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Apple iphone 4s. Marketing Strategy. Submitted By: Harshit Garg Inderdeep Singh Neha Bhalla Neha Sharma Saurabh Sood Shrishti Puri. Submitted To: Prof. Durba Roy. What is iPhone 4s. Overview . The iPhone 4S is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Apple iphone 4sMarketing Strategy Submitted To:

Prof. Durba RoySubmitted By:Harshit GargInderdeep SinghNeha Bhalla Neha SharmaSaurabh SoodShrishti PuriWhat is iPhone 4s

Overview TheiPhone 4Sis atouchscreen-basedsmartphonedeveloped byApple Inc.On October 4, 2011, inCupertino, California, Apple announced the iPhone 4S.It is the fifth and most recent generation of theiPhone and retains the exterior design of its predecessor.The phone added a voice recognition system known as Sirifrom which the "4S" designator came, and a cloud storage service namedI Cloud. Some of the device's functions may be voice-controlled through Siri.Four million units of the iPhone 4S were sold in the first three days of release.

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Unique Selling PropositionApple was relating the message that they offer something cool and different



Apple is trying to erase the Blackberry as the business phone, turning people more towards the iPhone.Tech SavviesPrevious apple customersPsychographic



Apple as all its products projected out of box uses of a smart phone.itunes, longer battery life and complete exchange warranty has made apple to attract a typical Indian customer.By the end 2011, iPhone 4s was the no.1 smart phone in India.iOS has been able to prove its edge over Android in every aspect.Extremely fast processing, high resolution display and high-end gaming like features of iphone were able to attract every age group.iphone due to its high price and brand image was able to set its image as a trendsetter among Indian youth

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