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2. My name is:Thamina BegumCandidate No:2155 3. Preliminary Project Research & Planning How did you think about target audience?As I made a college front cover and contents page for a magazine aimed at collegestudents, it actually states that my target audience is college students. College studentsvary from ages 16 -19, of both genders. How did awareness of that audience impact upon your visualdesign and choice of language?Awareness of my target audience influences and has a lot of impact on my visual designand choice of language. This is because it has to be in a particular style and fonts for acollege student to actually be interested in it and pick it up. It has to include quite a lotof factors and be eye catching, as well as having something relevant for a collegestudent to relate to. Their interests and hobbies. What key points did you learn about Adobe Photoshop andInDesign in constructing your artefacts?I learned that when inserting a picture in InDesign you have to Place the picture and notopen it or anything like you do in Photoshop. I also learned that you have to save apicture properly in Photoshop for you to be able to insert it into InDesign. 4. Preliminary ProjectCollege CoverCollege Contents 5. Reflections & Feedback What would you do differently next time?Next time I would include more images and improve on my layout as I dont think it was asgood as it couldve been. Also my magazine cover doesnt look as appealing to me, and I feelthat I it doesnt look as appealing to college students as it may be lacking a few factors. What kind of feedback did you get that might influence you?The feedback that I received a B on my magazine front cover made me want to achieve ahigher grade, and since I couldnt redraft it I had to make sure my contents page was better.I hope that I done better in my contents page and receive more than a B. Also I asked myclass mates sitting next to me when I was not sure something looked right, that helped meand boosted my confidence and helped me get more of an idea of what I wanted to achievefrom the piece. What aspects of your understanding of Adobe Photoshop & InDesigndo you need to improve?In adobe Photoshop I need to improve on my cropping and feathering the images as I dontthink I have done that very well. Also in InDesign I need to improve a lot and learn how touse it better and get used to the software as it is new to me. I just need a little bit morepractise. 6. The music genre of my music magazine is:Genre: BhangraMy Chosen title is Amplified because I wanted to use awesternised name to target a wider audience and alsoAmplified is related to Bhangra. Amplified means increased, and the name has a lot of depth behind it. It is interesting and simple therefore it would make a really effectiveBhangra music magazine title. 7. So I researched this genre of music publication and studied: Model 1Model 2 8. What I learned from this was.. Cover Design Cover LinesFrom the magazine cover designs IFrom the front covers Ive noticedhave seen they have a very the cover lines are simple andappealing cover image which takeseffective. They are on point andup about of the magazine. Also attract the target audience. Thethe cover image relates to the cover lines need to promote themagazine genre. Also the image content of the magazine and be ableneeds to be a mid shot. Both cover to impress and persuade the readerdesigns have inspired me as they to want to purchase it. This inspiredcontain attractive layouts and me to present my cover linescolour schemes. Black, White and similarly. Also Ive learned thatred seems to be a very popular referencing artists within cover linescolour scheme therefore I decidedwill attract the audience. Includingto use it. The Masthead needs to interviews and exclusive, sneakbe bold and bigger than the rest ofPeaks and other words or phrasesthe text on the magazine, this willalso helps boost up cover lines. Toenable it to stand out and catch the make the cover lines more eyereaders eye. catching, I use a selection of colours (within my colour scheme). 9. For my music magazine. Target Audience:My target audience is south Asian people aged from 15-30. Mymagazine is aimed at both male and females. Here is a picture of apossible target audience. Frequency:My magazine will be distributed monthly. Cover price:My cover price is 3.99 as it is a monthly magazine and will be thick editions,and fun packed with Bhangra music and artists, and much more. Publisher:My magazine will be published by IPC media as I believe my magazine linksto the type of magazines IPC media distribute. Unique Selling Point:I reference a lot of artists within my front cover to attract my audience. Also Iuse phrases like Exclusive and Sneak a Peak to draw in my readers. 