Biomass briquetting plant project is perfect alternative source of energy

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Transcript of Biomass briquetting plant project is perfect alternative source of energy

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WHAT IS BIOMASS BRIQUETTES????Agro- coal Briquettes are the log in different size & shapes which is simply a binding of Agro forestry waste which otherwise kept ideal & it is used no where. Briquettes is a product which can be used in against the fossil fuels specially coal. Briquettes is one step ahead of coal as it is made from Bio waste which is other wise waste. Briquettes is the innovation made for new India which is a modern & believes in using eco friendly products.

WHAT IS BIOMASS BRIQUETTING PRESS MACHINE???? Briquetting Press Machines is a Machines from which Briquettes are produced. Jay Khodiyar Machines Tools are into the business of making of Briquetting Machines. Briquetting Machines are very easy to use with the help of control panel as it has many functions as an automated so it also dont require much of people & also it has a sensor system which alert us if the pressure is high. It is a Briquetting Machine which only talks about & work as renewable energy. Briquetting Machine comes in different production capacity.

MAIN CONCEPT:The concept of Briquetting Press Machine or Briquettes reveal about how the pollution is entering in ones life. As the capital of India Delhi is considered as most polluted city which is a serious concern for all of us. The concept of Briquetting & Briquetting Press Machines is not new it is existing since last many years just professional touch is needed.Briquettes is the core attention seeker in the whole concept. As Briquettes is the final product which is finally made from Briquetting Press Machine which is directly used in industries & power stations.


The alternative source are many but physically possible in short times is one & only one Briquettes. Briquettes is perfect solution for controlling pollution by fossil fuels & waste of Agro-forestry waste. Biomass Briquettes is a final product which is accepted by many of the countries across the world.

TRUSTED SOURCE OF ENERGY:One of the trusted renewable which can be easily adopted & easily set up if any one is planning to set up an innovative & in renewable energy sector. Why it is called a trusted one as it has been accepted by all the government of countries. As it fulfill all the required of the a person who thinks of starting of a business. Briquettes & Briquetting Machine is both trusted as it fulfill all the required of todays need.

Briquetting Machines are also more trusted by the customers it has a reason behind that it is certified by many of the institution. Also the Briquettes are the final product made from the Biomass Briquetting Press Machines re trusted in many laboratories & than it was introduced in the market, Briquettes is the till now the perfect solution for the using against the Fossil Fuels. Continue

Biomass Briquettes

WHY IS RENEWABLE ENERGY IS IMPORTANT????Till now environment has served us so now the time has come to reward them back by at least not polluting more of the environment.To protect the environment as environment has protect us. Also bad condition of earth affects the health of all the living organism on this earth. so Biomass Briquettes is one of the type of Renewable Energy which helps in keeping the environment clean & pure.

Agro-coal Briquettes ideal product consider as Renewable Energy source. As some of the Renewable Energy products are expensive & setting of plant is not an easy task & also not possible for long term. All such complain is solved by the Briquettes. Continue


Green Energy simply means using less those products which creates pollution & increasing the use of energy savers products. Biomass Briquettes comes in Green Energy Products as it clearly speaks about concept of Green Energy. Green Energy Biomass Briquettes can also do much for the society which is one of best advantages one can grab by using Briquettes in there industries against fossil fuels as they will also be available at cheaper rate & social responsibilities & keep the environment green clean by using waste & producing less pollutions.


Jumbo BRQ-9075 one of the best quality product offered by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools Biomass Briquetting Press Machines.

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