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Transcript of Asterisk support 24x7 - *astTECS

  • *astTECS

    Established in 2007 with a Vision to lead the Open Source Telephony revolution.

    Today *astTECS is the No. 1 provider of open source telephony solution in India.

    Growing fast to become the global player with partners, products and & customers

    spread Across 22 countries.

  • Video Conference

    *ast V Series

    IVRVoice Recorder Call Center Dialer

    Mini PBX

    GSM Gateway

    Our Areas of Expertise

    AsteriskBased Products & Solutions

  • GSMC Global Support Management CenterIn India which works 24x7 - 365 Days

    and currently caters to over 26 countries.

    On-Site Support

    Remote Support

    Middle EastUSA


    Bangalore, India

    Remote Support


    AustraliaSouth America

    Bangalore, India

  • Provide quality and cost effective support to asterisk community across

    the globe.

    Advantages of *astTECS 24/7 Asterisk support Center:

    *astTECS 24/7 AsteriskTM Support Center

    Advantages of *astTECS 24/7 Asterisk support Center:

    Cost Effective Strategically located in India the outsourced hub of the world.

    Availability of qualified and trained engineers.

    Flexible support packages to suite client needs.

    Local direct access numbers for each region.

    Efficient escalation matrix and ticketing system

    Avail support on Call, Mail & Chat.

  • Support Structure

    The support system is built in such a way that 99 % of the calls can be handled remotely and thereby

    proactively working towards 99% uptime.

    The first point of contact for the end customer is always the support team in Bangalore.

    After an initial analysis of the case, this would be distributed internally to the respective experts. In case,

    a on site visit is unavoidable *astTECS will contact the local partner to go on-site and carry out ana on site visit is unavoidable *astTECS will contact the local partner to go on-site and carry out an


    Call at Bangalore

    Support Center.

    Initial Analysis:

    On-Site Required?

    Inform Partner.

    Partner On-site and

    co-ordinate with

    Support Center.

    Try to solve the

    problem remotely.

    On-Site Required?Yes


    Problem Solved.

    Inform Customer &


    The Call Flow

  • Support Level

    1. Evaluation Team: Every incident which is reported comes to this team, and they create

    a ticket for the customer (if not already created) and assign Priority for the same.

    Priority is based on certain parameters which are predefined and have been decided

    after taking various parameters into consideration.

    2. Level 1 Team: These are more experienced engineers than Evaluation team and are

    more technically competent as well. If Evaluation team is not able to solve the reported

    incident, it is escalated to this team or, if the priority of a ticket is higher the ticket is

    escalated to this team.

    3. QA Team Level 2 : This is the team who has designed the product. Developers and

    Quality assurance engineers work in this team. If a Tech Lead is not able to resolve a

    problem it is escalated to this team. They try to recreate the issue and find either a

    solution or a workaround. The maximum time-frame for them to work on the reported

    issue is 5 business days.

  • Escalation Matrix

    Issue Reported at

    Evaluation Team

    GSMC direct line

    Escalation Level 1 Tech Lead

    Escalation Level 1 Tech Lead

    Escalation Level 2

    QA Team

    Product Manager

    Final Escalation COO, CTO

  • iTECS Communications Pvt. Ltd. INDIA


    No 35, Krishna Reddy LayoutNo 35, Krishna Reddy Layout

    DomlurDomlur, ,


    Karnataka Karnataka 560008560008

    +91 08 6640 6666 - INDIA

    Karnataka Karnataka 560008560008