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Ancient Greece

Ancient GreecePresented by Mrs. Lees Class2013

The first Olympic games were held in 776 B.C. by the Greeks.The events were running, wrestling, boxing, long jumps, and throwing javelins. (long spears)Women, slaves, and servants were not allowed to compete in the Olympics. (only men)


Before the Olympics started , men would train for 9 months. They had coaches to help them train.When the athletes practiced they had people play the flute for them.Training

When the time of the Olympics came close, the athletes, coaches, and trainers started to travel to Olympia.If anyone broke the rules they would have to pay money or get beaten.During break time they would eat figs, honey, grapes and goat cheese for energy. Just like what we eat today!

During Olympics

Winning athletes were made into heroes and were given gifts.Winners of the Olympics would be invited to parties, marry rich women, and have free food.What happened in the Olympics back then is like the Olympics today!

After Olympics

Famous PeopleOf Ancient Greece

Jason was the son of Aeson. He was the leader of the Argonants, a group of people. He was given a task to get a Golden Fleece. Jason was trained by a centaur (half horse and human) named Chiron. He ordered people to make a ship for the journey. The ship was called the Argo.Jason

Homer wrote a poem called Odyssey. Most of his poems were epic poems which are about adventures.He lived around 700 B.C.


Aristotle was born on 384 B.C. He died on 322 B.C.Aristotle went to Plutos academy for education.Aristotle was Alexander the Greats teacher.Aristotle

Alexander was the first king to be called the Great.He was the leader of the Persian empire. He also led the Persian army.Alexanders army never lost a battle.He was born in 356 B.C. and died at the age of 20.

Alexander the Great

In Greece, people believed gods and goddesses watched over them from Mount Olympus.They looked like people, but were much more powerful.Gods and goddesses may seem real, but they are not.


How it all Started

People believed that Gaea the earth, was lonely until she met Uranus, the sky.Together, they created the Titans and other children.Zeus and his siblings defeated their father, Cronus and became the major gods of Olympus.

A man told a bored boy about a magical pony who could take him anywhere, if he put a golden ring around his neck.He found and captured the pony.The boy started to boast about Pegasus, the pony. Soon, no one liked him anymore.A bee who didnt like him stung Pegasus, so he would fall off and lose Pegasus. The Legend: Pegasus

In many Greek myths, there are many monsters like the sphinx.He told riddles that were very hard. If you didnt get the answer, you couldnt enter the city he was guarding.

A Monster

Greece was very powerful when they got in wars, so they would normally win. One time they beat a city called Troy by hiding in a giant wooden horse.Sometimes two cities in Greece would get in wars. Two cities called Athens and Sparta got in a war. Sparta won. Wars

One powerful man called Alexander the Great conquered Greece.Alexander made many cities like Bucelephala. (B00s-i-fell- u)Alexander made an army and led it west.Weakened by battle wounds Alexander the Great became sick and died on June 10, 323 B.C.

A ship had about 170 men on it.All of the men on the ship had to pay money.Athens had a lot of ships because they were stronger on the water.The captain of the boat had to be smart so he could sneak onto the enemys ship.

TheatreMen could only be actors not women.Actors would use masks to change to a different character.The two types of plays in Greece were funny plays and sad plays. Fine Arts

18Music Music was very important to Greeks.Greek children were taught music in school.During parties and fairs they would sing Greek hymns.

Sculpting, painting, and potteryPeople enjoyed pictures, pottery and sculptures in ancient Greece.The Greeks made pictures and sculptures out of clay and rock.Bright colored paint was used on pictures and pottery.

PoetryGreek legends and history were passed down using long poems.The stories and poems that the author Homer wrote, entertained Greek people.The lliad is a long poem which was written by Homer.

21The Greeks developed pillars that are also called columns and they made three types called Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.Doric: a simple column with a strong base.Ionic: a column with swirls on both sides and other patterns.Corinthian: a column with beautiful patterns at the top with flowers and leaves.

Architecture in Ancient Greece

The Greeks invented pediments ( ped-i-ments) which were like triangles but 3-D. They would be under the roof and in the front and back of the buildings.One of the famous buildings has a pattern of a scary lady with snakes in her hair on the pediments.Medopes are spaces under the pediments.They were usually on temples which were building where they worshiped fake gods and goddesses.Architectural inventions

23The Parthenon was built for the goddess of wisdom (Athena) in Greece.The Parthenon has carved metopes that represent battle, order, chaos (crazy), and life.In ancient Greece the poor peoples houses were small with only one room.

What the Greeks Built

Children in Ancient Greece played with balls made of rags, rattles, hoops, yo-yos, and stick horses.In Athens, the boys started school at age 7 and girls stayed at home being taught by their moms!In school the boys were taught math, reading, writing, music, and poetry. The girls learned housework, cooking, and weaving from their moms!Children in Ancient Greece

Men in Ancient Greece really liked watching the Olympics, horseback riding, and wrestling!The Men who fought in the Greek military were gone most of the time fighting battles in land and sea.Men wore tunics called chiton, sandals, and sometimes a cloak if it was cold.Men in Athens liked to take part in Government and help make decisions for their city! Men in Ancient Greece

Women in Ancient GreeceIn ancient Greece, women wore robes called a chiton, they also liked to braid their hair and wear pretty head bands.Women in ancient Greece taught their daughters how to do household chores and cook. Rich women always went with a slave to visit friends and family members. In their houses, the women spent much of their time weaving and looking after their kids.

This presentation bought to you by Mrs. Lees classSources UsedLife in Ancient Greece by Lynn PeppasGreece: The Culture by Bobbie KalmanAncient Greece and the Olympics by Mary Pope Osbourne and Natalie Pope BoyceThe Greek News by Philip SteeleDaulaires Book of Greek MythsGrolier International EncyclopediaArt and Religion in Ancient Greece by Melanie Ann Apelwww.starfall.com

Thanks for your attention!