is really necessary for companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. This is so because the general public will never contribute for the well being of the earth and future generations. But the companies are responsible for the purpose of profit and sales of their product. Though the motive is selfish, the outcome is positive. III. Study of Socially and Environmentally Responsible Biscuit Brands:

This is a study to find out the brands of biscuits that are socially and environmentally responsible. This study is done keeping in mind the welfare of the people as well as the environment. I have focused on the Indian market and done the study. The sample size I have chosen is eight. The reason why I selected these eight brands is because they are the top players in the biscuit market. The brands are: Britannia Parle Complan (Heinz) Tiffany Sunfeast (ITC) McVities (United Biscuits) Horlicks (GlaxoSmithKline) Cadbury OREO (Kraft Foods) These brands are compared among themselves for the purpose of ranking the safe, healthy and responsible product. For ranking these biscuit brands I have utilized few tools as a platform, because without certain parameters things can never be compared and ranked.



Tools utilized:

Before getting into the detailed study of the products, there is a need to list out the tools used to rank the products. The tools selected only plays an important role in the study. Without these nothing can be done in a proper way. The tools are selected in such a way that they are related to the topic and are very essential today. The list of tools is as follows: CSR activity Eco-Friendly Usage of Genetically Modified Products Health and Hygiene Packaging Distribution Customization


Detailed study:

a) CSR activity: This is considered to be the most important and foremost tool. When we hear the word social and environment responsibility, the word that strikes us is CSR activity. CSR activity can be both social and environment related. These biscuit brands are into various CSR activities which is dealt in detail below. BRITANNIA: Britannia works towards the betterment of Community and Health. Therefore they focus their CSR activity in this segment. The CSR activity of Britannia will be as follows: Partnership with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and Naandi Foundation to provide Tiger biscuits that contains iron to the children in the Mid-Day meal program in schools. It is supposedly said that Britannia does only one CSR activity as of now. Britannia is expected to get themselves involve into lots of CSR activities in the near future.8

PARLE: Parle is not involved into any CSR activity. But they do have certain campaigns organized during festive seasons. This is done for the purpose of keeping our traditions alive. Some of the campaigns of Parle are: Saraswati Vandana This programme is based on the saraswati pooja and it takes place in the state of West Bengal. It is being done for the purpose of developing the creative skills in children wherein they can showcase any of their talents. Golu Galatta This is an event that happens in the state of Tamil Nadu. Parle has taken the initiative to award the house that has been decorated wonderfully with dolls. This is done keeping in mind the fading tradition of Golu in Tamil Nadu. My Green Planet This is another initiative by Parle for the purpose of keeping the planet neat and green.

CADBURY OREO: Cadbury is not an Indian company. But they too are doing little CSR activity for the well being of the state where their factory is located. These are the activities they perform. Dam construction This is done for the purpose of storing rain water. They only use the rain water that has been collected in the dam and not the outside water for their manufacturing process. This dam has been constructed in Bangalore. Cocoa Cultivation Unlike other companies, Cadbury has its own cocoa cultivation farm which has been set up in the year 1974. This reduces the export cost for them as they need not export cocoa from other countries. Since cocoa is self cultivated it is hygiene. Installation of Solar Streetlights In the city of Bangalore where lots of energy is being consumed, Cadbury has installed 28 solar streetlights. This will save energy as only the energy from the sun is used here.


SUNFEAST: Sunfeast is a product of ITC. It is well known that ITC is involved into lots of CSR activities. They not only focus on the community, but their focus is also on the environment. Towards the environment they: Have been Carbon Positive Have been Water Positive Have 100% solid waste recycling Perform all activities related to environment, health and safety according to the best international standards Towards the society they: Have generated livelihoods for 5 million people Have taken e-choupal initiative by educating the farmers about internet which has benefitted 4 million farmer families Developed a Watershed initiative that brings rain water to about 35,000 hectares of dry lands and moisture stressed areas Work towards the empowerment of women Provide primary education to the children in the backward villages Help in livestock development by making the farmers and owners of the cattle aware of the cattle health and various other things Also do social and farm forestry In this way different companies do different CSR activities. There are biscuit brands that are not at all involved in any CSR activity. They are Tiger biscuits by Kraft Foods, McVities by United Biscuits, Horlicks by GlaxoSmithKline, Complan by Heinz and Tiff