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2. Study of Marketing Mix of APPLE iPhone in Solapur Submitted to:Miss Rajni Kshirsagar Presentation By:1. 2. 3. 4.Name Mr. Akshay Karwa Mr. Anshul Raka Mr. Pratik Shah Mr. Ankit SharmaRoll No. 2019 2037 2041 2042 3. About Apple Started on April 1, 1976Incorporated - Apple Computer, Inc. January 3, 1977. Renamed - Apple Inc. January 9, 2007 Headquartered Cupertino, California 4. Founder of Apple Co.RONALD WAYNESTEVE JOBS (Former CEO)STEVE WOZNIAK 5. Key Points: Apple Inc. deals in computer hardware, computer software, consumer electronics and digital distribution type of industries. Area served worldwide with 406 retail stores.Great employee support of 80000 employees. Own website - 6. Timothy Cook CEOArthur Levinson Chairman 7. History of Apple Logo1976-19981998-20002001-2007Tag Line:Think DifferentPresent Logo 8. Products of AppleMac- Mac Book, Mac Laptop 9. iPod- Nano, Shuffel, Touch 10. iPad- iPad 2, iPad 3,iPad mini 11. iPhone - iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s 12. Major Competitors Samsung BlackBerry NokiaSony 13. Elements of Marketing Mix with reference to Apple iPhone in Solapur 14. Product Mix Product Form Product Quality Product Style Product PackagingWarranty and Guaranty 15. Products:-iPhone 4siPhone 5siPhone 5c 16. Product Form:Size:iPhone 4s iPhone 5s & 5C- 4.54 x 2.31 x 0.37 inch - 4.90 x 2.33 x 0.35 inchShape:- Rectangular Bar Shaped External Appearance:Product Mix 17. Colour:iPhone 5S iPhone 5c Product MixiPhone 4s 18. Product Quality:Material QualityProduct Mix 19. Product Style:-Product Mix 20. Product PackagingiPhone 5ciPhone 4s, 5sProduct Mix 21. Warranty and Guaranty:12 months warranty. Terms and Condition applied* Product Mix 22. S P E C I F I C A T I O N 23. Price Mix Cost DiscountPricing Method Pricing StrategyPrice Mix 24. Cost:-Price Mix 25. Discounts:-Price Mix 26. Pricing Method:Demand Based MethodPricing Strategy:Skimming PricingFinger Print Scnnar iSight iTunes iCloud iMessenger Price Mix 27. Place Mix Wholesaling & Retailing Order processing Warehousing Inventory managementTransportation Place Mix 28. Wholesaling & Retailing:-Place Mix 29. Apple Assembly HouseCNFApple iWorldStockiestDistributerRetailerPlace Mix 30. Apple Assembly HouseSuper MarketApple Web StoreMiddle ManWholesalerThird Party Place Mix 31. Order processing:-Place Mix 32. Warehousing:- 33. Inventory management:- 34. Inventory management:-Place Mix 35. Transportation:-Place Mix 36. Promotion Mix Generates Awareness and Convey BenefitsPromotion Mix 37. Advertising:Medias:Print Media 38. Electronic Media:-1) Television 39. 2) Internet 40. Sales Promotion:Encouraging purchase for the product 41. Exchange Offers Modified Payment Plans 42. Cutting Down The Prices Of Previous 43. Tie in promotion 44. Point of Purchase 45. Personal selling:- 46. Public Relation:Magazine 47. Events 48. Spokesperson:- 49. Direct marketing:-