10. This is the face of the magazineFront cover This is how it works.My bhangra music magazine cover hasall the elements to a real magazinecover. It contain a masthead, which isbig and bold, and stands out,underneath it I have my selling line. Mydate line and edition details are alsoapparent within my cover. Also itincludes main cover lines, cover lines,and a left third. The price is visibleabove the barcode. Most importantly themain image of my magazine is placedso that it takes up more than of thepage. The image is a girl in a saree, thislinks to my magazine theme andcompliments my magazine well. Aboveall, I have included a Top and bottomstrip to aid my readers and provide themwith more information on the content ofmy magazine. It also helps promote mymagazine. 11. Here are the 4 original photographs I shot for the project1234 12. I modified each photograph; here isthe original next to the final version:Raw 1 Final 1Here is how I changed the photograph and whyMy original image (Raw 1) was changed to my final piece as I cleared the backgroundand replaced the original image background with a simple black background to helpmake the girl in the image more clear and noticeable. I took out all the excessbackground. I used adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit my image within which I usedpolygonal Lasso Tool. I changed my original photograph because I wanted my image tolook professional and similar to other magazine images which do not have excessbackground. 13. And the second one: Raw 2How & why IFinal 2changed thephotograph I changed this image firstly by rotating the it to make the model stand in a straight pose rather than the slanted raggedy pose, which I didnt think was professional andappealing enough. Secondly, I enlarged the image. I used adobePhotoshop CS3 to edit my image within which I used polygonalLasso Tool to get rid of the background. This enabled me toinsert a clear black background so when I insert the image on tomy contents page it will blend in well. I changed my photographas I believed the background looked unprofessional. I ampleased with the final edited image. 14. And the third one:Raw 3Final 3Here is how I changedthe photograph andwhyI used adobe Photoshop CS3 toedit my image within which I usedpolygonal Lasso Tool. Using this Icleared the excess backgroundand made the image moreappealing and professional. Afterthat I inserted a black clearbackground as it helps focus moreon the models. To enable the image to stand out more Iused bevel and emboss and added inner shadows andouter glow. My image now looks more professional. 15. And the last one:Raw 4Here is how I changed Final 4 the photograph and why This image was effective the way it was but I wanted a black background therefore I used adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit my image within which I used polygonal Lasso Tool. I cleared the background and inserted aclear black background. Also I used bevel and embossand gave the image an outer glow to help it stand outmore. 16. Here are a couple of research models formy contents pageAbove is a contents page that I found on theinternet. It inspired me as I found the design ofthe contents page appealing and I wanted tomake my contents page similar. The contentspage on the right side helped me get an idea ofthe layout of my contents page, it also inspiredme on the way I should place my images. 17. This is my contents pageContents PageThese are key featuresMy contents page has a colour scheme Contents Page of red, black and white. As you can seemy contents includes a main contentstory featured on the left side of mypage. Also I have included Regulars,Features and Tasters for this monthsissue and the next. My contents pagehas more than 4 images and also thereare links between my images and text.Ive included page numbers and Ive alsonumbered my contents page. I have abanner of the contents page, also Iveincluded subscription info at the bottom. 18. How does the contents page linkback to the cover page?The contents page links back to the cover page through manyfactors. First of all, the colour scheme used within both pagesare the same. The colours red, white and black are the maincolours used and are constant within both pieces. The font isalso constant within both pieces as only font Franklin GothicMedium and impact are used.The left third, main cover story is also highlighted within thecontents page. All the cover storys were listed within thecontents and some were referenced within the imagesprovided as well. Another similarity and link between thepieces is that on the cover, the model is wearing purple, tomatch that Ive also made sure on the contents page theother models are wearing purple or another colour similar aswell. 19. Key points of contents pageHow have you made the reader want to read on?I have made the reader want to read on by using persuasive and eye catching text.What are the links between images and words?The links between images and words link to the contents pages subheading, also Iveplaced page numbers to make it easier to locate within the magazine. It also