Ancient china

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Transcript of Ancient china

  • 1. By: Professor Annie Zhang

2. IntroductionIn ancient times China was a very different civilization.The ancient Chinese invented many things for the world.Ancient China was the longest lasting civilization. Itlasted over 5000 years. Ancient China was the area that isnow the western half of China. In this report you willlearn about clothing, legacies, architecture and beliefs inAncient China. 3. ClothingPoor and rich people wore very different clothing inancient China. Poor men wore baggy hemp trouserswith a loose shirt over the top and a fur lined coat inwinter. Poor women wore simple dresses made fromwool in winter and cotton in summer. Poor people kepttheir fingernails short for working the fields. Theirclothing was padded for the coldest weather. On theother hand, rich people and officials were dressed inbeautiful silk robes with patterns and bright colors. Onlyimportant people were allowed to wear silk. Evenmerchants who sold the silk didnt wear it. Rich peoplegrew long fingernails to show that they didnt have towork. Also, wealthy people wore expensive jewelrymade from jade and pretty pins in their hair. 4. LegaciesThe Ancient Chinese left many great legacies which are stillimportant in the modern world! The Chinese invented four greatinventions: paper, gunpowder, the compass and printing. They alsoinvented many little things, such as kites, noodles, chopsticks andthe water clock. Paper making was invented around 100C.E. Fibersfrom a plant called hemp were soaked (put in water ) until it wasmushy pulp ,then a wooden frame with fine mesh was used to lift alayer of pulp. Once it was dry, it was good for writing. Gunpowderwas first made from salt, pepper, sulphur and carbon. The Chinesefirst used it make fireworks and scare their enemies. In 200BC, theChinese found that a magnetic rock floats in water or hangs from astring and swings to point north. This was the first compass and itwas important for trading by sea. Printing blocks were first used1600E and made it much easier to produce lots of books for morepeople to read. The Ancient Chinese were great inventors and theirdiscoveries are still important today. 5. BeliefsThe ancient Chinese believed in Confusius teaching, Buddhismand Taoism. Many beliefs of the ancient Chinese are based onthe writing of Confusius. He was a great thinker who livedbetween 551 and 479B.C.E. Confusius taught that fathers werethe head of the family. He taught people how to be respectfuland good people. Buddhism taught that people were sadbecause they wanted too many things, so if they stop wantingthings they would find peace. Taoism was begin by Lao Tzu. Hewanted a way for people to stop fighting and find peace. Asyou can see, ancient Chinese people had many different beliefsbut they were similar in some ways. 6. ConclusionAncient China was a fascinating society. They had their ownspecial ways of dressing. Their architecture was unique. Theymade their own belief systems. Legacies such as gunpowderand printing were very important. The ancient Chinesesociety gave us many ideas and inventions that we still usetoday. 7. Reference ListAuthor Date TitleJane Shuter 2007 Ancient ChinaPaul Challen 2005 Life in Ancient ChinaJoanna Cole2005 Imperial ChinaBruce PegenRobert Nicholion1944 Ancient ChinaAnita Caner 1999 Legacies From Ancient ChinaDate