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  • 1. Assignment 8: Film PosterResearchKatia Martins

2. Give evidence of a range of film posters you haveresearched.Oculus(2013)HorrorTheTheatreBizarre(2011)HorrorThe LastExorcism Part 2(2013)Drama/Horror/ThrillerAlice In TheWonderland(2010)Adventure/Family/FantasyThe Unborn(2009)Drama/Horror/MysteryThe Proposal(2009)Comedy/Drama/RomanceFourChristmases(2008)Comedy/Drama/RomanceThe Avengers(2012)Action/Adventure/Sci-fiLes Miserables(2012)Drama/Musical/RomanceSkyfall (2012)Action/Adventure 3. Put your posters into film genre categories andidentify some common icons in each genre Horror- the horror posters all portray abnormalthings and extreme flexibility and bleeding. Drama- the drama posters all show thecharacters usually 2 this is so we see who themain actors are and also gives a small clue on thebackground of the film. Action- the action posters all show a lot going onand we can see their weapons which is what theyuse to protect themselves. 4. What are the different types of film posters? Character posters -Little information about the film and usually just focuson the character as a way of selling the film throughthis image. Main posters -This poster usually contains the most vital informationthat we need to know about the film such as the filmname, the release date, the actors and the director ofthe film. Teaser posters -Reveal very little information, and only tease theaudience with given a hint about the film. Theses arepromotional posters for the film. 5. Where do film posters get shown and why? Billboards Side of the bus Bus stops Train station walls These posters are placed in these placesbecause they will be seen by a lot of people. There very big therefore theyll catch peoplesattention. They are placed where people are usuallywaiting meaning that they're will be biggerchance of them reading the information on itsuch as the title and the release date of thefilm. 6. What is the typical size for posters? The typical poster sizes is called OneSheet(27inches by 41 inches)- portraitformat. Billboards- (246 inches by 108 inches) Bus stops and underground posters- (40inches by 60 inches)-portrait format 7. How are posters appealing/attractive to the audience?The posters are seen as appealing to the audience by the useof MES through the main image of the character. Theaudience are attracted because the poster only gives outvital information such as the name of the film and thecharacters in it, therefore the audience are left withenigmas such as, what happens in the film? What is thefilm about? What life does each character have?Does the appeal/attraction differ than that of theposter?The attraction of the poster is aimed at a wider audience thanthat of the trailer. Anyone can see the poster as it isadvertised in public places. This means that the postercannot be aimed at any particular audience therefore mustbe aimed at everyone to gain a wider audience. 8. What are the conventions? 9. Main ImageThe main image on the poster is usually an image ofthe main character/s, this is so that the audienceknows who the characters are. 10. Titles/CreditsCredits are usuallyplaced at thebottom of theposter and they areused to give creditto some of theimportant people(actors/producers/distributors/makersof film). Thedirector usually hasa different place inthe credits. 11. TaglineSome posters havetaglines to make thereader think aboutthe message behindthe film. They usuallygive the audienceenigmas.Fight.Dream.Love.HopeYou see What They WantYou Too See 12. Release DateThe release date is usually at the bottom of the poster.Usually there is a specific date but some posters wantto tease therefore they just have coming soon.The Last Exorcism Part 2 has March 2013 this is theway of keep the audience involved on their website tokeep an eye out when the release date is. 13. What are the similarities of conventions in similarsubgenres? Horror Thriller-Follows one or various characters life-There's always a problem or dilemma in a characters life Drama Thriller-Follows one or various characters life-There's always a problem or dilemma in a characters life 14. What is the difference of conventions betweendifferent subgenres? Comedy Drama- Funny episodes occur with a serious meaning-usually follows a family or a group of friends adventure. Romance drama-Always someone or something against the relationship-Main character falls in love 15. Priorities: What do some poster prioritise The 4 most prioritised things in a film poster is:1. Main actor names2. Film name3. Main image4. Release dateThese 4 things are the most prioritisedthings in the film poster because they arewhat the audience needs to know the mostbefore watching the film and they are alsowhat will interest the audience in doing so. 16. Summarise how your film posters reinforceconventions My chosen film posters reinforce theirconventions through the main image. The filmposter for Skyfall reinforces the conventionsbecause the main image hints out to theaudience that the film will have action andadventure due to the weapon and the redblood connoting death and crime.