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Transcript of astTECS Call Center Solutions

  • Introduction to:

  • What is *astTECS Call Centre Solution?

    Open Source Software Solution for Telecommunication ensuring:-

    You get connected to the customer without wasting time, OR

    If the customer calls, he gets connected to the right person easily.

    You have all information of the business in front of you while

    engaging the customer.

    Most Importantly, the Top Management has the summary of all

    transactions done over phone and listen to the recordings if

    needed and track follow-up actions

    Your phone is an Important Customer Touch Point. *astTECS

    transforms it to a powerful tool to do MUCH MORE THAN JUST


  • What is *astTECS?

    Developed by iTECS Communications Pvt Ltd, Bangalore in 2007

    Deliver Affordable Communications Solutions through Asterisk

    Customer Base of 1000+ in B2B Segment

    Has the following Accreditations:-

  • What is Asterisk?

    Created by Mark Spencer in 1999

    Today is the No.1 Open Source Telephony Platform in the World

    Extremely Versatile and Flexible Platform

    Rich Broad Features


  • Future Trends Telecom products - Call Center Dialers



    Call center dialers Market Share: 2014

    Asterisk Based Callcenter dialer




    Call center dialer - Market Share: 2020

    Asterisk BasedCall center dialer



    *astTECS IP-PBX Solution (video conferencing)

    *astTECS Call Center Dialer

    Worlds smallest IP PBX

    *astTECS GSM gateway

    *astTECS Voice Logger

    *astTECS Integrated IVR Solution

    *astTECS Video Conference Solutions


    24/7 Tech support *astTECS has necessary infrastructure and trained

    professionals to provide its customer with 24/7 support

    and maintenance from basic dial plan construction to real-

    time configuration management.

    Remote and Onsite

    Configuration support

    *astTECS also provides remote and onsite installation

    and configuration support to its customers.

    *astTECS Training Academy *astTECS provides Asterisk training at Headquarter to make the asterisk platform reach an even wider audience.

    We train features, architecture, installation, configuration:

    in short the complete works, plus how to troubleshoot.

  • Introduction to:

    *astTECS Call Centre Solutions

  • PRI






    Soft phones

    with Headsets *astTECS CCD


    SIP CRM Server

  • Features

  • Robust Call Centre Technology


    Traditional telephones are replaced by a Robust Call Center Technology

    Fully Customizable Agent Screen

  • Agent Screen.

  • Automatic Call Disposition.

    Call Disposition to code calls to provide

    accurate MIS

  • Call Back with Calendar

  • Predictive Dialing


    The system automatically dials an uploaded List of numbers and connects to Agents only after the call is connected.

    Saves lot of time for the Agent Ensure your executive dont waste time connecting to

    the customer

  • Predictive Dialing: Comparison with Manual Dialing

    Complete utilization of the shift.

    Increased efficiency & improved productivity.

    Time saving & cost efficient.

    ROI in less than one month.

  • Automatic Call Distribution- Inbound


    A customer calling your

    number can get easily

    get connected to the

    RIGHT person

    The executive will get all

    information of the

    customer when the call

    gets connected

  • Excellent MIS Features

  • Real Time Report with Option to Monitor and Barge-in the Call

  • Agent Performance Report

  • Built-in Voice Logger

    Voice recording & Playback software.

    Useful for training, quality and legal purposes.

    Record in multiple formats WAVE, GSM & MP3.

  • Distributed Call Centre on IP

    Remote Call Centers on the Same Database and CRM

  • Web Form


    All Modules accessed through Web form

  • Call Center powered by *astTECS


    Traditional telephones are replaced by a robust call center technology.

    Automatic/predictive dialing ensures complete utilization of the shift and increased productivity.

    Data capture and history maintained of customer calls.

    Coding of each call to provide accurate MIS data.

    Record all incoming and outgoing calls received/made for quality.

    Monitor the volume of serviced / missed calls and planning of staff accordingly.

    Call back any unanswered / missed calls to increase customer satisfaction levels and never miss an opportunity.

    Skill based routing of calls to provide a personalized touch to customers speaking different languages.

  • General Features

    Schedule Call Backs.

    Call Transfer & Conferencing .

    Script assistance.

    Web form.

    Blended call handling.

    Run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

    Voice Recording & Play back. DNC scrubbing.

    Real time monitoring.

    Call Barge in & listening.

    Recycling of leads

    CRM integration

    Customer info capturing

    Multiple DID configuration.

    Call Queuing and parking.

  • Reporting Features.

    Agent performance report.

    Abandoned call status.

    ATT Average talk time.

    AHT Average Handling Time.

    Agent login logout report.

    ACW - After call work.

    Trunk utilization statistics.

    Call Disposition Report. Pause code break up.

    Inbound service level report.

    Inbound IVR report.

    Server performance report.

    Dropped calls report.

    Campaign wise report.

    Info on hourly load.

  • Hosted Solution for International Centers.

    OPEX model.

    Plug and play technology.

    Payment for virtual service.

    Focus on your call center not your infrastructure.

    Easy up gradation.

  • Product Bundles Call Centre Solutions

    *ast c5 starter product for 5 agents and 5 simultaneous calls.

    *ast c10 Up to 10 agents, 10 simultaneous calls .

    *ast c30 Up to 30 agents, 30 simultaneous calls.

    *ast c60 - Up to 60 agents, 60 simultaneous calls.

    *ast c100 - Up to 100 agents, 100 simultaneous.

  • Product Bundles GSM Dialers (CCD with GSM Gateway)

    4 port GSM Dialer (4 Agents with 4 SIM Cards)

    8 port GSM Dialer (8 Agents with 8 SIM Cards)

    16 port GSM Dialer (16 Agents with 16 SIM Cards)

    32 port GSM Dialer (32 Agents with 32 SIM Cards)

  • Business Models:

    Rental - Both Hardware and Software

    Hosted for International call centers.

    Buyout Both Hardware and Software.

  • Technical Support.

    *astTECS team constantly strives to give business value and ROI to its customers .

    Work closely with our partners to deliver quality and efficient support.

    Flexible and cost effective support packages.

    99% remotely supportable hence maximum uptime .

    Quick response and resolution time.

    24/7 Technical support team.

  • Our Customers

  • Recent Kerala Customers

  • Contact Details

    Head Office

    iTECS Communications Pvt Ltd

    # 35-36, Krishna Reddy Layout


    Bangalore 560071

    Tele: 080-6640 6640


    Branch Office

    RAAL Systems

    #39/4196 A1, 1st Floor, Kausthubham

    Shanti Lane, Ravipuram Road

    Kochi 682016

    Tele: 0484-2359666/ 999 5986 888