Ancillary 2 planning

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Transcript of Ancillary 2 planning

Ancillary 2 planning

logo for band?

handwritten font?

Track-list Opaque

Golden bonesRoman Holidayback cover

Shop shelvesTrack list/ lyrics?

Living room Thank you message


locations used in music video

Colour scheme

The colour scheme for my digipak is light blue, green and pink. I have chosen these colours as they are all primary colours, and therefore evoke a fun and carefree aesthetic for my bands album, this will tie into the themes presented in Roman Holiday and link it to the overall themes in the album. I have taken inspiration from Clean Bandit, who have also created a colourful logo that allows their audience to easily recognise their band.

I also thought about including a colour scheme in my bands logo,however I feel it would be too distracting and difficult to edit