Ancient China

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Transcript of Ancient China

  • 1. This week in Summer Reading we.
    Week Five: July 11th-15th, 2011

2. Traveled Back to
221bce China to visit
3. The Great Wall of China
4. At the Craft Kiosk we made crafts for the windows!
5. We built a wall of our favorite books!
6. We took Guesses!
What is this???
How many rocks???
7. Take a look at the awesome Wonders Creations
8. The TaJMahal
9. On Monday, we welcomed Preschool Celebrities to read to us!
10. On Wednesday, we saw an awesome magic show with Ed Popielarczyk
11. Saying the magic words
12. Ta-Da!
13. 14. 15. On Thursday, we welcomed Michael Cady the cartoonist!
16. What a great week!! Only two more weeks left of summer reading! Wow! Join us next week when we visit Ancient Greece!