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Apple IPhone Basics. Apple IPhone Information. By: Mac Roy and Harley Parenteau and Tristan Fowler . Prices For IPhones. Under Contract. IPhone Price for 16GB $199 IPhone Price for 32GB $299 IPhone Price for 64GB $399 No Contract IPhone Price for 16GB $649 IPhone Price for 32GB $749 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Apple IPhone Basics

Apple IPhone BasicsApple IPhone Information

By: Mac Roy and Harley Parenteau and Tristan Fowler Prices For IPhonesIPhone Price for 16GB $199IPhone Price for 32GB $299IPhone Price for 64GB $399No ContractIPhone Price for 16GB $649 IPhone Price for 32GB $749IPhone Price for 64GB $849

Under Contract

How The IPhone Is Put Together

The IPhone is put together by not to many parts. It is put together by the parts you see right here.

When put together it looks Like this.Labeled picture of an IPhone

This is a labeled picture of an IPhone. And it is showing you some of the basic parts and apps of the iPhone.And as you can see this is one of the older models but it goes for all of the models so far.Here are some IPhones that might come in the future

This is the IPhone Air.This might soon be the IPhone Air thisWill be one of the newer models of the IPhone if they stop making IPhones andStart with the computers.App store

On app store anybody can download apps like games and texting apps. There are also over 500,000. You can also get educational apps, ringtone apps, entertainment apps, financial apps

WI FI Security SettingsYou can personalize your settings by going into settings and if you need to setup your Wi Fi click on the app that says Wi-Fi in your settings app and choose your Wi Fi options some may be locked as you can see in the picture below so all you will need is a password for that one and all the apps that I will be talking about in this presentation are all in the settings app. Next one I will be talking about is Security you will have to go to general then scroll down till you see Passcode and turn it on and put your code in.

Find My IPhone AppA lot of people have heard about Find my IPhone app to activate thisYou go to your setting and search for Icloud scroll down to the very bott-Om and you will see storage & Backup and you will see up above thatIt will say turn Find My IPhone or ipod and it will also say turn on or offAnd then once it is turned on then you can go onto a different device andSee where the iPod or phone is. This only will work on versions 5.1.1 or newer.

Video of Security flaws if you are interested look at this link that is up thereBibliography,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.cGE&biw=1280&bih=929&wrapid=tlif135844290289010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi& Are

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