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Ancient China

Ancient ChinaBy Professor Sarthak Dayal (Historian)

IntroductionAncient China was located where the western half of modern day China is now. It began about 8000 years ago when people started to live together in communities around Chinas important rivers. It lasted over 5000 years, longer than any other civilization. Ancient China was a very different civilization than it is today. This report will tell you about the clothing, food, legacies and structure of society of ancient China.

Structure of societyIn ancient China, society was structured so that people had different roles. The father was the head of the family. Everyone had to obey the father. They also had to respect the old people. The men worked in businesses outside of the home. The womens job was to look after the children. The poor womens job was to work in the fields or as a servant. The rich woman had no work to do. Children followed there fathers trades. The wealthy families paid for the intelligent boys to go to the school. People usually had jobs in the same place as they were born.

ClothingIn ancient China people wore different kind of clothing depending on their wealth. The farmers clothes were made of inexpensive fabric which was very comfortable. The wealthy people wore really expensive silk fabric. Most people wore the same style of clothes. Womens summer clothes were made of cotton. Womens winter clothes were made of wool. Emperor and his nobles wore richly decorated.


FoodThere was a variety of food in ancient China. Rice was very famous. Rice could be made into cakes, dumplings and wine. People chopped their food, put it in a hot bowl and cooked it really fast. Most people rarely eat meat. Cows were not common so there was no cheese and no milk. Most people only ate eggs and chicken. If people didnt have food they went hunting or fishing. Really rich people ate many kinds of meat, for example pork, chicken , lamb and also geese. Everyone ate vegetables, fruits and also bread. In the south, they ate rice and in the north people ate a cereal called Millet. People drank a lot of Chinese tea or rice wine in ancient times.

LegaciesGunpowder One of the most important inventions of ancient Chinas was gunpowder. It was invented in 19th century. It was discovered by a scientist who was trying to make a drink that would make people live forever, but when he was making it, it exploded! It was made with salt, peter, sulphur and also carbon. The ancient Chinese used gunpowder in fireworks to scare their enemies. Later, it was used for weapons. People still use gunpowder today to build weapons, guns, bombs, rockets and fireworks.

ConclusionThe ancient Chinese left us a lot of wonderful things. They were a very creative and interesting society. They had unique ways of eating, dressing and organizing their society. They invented many things. Legacies such as paper, printing, the compass and gunpowder are still used today. The ancient Chinese have really impacted how we live today.

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