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  • Ancient China By: Kazuki (Li)

IntroductionChina is a very big country in Asia. China has had a long history.Ancient China was a very different civilization from modern China.The civilization began about 8,000 years ago, when people settled inareas of the northeast and beside three great rivers, the Yellow Riverin the north, the Wei River in the northwest and the Yangzi River inthe south. The Chinese civilization lasted longer than any otherancient civilization. Ancient China was located in the area that is nowthe western half of China. China invented many things that havelasted for a long time. In this report you will learn aboutfood, architecture, legacies and writing and language. FoodIn ancient China peoples food was different according to where theylived. In the south, people grew rice and in the north, they grewwheat. They drank tea more than any other drink (except water).People cooked their food very quickly, with everything in one pot(ding). They chopped vegetables very small. In ancient China, ricewas a very important food because it could makecakes, porridge, dumplings and wine. Most people rarely eat meat.Poor peoples ate chickens eggs and then ate chickens whichstopped laying eggs. They also hunted for wild animals. Wealthypeoples ate many kinds of meats, for examplepork, chicken, lamb, goose, pig and ox. On special occasions, theyalso ate snakes, dogs, snails and small birds. ArchitectureIn ancient China, most architecture had curved roofs to keep out evilspirits (because curved roofs could confuse them). Rich peopleshouses were built around huge courtyards. Their houses were madeof painted wood and roofed with pottery tiles. Poor peoples houseswere built from muds and thatch. They built floors below ground levelto keep warm.In ancient China, the Great Wall was an amazing piece ofarchitecture. It was built by Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The Great Wallis 3,700 miles long and between 16 feet and 32 feet high. Watchtowers are located every 290 feet along the wall. LegaciesIn ancient China, they were 4 important inventions.In 200B.C.E., the Chinese made compasses by using magnetic rock. They usedstring to hang the rock in the water and then it pointed north. They first usedcompasses to make sure their houses pointed the right way. Compasses were veryimportant for trade.In 1680B.C.E., the Chinese invented printing with wooden blocks. In 1040B.C.E.they invented moveable type. Moveable type was easier than wooden blocks forprinting. Printing requires paper, ink and a surface carved with letters or othersymbols. Chinese monks developed a method of printing using marble pillars. Theyapplied wet paper to carved sections of the pillars, which were coated in ink. Printinghelped the Chinese to copy writing so many people could read it.In 100A.D.E., they invented paper by using fibers from plants. They used a woodenframe with fine mesh to lift a layer of pulp. When it was dry, it was good for writing.Gun powder was invented in 9th Century. It was discovered by a scientist who wastrying to make a drink that can make you live forever. The ancient Chinese used it forfire works to scare their enemies. Next they used gun powder in weapons such asbombs and rockets. It is still used today in weapons and fireworks. Writing and LanguageAncient Chinese writing and language is very different from Europeanwriting and language. In 1400B.C.E., the Chinese wrote letters andnumbers on animals bones. Later, they wrote on bamboo strips andsilk. In 400B.C.E., the first books were made on wood. Most people inancient China didnt know how to write. Chinese writing usescharacters, or symbols to represent words and ideas. Over manyyears, the characters changed to be more simple so it was quickerand easier to write. In 100A.D.E. china invented paper, which helpedpeople write more easily, quickly and cheaply. In ancient China, theyused brushes to write and draw. Ink was made from plants and theplants had many colors, such as red, brown, blue and green. Theblack ink was made from soot (carbon). They made solid blocks ofink with glue, then wet the block with the brush. The brushes weremade from animals hair and the handles were made from bamboo. ConclusionAncient China was an interesting place. The ancient Chinese peopledeveloped unique spoken and written language, food customs andarchitecture. They invented many important things we still usetoday, such as gun powder, printing, paper and the compass. Weshould be thankful to the ancient Chinese for all that they have givenus. REFERENCE LISTAuthor Date TitleJoanna Cole2005Ms.Frizzles AdventuresImperial ChinaPaul Challen 2005 Life In Ancient ChinaPhilp Steele 1998 Step into the ChineseEmpireIvan Minnis2005 You are in Ancient ChinaDate accessed