Ancient China

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Ancient China. The First Dynasty. The Big Picture. By about 1700 B.C., one kingdom had won control of the Huang River. Its earliest capital was called Shang . The government became known as the Shang Dynasty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Ancient China

Ancient China

Ancient ChinaThe First DynastyThe Big PictureBy about 1700 B.C., one kingdom had won control of the Huang River.Its earliest capital was called Shang. The government became known as the Shang Dynasty. They would rule the region for the next 600 years and bring many new advancements to China.

Towns Along the Huang River

As the Shang Dynastys power grew, they began creating new towns along the Huang River.The Shang kings would create these towns by giving land to their family members, or nobles. These nobles would then oversee the construction of the new towns and rule over them. Each town provided: food, clothing, and other products for the king and nobles. The townspeople were also part-time soldiers for protection.

An Ancient CityNear the end of the Shang Dynasty, the capital was moved to the city of Anyang. Society here was organized like a pyramid. Kings were at the top. Nobles were below them, and then...craftsworkers and farmers. Prisoners-of-War were at the very bottomHuts were discovered to have been homes and workshops for metal-workers, potters, and servants. Also found were bronze cups, stone carvings and chariots.

Buried TreasuresA royal tomb at Anyang contained many important artifacts, such as: Hundreds of bronze containers, ivory statues, and other valuable objects. They are believed to have been from a kings wife, Fu Hao. Lady Hao led a very successful life. She led troops to war, ruled her own town, and was remembered in history.

A Written RecordA system of writing existed in Ancient China that developed over time. It began as pictures of objects, and evolved into symbols. Many records were written on bamboo or silk as scrolls. More writing was discovered on thousands of dragon bones from cattle or sheep. They became known as oracle bones. Priests were believed to be able to interpret cracks in the bones and read the future.

Religion of the ShangThe Shang believed that their ancestors lived in another world and controlled human life. They were also polytheistic or believed in many different godsThey believe when they died they would join their ancestors and gods.