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  • Recent Advocacy Efforts, Events, Opportunities, & More

    Mergen Chuluun, Executive Director 2016-12-05

  • Overview

    Personel Changes

    Recent Advocacy Efforts

    Recent Events

    New Partnerships & Cooperation

  • New Business Development Consultant Dulamragchaa (Duya)

    Work Experience: Citigroup Global Markets Inc. (Tokyo), Mizuho Bank Ltd. (Tokyo), and Mongolian major trading & manufacturing companies. Has experience in Capital Markets (secondary bond market) & renewable energy.

    Education: MBA from Hitotsubashi Graduate School; Master from Sydney University; Bachelors in Commerce and Management from Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Certificate of Origin Issue raised 6/22

    NAMBC research & draft joint letter 7/23

    ED Mergen sent email to Japanese Ambassador Shimizu san 8/1

    BCM hosted meeting w Customs Agency & business community (MNCCI, CEO Club, AmCham) 8/3

    ED Mergen held a call w NAMBC President Steve Saunders 8/5

    ED chatted w MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation 8/9

    ED chatted w new MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Dr. Enkhbold (2nd day of appointment) 8/12

    BCM & NAMBC meeting w MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Dr. Enkhbold 8/16 morning

    MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Dr. Enkhbold meets w customs & tax authorities 8/16 afternoon

    ED spoke w MFA Ambassador At Large 8/20

    ED spoke w MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation 9/16

    MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation presented issue to GoM 10/25

    ED spoke w MFA Director of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation 10/26

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Munkh-Orgil has obtained approval of Parliament to discuss amendments to law on customs tariff & taxes in Parliament with 72.3% support 12/1

  • Parliament has voted to discuss

    amendments to law on customs tariffs & taxes

  • Energy & Environment WG: Ger Area Experimental Tour Oct 28

  • Risk WG w Mandal Daatgal: Annual Risk Management Forum Nov 9

  • Ethics WG: Promoting Transparent & Ethical Business Practices Nov 15

  • Ethics WG: Promoting Transparent & Ethical Business Practices Nov 15

  • Education & Innovation WG: Mongolia Entrepreneurship Summit Nov 23

  • BCM in the University: How to Write CV & to Give Interview Nov 24

  • Legislative WG: Review of Labor Law & Consumer Protection Law Nov 29

  • Tax WG w PwC: Tax Inspection & Tax Disputes Dec 1

  • Investment Protection & Promotion: Meeting w World Bank on Agriculture Dec 2

  • Past Events

    # Event Date Location Organizer Notes

    1 Mongolia Strategic Trade Industry Outreach SeminarOct

    26-27Best Western Tuushin Hotel

    Center for Policy Research, University of Albany FREE

    2 Yelloween Masquerade Ball Oct 31 Shangri-LaBCM, MSM Group,

    Shangri-La BCM members: FREE

    3 Mongolia Investment Summit Nov 1-2 Hong Kong Beacon Events15% discount for BCM


    4 7th Annual Risk Forum Nov 9 Best Western Tuushin HotelMandal Insurance, Golomt

    Bank By invitation only

    5Workshop On Promoting Transparent And Ethical

    Business Practices

    Nov 15 Blue Sky BCM Ethics Working Group BCM members: FREE

    6 Ger District Site Visit mid Nov UBBCM Energy &

    Environment Working Group


    7 Sustainable Development ForumNov

    24-25 UBGlobal Green Growth

    Initiative (GGGI) TBD

  • Law on Disaster Protection

    Risk Working Group meetings Jun 28th & Oct 13th

    BCM Statement on the Draft Amendment of the Law on Disaster Protection will be sent to NEMA & Presidents Office

  • KSS: Lean Six Sigma by Wagner Asia Equipment 10/10

  • Membership Progress

    *10 trade members were removed from 2015-16 membership

    For 2016-17 year, our membership is already at 109 total with 12 new members thus far

    Year Membership2007-08 352008-09 1112009-10 1292010-11 1622011-12 1942011-13 2502013-14 2682014-15 2692015-16 246*

  • BIG THANK YOU for your continued support. We could not have achieved all of these efforts without your contributions.

    We have some AMAZING events lined up. And, we continue to advocate for fair, stable, & improved business environment.

    Membership renewal invoices were sent out last week. If you have any questions, please contact Saruul (saruul@bcmongolia.org).

    THANK YOU Members! And, please continue to support us


  • Upcoming Events# Event Date Location Organizer Notes

    1 Invest Mongolia Tokyo Dec 7-8 Tokyo Frontier Conference20% discount for BCM


    2Safety Leadership Forum

    2016 For Women Entrepreneurs

    Dec 8 9:00-13:00

    Ulaanbaatar Hotel

    BCM, MNCCI, The Asia Foundation Free

    3 BCM NY Ball: BCM Members Got Talent Dec 8Shangri-La

    Hotel BCM TBD

    4 Fine Art Auction And Charity Event

    Dec 9 19:30-22:00

    Shangri-La Hotel Valiant Art Gallery

    By invitation only; please contact Tugi for interest





  • Energy & Environment Working Group Meeting on Dec 13th: Initiatives to Address

    Air Pollution

    Fantastic speakers coming to present interesting solutions

    Date & Time: December 13th 15:30-18:30

    Location: TBD

    Sign up: Please contact baljaa@bcmongolia.org


  • BCM New Year Ball, Dec 8th @ Best Western Tuushin

    Talent Competition

    Awards for Investment, Innovation, & Ethics


  • Opportunity to Sponsor on BCM Brochure

    BCM Corporate Brochure facts: - Over 1,000-1,500 copies- English & Mongolian- Wide distribution- Quality content

    Unique marketing opportunity for your business: - Platinum sponsor: 1,500,000MNT (inside cover page) - Gold sponsor: 700,000MNT(middle page)

    For more details, please contact: otgongerel@bcmongolia.org


  • Please fill out our event survey.

    Any questions?

    Email: mergen@bcmongolia.org

    Twitter: @bcmongolia & @mergenchuluun

    Thank you.


  • Attending: D.Byambasuren, consultant/Quality Assurance Officer

    New Member: MIRIM Consultant LLC