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Transcript of as want come - Mirdif American School · PDF file Theme: Community Helpers In Unit 3, your...

  • MirdifAmerican School

    WeeklyNewsletter– KG1

    Kindly note that the following concepts will be taught during Week 24 (3rd -7th March).

    All these concepts are expected to be reinforced at home through daily practice.

    Theme: Community Helpers In Unit 3, your child will explore the theme about community helpers. Your child is invited to think about the

    ways that they can ask questions to get information, to learn new things, and to think about the world around

    them. Your child will also learn about community helpers and their jobs. How they help our community.

    MATHEMATICS 1. Vocabulary: away from, next to, outside, inside, above, below, behind, in front

    2. Concepts: Positional Words

     Recognize and understand Positional words

     Count by ones from 1 to 50.

     Students should be able to identify positional words.

    ENGLISH 1. Vocabulary: Community helpers, doctor, police man, baker, fire fighter, teacher, dentist, nurse, builder,

    2. Concept: Community Helpers

     Recognize letter name and sound;

     Identify the initial / beginning sounds as being the first sound in a word;

     Practice blending sounds to read words:

     Recognize and produce rhyming words; nail – pail – mail- rail, bun – sun - run

    3. Writing: Correct formation using three lines

     Reading Decodable: At the Post Office

     Form all uppercase and lowercase letters. Focus on writing the letter

    4. Book Skills and Comprehension:

     Read the leveled readers in the folders- students will receive new ones this term based on their reading


    5. Read High-Frequency Words by sight:

    as want come

  • IMPORTANT DATES / REMINDERS  MAS Resources needs to be returned in a good condition. Reading folders must also be in the schoolbag every

    day and books will only be exchanged for new ones if the old ones are returned.

     KG1 students will have their field trip to Kidzania on Monday, March 4th.19.


    Monday, March 4th: Complete English home

    work, phonics worksheet.

    Wednesday, March 6th: Complete Math

    Homework on math workbook pgs.


    English Community Helpers:

    Who are community helpers?

    Some people have special jobs in our community we call these people community helpers. They help our

    community through their jobs.

    1. How does a police man help our community?

    Police man keeps us and our community safe. They help everyone in the community to follow rules.

    2. How do a doctor and nurse help the community?

    They take care of us when we are sick and help us get better.

    3. How does a teacher help the community?

    The teacher teaches children how to read and write. A teacher helps us learn about new things.

    4. How does a fire fighter help the community?

    A fire fighter puts out the fire and keeps us safe.


     English:

    Jolly Phonics (YouTube), ABCya(


    English and Math:

    Starfall, Turtle Diary,

     General:

    Class Dojo, D6

    Please practice these words for Thursday, as we will begin to do on-going reading

    assessment which will go towards the end of terms 2 exams

    Come it

    in with

    us ____/10

    ½ mark for each correct sound said and a ½ mark if the correct word has been blended

    Useful website:

    Tablet App: Starfall ABC, Reading Eggs, Read with Phonics