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Ashe County Middle School. About Me. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ashe County Middle School

Ashe County Middle SchoolAbout MeMy name is Brandon Bower I was born and raised in Ashe County for all of my life. Throughout school but mainly high school I never knew what I wanted to do with my life. However, one day I heard about the NC Teaching Fellows scholarship and being that my stepmom was a teacher I was able to see how many lives she impacted on a daily basis and thats what drew me to teaching. Thankfully I received the scholarship and am currently a junior at Appalachian State University seeking my Bachelors in Middle Grades with the concentration areas in Math and Social Studies.

Ashe CountyPopulation: 27,281EducationAccording to the U.S Census Bureau with the adult population of 25 years and over: 5,910 who graduated from high school Some college but no degree 3,050Associates degree 1,057Bachelors Degree 1,449Professional degree 692

EconomyThe highest percentage came from the $50,000-$74,999 income range for families in Ashe County. However, if you look at the percentage that is less than $10,000 it is 6.6% which is not good for students who live in a home that is considered under the poverty level.

DemographicsThe population in Ashe County and in ACMS is not that diverse. The majority of the population is Caucasian however, the Hispanic population is growing making them the second largest race in Ashe County.

American Indian .8, Asian .48ACMS DemographicsThe same demographics applies to ACMS as it does for the county. The majority of the students that do go to ACMS are Caucasian but there are many more Hispanic students attending this school as compared to previous years.

ReligionIn Ashe County religion seems to be a very important focus on peoples lives because around every corner there are churches everywhere. Being that Ashe County is considered to be in the Bible Belt the majority of its residents are Southern Baptist with United Methodist falling in second.

PoliticsMost of the voters in Ashe County claim that they are Republican with a total of around 42% of the total population. Democrats fall right behind them with around 34% of Ashe Countys voters and the remaining percentage is mostly people who claim Unaffiliated.

Student LifeFood Of the twenty students that responded to what was their favorite food the results showed what typical young adolescents like to eat, pizza. The food that was liked second by these students was surprisingly steak. Another surprise was one of the students responded that salads were their favorite food which is shocking because most teenagers like to eat foods that are not too healthy. Most of the students also said that they ate breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. There were some student that didnt eat breakfast but ate lunch and dinner. For the most part all of these students responded that they at least got two meals in a day.Favorite Foods at ACMSTacos Steak: 5 Pizza: 6 Mac and Cheese Sea Food Pickles Chicken Potatoes Pasta Salad

Music The most listened to genre at ACMS is rap with country being the second most liked by these students.


ACMS students for the most part seem to have strong feelings about their religion. Leaving only a few students who were undecided or thought religion is not important to them.

LanguageOut of the twenty students that responded to speaking another language besides English seven responded to knowing and speaking another language. The language other than English that is spoken the most is Spanish because of the higher population of Hispanic students at ACMS. Students who speak another languageEnglish: 14Other than English: 7RecreationOf the students that responded to what did they do for fun the most responded to answer was playing sports in some manner. This shows that most of the students are physically active

MediaAlmost all of the students watch television, have cell phones, and use some type of social media daily. On average with these students most of them either watch television, text, or are on facebook on a day-to-day basis. Also, most of them responded that they do no talk that often on the phone, they typically text.

Favorite TV ShowsFamily guySouth Park Man vs. WildThe Fairly Odd ParentsBlue Water HighTop ShotFacebookEvery students except one has a facebook they check regularly

Cell Phones: All but three studentsRelationshipsAfter asking my students who did they consider to be the biggest influence in their lives the most common answer was their parents, brother or sister. However, there was the typical answer of people in the media, coaches, friends, girl/boyfriends. FashionWal-Mart received the most answers for where the students shopped at the most, second was Hollister. Some of the students also said TJ Max, Game Stop, Rue 21, and some simply didnt know where the shopped most frequently.Bibliography,120+/-5978,120(X)

Less than $10,000535+/-2156.6%+/-2.5

$10,000 to $14,999400+/-1634.9%+/-1.9

$15,000 to $24,9991,028+/-26512.7%+/-3.1

$25,000 to $34,9991,123+/-28813.8%+/-3.5

$35,000 to $49,9991,215+/-26715.0%+/-3.0

$50,000 to $74,9992,187+/-36526.9%+/-4.4

$75,000 to $99,999721+/-1868.9%+/-2.2

$100,000 to $149,999619+/-2027.6%+/-2.5

$150,000 to $199,999202+/-1362.5%+/-1.7

$200,000 or more90+/-681.1%+/-0.8

Median family income (dollars)47,119+/-4,163(X)(X)

Mean family income (dollars)54,516+/-4,327(X)(X)