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ANCIENT INDIABuddhist, Hindu,Jainby Susan Huntington L.with contributions by John C. Huntington

.WEATHERHILLNew York - Tokyo



Preface Acknowledgments and Credits A Note on Pronunciaiion and Transliteration of Sanskrit Introducrion GeographicalConsideradons, xxiii , The Problem of Dating, xxu , Art and Calarq xxvixxnl tc111

Panr ONs. Foundationsof krdic Civilization; The Prehistoricand Protohistoric Periods Antecedents Indic Civilizatiorr of Stone Age PaintingandSculpture, . EarlyNeolithicArt, 5 . Conclusion, I 32


The Indus (or Harappa)Civilization (ca.z3oo to r75o B.C.) Tfie Citiesand Towns, r o . Sculpture,lz . Seah, . fon"Iy, z4 . T'l-te Y8 Eclipseofthe hrdus Civrlization, z5

The Vedic and UpanisadicPeriods (ca. r5oo to 45o B.c.) z6 The Indo-Aryans,z6.Literary Evidence:The Vedas(ca. r5oo to 8oo a.c.), 27. Literarylvidence: The Upanigads 8ooto 45on.c.), z8 . Other Literary Evidence: (ca. The Purenas Epics,3o . Mahavira, and Sakyamuni Buddha,and the Rise of Magadha, . Archaeological jj Evidence, ' Other IndigenousTrends:MegalithicRemains of .3r Southern India,j4 . Conclusion, 36

PARr Two.

Period of the Early Dynasties 41

4 The Maurya Period(ca.323to r85 n.c.) \\ Edictsand Pillars,43 . Rock-cutArchitecture, . Other Aiokan Monuments, . 46 5olttl


Maurya-period Sctrlpturefrom Palaliputra, 5t . Maurya-period Terra-cotta Sculpture, 54 . Conclusion, 55 5 The SufrgaPeriod and RelatedDevelopments(ca. SecondCenrury to First Century n.c.) \ ,.. . The Mafura RegionDuring the Suirga Vidi(d in the Suaga period, 6o . Period,57 period: Free-standing ,.Siiddhist Arr of the Suirga irchi Mooo-"rrts, 6r . Rock"",*J cut A_rchitecture the Suiga Period: The Westem Deccan,74 . The EasternDeccan: of The AndhraPradesh Region,f5 . Suirga-period Terra Cottas,88 . Conclusion, 89 6 Regional Developments(ca.Late First Cenrury B.c. Through First Century a.o.) The VidiSd Region:Sancr, . BuddhistRock-cutArchitecture ofthe Western 91 Deccan: Bedsa,roo . Eastem India: Khar.rdagiri/Udaya to5 . Concluson,rod giri, 7 The Sakaand Parthian Kingdoms in the Indic Sphere(ca.First Century n.c. to Mid-First Century a.o.) Introduction to the Bactro-Gandhara Region, to9.'fhe KapiSaRegion, trc.-Ihe Gandhara Region, 116. The Swat Valley (Ancient U{diyana), rr9 . Northem India (TheMathuraRegion),tzz . Conclusion, rz3 8 The Northwest and Northern Regions Under the Kuganas Late (ca. First Century to Third Century a.o.) Royal Shrines, tz6.'Ihe Ba'ctro-Gandham Region: Architectvte, 130. The Bactro_ Gandhara Region: Sct pture, r37 . Northern India: Mathura and Related Sites,rjo . Non-Buddhist Sculpture Mathura,t 59 . Concl:osion, z at fi 9 Regional Developmentsin the Deccan(ca. Secondand Third Cenruries) The WesternDeccanCaves,fi j . The Eastern Deccan:The Andhra pradeshResion Under the Later Satavthanas Ik5vakus, . Conclusion, and r74 r83






