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Transcript of AS Media Presentation - Rae Vasconcelos

My name is.




CENTRE NO: 11049

ST FRANCIS XAVIER COLLEGEMy name is: Raissa Vasconcelos

Candidate No: 2763Preliminary Project Research & PlanningHow did you think about target audience?For my magazine, my target audience was based on people of the ages 16-18 who are going to the sixth form/college. I chose this target audience, because its easier to write from that point of view since I have an idea of what the age group is looking for.

How did awareness of that audience impact upon your visual design and choice of language?Since I understood that my audience were from the age of 16 to 18, I thought that making the magazine cover/contents a bit more colourful would be eye-catching since it would be boring to do simple colours.

What key points did you learn about Adobe Photoshop and InDesign in constructing your artefacts?Ive previously used Adobe Photoshop and so it was easily manageable. InDesign however was practically similar to Photoshop although it was harder to make images smaller although I later did get the hang of this even though it did take a while.Preliminary ProjectCollege Cover

College Contents

Reflections & FeedbackWhat would you do differently next time?Next time I think I will try to not make my front page as cluttered as it is because personally I think it has too many things on the front cover. I would also add a few more images to my contents page.

What kind of feedback did you get that might influence you?Most people liked the magazine cover and contents page, however most of them said that the cover had too much writing on it and looked cluttered. They also said that my masthead should be bolder since it practically blends in with the writing surrounding it and that it should be in a different font.

What aspects of your understanding of Adobe Photoshop & InDesign do you need to improve?I just need to get the hang of editing pictures a bit more so that they look a bit more professional. I think I also need to work with colours, and finding out how to make any colours I use work together well.The music genre of my music magazine is:Rock Alternative, Punk, Emo, Metal, Pop (all subgenres)I have considered calling my magazine AMPLIFIED because it means increase the volume and so relates to the magazine genre. I have also considered calling my magazine HeadBanger since its the motion that people usually affiliate to rock music. So I researched this genre of music publication and studied:Model 1Model 2

What I learned from this was..Cover DesignThere are usually two contrasting colours and all other colours are related to the main image. The title is usually a bolder and different font to the main writing therefore making it eye catching. The Kerrang magazine has a medium close up shot (portrait) of the main act (Hayley Williams)The Rolling Stones magazine has a long shot of the main act (Avril Lavigne)Cover LinesThe cover lines are all based on the magazines genre.They arent just the usual cover lines since they dont just plainly say something like rock music.The Kerrang magazine has limited cover lines and boldly presents the main cover story.The Rolling Stones magazine has lots of cover lines and you can just about see the main cover story.For my music magazine.Target Audience: For anyone who enjoys rock music, but mainly for 16 and over since they probably have a further understanding of rock music.

Frequency: Monthly since itll have a full months worth of information

Cover price: 3.50

Publisher: Bauer Media since it publishes other music magazines.

Unique Selling Point: A rock magazine that focuses on all aspects of rock.

Urban Jungle


Hard Rock

Pulse Sans Virgin

Decibel Dingbats


The current chosen font: Pulse Sans Virgin.This is the face of the magazineFront coverThis is how it worksAt the moment its rather simple. The title is big although I think it should be bigger. There are only two sub-genres and I think there should be more since it makes the magazine look rather plain.The main article is bold and stands out from anything around it.

Here are the original photographs I shot for the project

I modified each photograph; here is the original next to the final version: Raw 1Final 1Here is how I changed the photograph and why:I cut out the background so that she can stand out rather than having a McDonalds background. This made her stand out so that she could be the main focus.

And the second one: Raw 2Final 2

Here is how I changed the photograph and why:I cut out the background so that she can stand out and also because the main background of the magazine wouldnt work with the background of the original picture. Here are a couple of research models for my contents page

Boldness of contentStyle of text simple and straightforwardUse of white, red, and black.Contents layoutThis is my contents page

Simple white backgroundBold colors showing that its the contents page.Highlighted editors note, also attention grabbing.Main cover story jumps out from the othersIncluded page numbers to content.Bold colours representing boldness of rock music.How does the contents page link back to the cover page?The contents page has the same colouring as the cover, its mainly based around red to add the effect of boldness and white so that its eye catching and so that the other cover stories, and images can be seen. The main image will be related as the cover since itll be changed, and edited to a better standard. The main article is boldly presented and differs from other content. I made sure all the cover lines were relevant.

Key points of contents page How have you made the reader want to read on?The contents in the magazine seem interesting and they relate to the main cover. I dont imagine the articles to be long, and complicated, theyre just meaningful and transmit the message that the magazine for a range of audience (16-20s)

What are the links between images and words?Well its a rock magazine, so the images are rock based. The main person in the magazine is ruffling her hair which gives it a rougher look.The page numbers also link the images to the text (although there are only two images)

What determines the dominant stories?The main story is bolder and the font is in a bigger size so that it stands out, and so that the readers can understand that its the main piece of content.

How have you gone about ordering the information on the page?Not too long, I think that there is a certain order, like competitions shouldnt be in the beginning they should be nearly close to the end. The main article should either be at first or somewhere round the middle.Ive made sure that the magazine is structured well so that it doesnt look cluttered and give the reader a sign that perhaps any information would be misleading too.How does the contents page flag up your double page spread?My contents page flags up the double page spread by stating that its an exclusive in a bolder font than the other pieces of content and in bright white which contrasts from the image.Also the fact that its followed by a big image of who the article is about, and also since its a bigger image than anything else surrounding it. Its also the same model from the front cover so that the audience doesnt get confused as to what is and isnt the main subject.Heres an example of an inspiring double page spread

This is why I think that double spread worksI think this double page spread works because it has a bold image that catches the readers attention, and also has smaller pictures of the main artist in many different positions.Also, the introduction to the article is bold and highlights the artists name therefore stating who the artist is. Its a simple layout and its not cluttered, and makes the audience want to read the article since its been well layed out. This is my double-page spread

This is how my double page spread worksI think my double page spread works because it has bold images that portray the artist. The colors are bold and stick out. Its well organised and not at all cluttered. I think the introduction is well written, and that the context of the article is interesting. I also made sure to sell the product belonging to the artist and made sure it was bold and easy to understand.This is how all three components are linked together.

The use of colours = red, yellow, aqua blue, and white (throughout the magazine).The cover image, is in the contents page in a bigger size in comparison to the rest and the word exclusive represents that its the main part of the magazine.Cover stories on the front cover were inputted onto the contents page so that they would all link together and not be completely different from one another making the magazine seem reliable and not cluttered. This is my re-drafted cover pageI made sure that all the colors are related and that there wasnt a wide range of them (so mainly red, yellow, white, and blue). The fonts seem simple but bold and so nothing is out of sight. Ive made sure that there are more subheadings and that the context is relating to the theme. The only issue of the magazine is probably the image which needed further editing (all-in-all it should have been a different image that was closer related to the genre). I certified that the main magazine conventional codes were in the cover, like a barcode, issue number, price and website. I also verified that the main cover story was bolder than the surrounding ones by making the font bigger, and different to everything else, and also that I made it a color contrasting to any other colors on magazine. (red).The layout was simple, and all the cover stories are