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ANCIENT CHINA. DONE BY: MILA SERFONTEIN. Their ancient flag. MAP. ……. GREAT WALL OF CHINA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most of the children in ancient china never got a chance to go to school. They had other things to do like working on farms, feeding animals, or taking care of smaller family relatives.

But if you were a boy, you were able to go to school if your father said you didnt have to work on the farms. Boys worked very hard at school because the school was preparing them for the government test and the one with the highest mark would get a good job in the government

SCHOOLGREAT WALL OF CHINAThe wall was originally built by a group of farmers who wanted to show where their land is, and to keep land to themselves. Early parts of the wall were built by stone, as the farmers expanded their land and new emperors took over the country they extended the wall.


The dances normally danced on festivals, important days like new years or when a new emperor takes over or it is his birthday. Many religions ceremonies involved dancing.

The dances normally danced on festivals, important days like new years or when a new emperor takes over or it is his birthday. Many religions ceremonies involved dancing.

MusicPeople thought that music had special powers and that it could change a person behavior, music could make then do good or bad things. The most common instrument in ancient china was bronze bells. They also used drums, chimes, and flutes.

RELIGIONThe religion in china is described or characterized by being accepted since the beginning of Chinese history. They based the religion on their families, and do not demand their limited support of their family members.

BUDDHISMBuddhism remains the largest religion in china since it was introduced in the first century. Worshipping ancestors is the original basic Chinese religion. According to ancient law the important king of china also called son of heaven (Tanzi which is the highest mountain in china), he was also sacrificed himself to heaven.

HOUSESMost people in ancient China couldnt afford the fancy houses. The people that couldnt afford lived in houses made from mud brick (with one room and the floor was just dirt). In northern china, the houses were in certain designs; the door had to face south because there is this north wind that is very cold. Rich people had fancier houses, fancy temples, and palaces.

ARCHITECTUREThe first design of the houses, temples, and palaces was it had to be very long and quite low, its preferred low than tall. . By the look of it the palace has to seem like it its hugging you. The roof would not be help up by walls but by pillars. The reason why it is like this it is because the roof will look like it will be floating.INVENTIONSThe Xia dynasty started 2100 BCE. Ancient china has made a massive effect to the world and they invented things that we still use today, they invented paper, fireworks, and they even invented mathematics, and they improved in science, art, and learningWHAT THEY ALSO INVENTEDThey also invented gunpowder, the crossbows, also the magnetic compass for telling north and south. In about 250 AD, Zhug trongming invented an early hot balloon, which they used in wars. It was a great advantage2000BCThey began to make many jars plagues (flat pieces) out of bronze that were use for worshipping their gods. In the beginning of all of this the quality was very high that some people thought that the Chinese must have been practicing along time to make such perfect bronze piecesPrayingMost people in China pray at home but when are having a difficult time they go to the temple and ask the priest for help. Very few of Chinese people are Christians, they are usually atheists.WritingThe Chinese use logograms where a symbol represents a meaning or a word. The simple rules are still exactly the same for thousands of years. The way it is written is every character are made up of number of strokes of lines inside imaginary boxes.

PaperIn around 100 BCE when the Chinese invented paper, it was really expensive; it was made out of silk fibers / squeezed together. Soon paper would be made by smashing plants and rags with water and pressing them together. This made paper cheaper.

GODSIn about 2000 BC, the Chinese worshipped a lot of gods, there were the weather gods, and there was the higher god called Shang Ti.Each family worshipped their own ancestors.The Chou said the reason they were able to take over the Shang was that the heaven was on their side.)SHANG-TIThe Chinese were also worshipping a natural god called tien (which meant heaven) like Shang-Ti, heaven ruled over all other gods. The heaven god will also decide who would be the next emperor or empress of China.