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This prototype for a service which helps users realize their goals in incremental steps was developed for the Social Health project at Stanford in 2010

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  • 1. Avatar Goalseeker The only thing you can do, is to improve yourself-A. Gantert

2. Create an avatar to represent your current self 3. Customize your avatar, who will represent you, and your progress towards your goals 4. Set a Mega Goal and incremental milestones. Drop a coin to get started 5. Completing milestones grants coins, which unlocks clothing and accessories for your avatar 6. As you improve, your avatar improves: Get some spiffy threads and level up on the Awesome Meter 7. Mobile Application Manage your avatar experience from Your mobile phone. -Check in on your goals and milestones -Keep tabs on your friends, give them powerups and tokens to keep them on track to achieving their goals 8. If you miss deadlines, your avatar will regressyoull lose powers and your clothes will turn to rags! Youll have to drop another token to get back into the action 9. Accomplishing Mega Goals unlocks special accessories like the Flaming Sword Achieve more goals to unlock super swag 10. The more Mega Goals you accomplish and milestones you reach, the better the swag Jetpack 11. If amazing superpowers and astounding swag arent enough, use the Power Creator to invent your own! Supersonic Headphones Plasma Hammer Fist Power Creator 12. Your profile badge will show off your awesomeness on your Facebook Page, for your friends to see. Friends can give Powerups and Tokens directly from your Profile Box 13. Support your friends Avatars on the friends page: give powerups when they accomplish their goals 14. If you get sick or injured, your avatar hurts too and waits until you are healthy to resume the quest for Ultimate Epicness. The game pauses and doesnt require tokens to resume.