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  2. 2. It is not that the Renewable Energy has got its importance in the recent years. It was used for household purpose in villages but than due to the problems of global warming one started using even in industries. Various research started taking place to implement & finding a Renewable Energy source for using in industries in against of fossil fuels. Many such various ways has been found but more of them was not possible to implement but than finally one such machines was found. Briquetting Equipments was invented for making the use of Agro- forestry waste which converts into Agro coal Briquettes.
  3. 3. Briquetting Equipment is Renewable Energy Machines which produce 100% natural product like Briquettes & pellets. Agro coal Briquetting Equipments works as of transferring waste which is of no use into a product named Briquettes which can be easily replace coal & wood. Briquettes Equipment is designed with innovative technology & with experienced engineers. Biomass Briquettes Equipment has a simple process of converting Agro waste into Logs called Briquettes without any binding chemicals.
  4. 4. Biomass Briquettes making Briquetting Equipments by Jay Khodiyar Machines Tools
  6. 6. oJay Khodiyar Machine Tools is into this business since 1994 of Converting Agro Waste into Gold. oJay Khodiyar Machines Tools always puts environment ahead of his business & has a very high of product which are eco-friendly, also produce environment friendly products. o Leaving green & going Green with customer satisfaction is the main aim of team working in Jay Khodiyar Group. o It has national & also across the nation business & experience which makes Jay Khodiyar Different with values & goals of always going ahead.
  7. 7. It produce a product name Briquettes which is cheaper than coal. Once the fossil fuels are used it cannot be replaced while any product which is renewable can easily be replaced. As future is Renewable Energy only so by this can say that Briquettes will be one of the product which will be on top for Renewable source of energy. As so than it is obvious that the demand for the Briquetting Press Machines will increase eventually. As one can say that Briquetting Equipments will have a high demand along with Briquettes. So it is one of the great idea to start up a Briquetting Equipments Plant as it will be one of the keen business in the world of Renewable Energy. Future of Briquetting Equipments can also be high because it has long life span along with the high profitable market or Briquettes.
  8. 8. oIn the nutshell want to conclude that ultimate Renewable Energy source will be the only future also Briquetting Machines will help to enlarge Briquetting & Briquetting Machine. o Due to increasing in continuous pollution it is set that Briquetting is the only future of coal & wood. oBiomass Briquettes will help to make a earth a better place because it is pollution free & had no sulfur content. o As Bio fuel Briquettes are economical than other fuels so one can proudly say that Bio coal Briquettes can be future of world.
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