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Amplify the Awesome: Taking your Second Life experience to the next level Catherine Dutton, PhD SL: Catherine Soderstrom Instructional Support Services Texas Woman’s University Texas Womans University2 221,32,23

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Amplify the Awesome:Taking your Second Life experience to the next level

Catherine Dutton, PhDSL: Catherine Soderstrom

Instructional Support ServicesTexas Woman’s University

Texas Womans University2 221,32,23

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Texas Womans University2 221,32,23

Group:Texas Woman’s University Guests

You’re welcome to join…

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Interface Tips• Tear-off menus• Advanced Menu- CTRL-ALT-D

– Stop Animating Me– Rebake Textures (CTRL-ALT-R)– Limit Select Distance (uncheck)– Disable Camera Constraints (check)– Highlighting & Visiblity-->Highlight Transparent (CTRL-ALT-T)– Rendering Types Surface Path (removes ground)– Rendering Features UI (CTRL-ALT-F1)

• Develop Menu- CTRL-ALT-Q– AvatarShow Look At/Show Point At– HTTP Textures

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Sharing Stuff

• Give Inventory directly (dropping on people)• Sell it in a box- permissions!– Sell copy– Sell contents– Click to buy

• Give script– Give folder – Give all objects separately

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Building Tips

• Alt-zoom (View- Object View)• Alt-ctrl• Alt-ctrl-shift• Keyboard Shortcuts when building

Rotate- ctrlResize- ctrl-shift

• Shift-copy, CTRL-Z• Local Ruler• Select Texture• The Grid• Edit Linked Parts• Build- Options- Set Default Upload permissions• