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Fun Facts about ancient Greece. On slide 3, the slideshare people messed up how many times it says "(the gods of Olympus). Also, on slide 14 the slideshare people "accidentally" Messed up A LOT of things! They cut out "Parthenon", and wrote "(A Greek Temple)" too many times and wrote it over the bullet. I am very sorry about the slideshare people.

Transcript of ANCIENT GREECE!!!!!

  • 1. (Thats how you say ancient Greece in Greek)

2. Fun Food The Greeks used many types of fish all thetime in their cooking and rarely ever usedmeat besides chicken.AAAHH!AAAHH!AAAHH!AAAHH!UHUHOH...OH...UHUHOH...OH... 3. Greek gods(the gods of Olympus)(the gods of Olympus) Greek gods videoENJOY THIS VIDEO!!! 4. Greek clothes Ancient Greek clothing consisted of twomain garments-a tunic and a cloak.( 5. Greek Fire Its not real fire, until it hits water (orhuman skin)... its a dangerous weapon andno one knows the exact formula that theByzantine-Greeks used. 6. GreekYogurt Greek yogurt is yogurt which has beenstrained in a cloth or paper bag or filter toremove the whey, giving a consistencybetween that of yogurt and cheese, whilepreserving yogurts distinctive sour taste. 7. Greek Architecture Greek architecture has influenced much ofthe architecture of the US such as theWhite House, as shown below. 8. Greek Easter Greek kids play an egg game on Easter inwhich they try to hold one egg, and breakother childrens eggs.The kid with the lastegg standing is really lucky and they, unlikethe other children, will not be in seriousneed of a shower. Greek Easter=Breakfast 9. Trojan War The Trojan War was a warbetween the Mycenaeans(Greeks) and the Trojansover the kings wife.TheGreeks won because ofOdysseuss idea to hide in agiant wooden horse. I haveno idea why the Trojansbrought the thing into thecity, but they were stupidenought to do it. 10. The Olympic Games The Olympicsoriginated inGreece and werehaeld in honor oftheir god Zeuz. 11. The Greek Flag The Greek Flag is based onnine equal horizontal stripes ofblue alternating with white.There is a blue canton in theupper hoist-side cornerbearing a white cross; thecross symbolizesEastern Orthodox Christianity. 12. The Sicilian War The Sicilian war Sicilywas attacked by Syracusein 416 BC. Under theable guidance ofAlcibiades. Alcibiadeswas held for crimesagainst religiousstatues (hermai).Alcibiades wasallowed for the Sicilianexpedition but onarriving called back toAthens for trial. He fledto Sparta and Niciaswas the new leader.Alcibiades became aSpartan messenger. 13. The Parthenon(A Greek Temple)(A Greek Temple) The Parthenon was built in 438B.C. as a temple for Athena, thegoddess of war. Today it is themost popular tourist attraction inGreece. 14. The Greek Alphabet! The Greeks modeled our English alphabet 15. Greek Art Greeks drew and sculpted a lot ofpeople. Mainly heroes and their gods. 16. Perseus This guys daughter married Zeuzand had Perseus.An oracle told thatPerseus would overthrow hisgrandpa, so his grandpa put Perseusand his mom in a trunk and threwthem into the sea. SOMEHOW,they landed on and island.The kinggot mad at Perseus, so he toldPerseus to go kill Medusa.WhenPerseus actually succeded, heturned the king into stone...WithMedusas head.Then Dionysus killedPerseus (idk why). 17. Perseus 18. More PicsOf Food 19. Bibliography (info+pics)