Panr TnnEr. Dynastiesof the Middle period g/ The Gupta Period (Fourth to Sixth Cenruries) 182 ' . BuddhistArt of the Fifth CenturyI North_ Hindu Art ofthe Early GuptaPeriod,188 CentralIndia (Sdnc\, 196. Buddhist Art of the Fifth Century: North IrLdia (Mathuri and Sarnath), zoo . Buddhist Art in the Northwest, 2r5 . Hindu Temple Architectute,zo6. Brick Temples Tesa-cott^ Att, z 13 . Metal Images, rg . Conclusion, 6 and z zr The Gupta Aftermath The Disintegration the Empire, 220 . Ootgrowtll of the Gupta ldioms (ca.55oto of220



7oo), zzz . EasternIndia, zz3 . Buddhist Art in the Xast,zzj . Hinda Art in the East, zz7 . Westem Indian Developrnen*, zzg . Conclusion,zj6 2jg Jz- Buddhist Cave A:qhitecture (Fifth Through Seventh Centuries). AljxtjS,zjg. Bagh, z6o ' Kenheri,z6z . Ixtangabad, 265. Ellon,268 . Conclusion,274

Hindu Rock-cut Architecture ofthe Deccan(Kalacuri and Early Western Calukya Phases)


The EarlyKalacuriPeiod, z75 . Caves ofthe EarlyWestem Calukyas, . Conclusion, z8z 290 Southern DevelopmentsUnder the Pallavas and the Pandyas The Pallavas, . The EarlyPandyas, . Conclusior., z9r jt9 Tzr zg1

r 5 The nady WesternCalukya and RelatedSchoolsofthe DeccanTemples Structural ofthe Early Westem Calukyas, . The Xastern Calukyas, . ,22 337 . Conclusion,j4o The Nolambas,336I6


Hindu Rock-cut Architecture of the Western Deccan Illora (Rastrakata j4t Phase), . Conclusion, 350


Panr Foun. Later Northern Schools Ka(mir and Related Schools Pre-Karkoqa Remains, 354 . The Karkola Period (ca.62J to 8jJ), j57 . The LJtpala Dynasty(ca.855 to y9), 3{ 5 . The Two LoharaDynasties and the Last Hindu Kings (Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries), j68.The 368.Kairnhi lvories and Metal Images, Art of Adjacent Regions:WesternHimdlayanFoothillsandWestemTibetan Cultural Region,374 . Conclusion, 385 "J8.' Biher and Bengal Under the Palaand SenaKings BuddhistArt, 38g; Hindt Art, 407 . Conclusion, 4r3 19 Orissaand RelatedRegions Snpura (Sirpur)and Rajim: Madhya Pradesh, . Hindu Art and Architectureof 4r5 Orissa, . BuddhistArt of Oissa,444, Conclusion, 4zr 448 20 North-Central and Northwestern India: The Art of the Rejput Clans The Gurjara-Pratiharas Kanauj(ca.73oto tozT),452, The Haihayas Kalacuris) of (or of Tripun, 462.'fhe Cand,ellas Bundelkhand, . ThePanmaras Malwa, 480. of of 466 44g j87 j5J



The Solankis . The ofGujarat(ca.9Jo r3o4 196r-l,2441.1),483 Gahadvalas to ofVararlasi (ca.ro75to rzoo),499 . Manuscript ali\ting,500. Conclusion, P 5oz

Panr Frvr. Later Schoolsofthe Deccanand the South2I

The Cola and RelatedSchools the Tamil South (Mid-Ninth to of Thirteenth Centuries) Conclusion, 538 Later Deccan Schools The WesternGangas ofTalakad(TenthCenrury),54r . The LaterCalukyas Kalyani of (973to . tfig), S+l . The Yadavas Devagiri(ri9i to r3rr), J48 . The Kakatiyas of of " Hanamlor.rda Warangal Mid-EleventhCenturyto ca. :.1'25), . TheHoysalas and (ca. 549 ofSouthernKarr.rataka roo6to \46), 555. Conclusion,5Tz (ca.



z3 The VijayanagarPeriod (ca. r336 to rJ6J) Conclusion,536


2+ The Nayak PeriodConclusion,6oo25


The Kerala Region Conclusion, dt5 Afterword



Notes Select Bibliography Glossary List of Maps Illustration Index Index

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ColotPlates appear t6z, 4oz, and 594. Jollouixgpages

A Noie on Fron'unciation anclTransiiteration Sansl.-rii of,

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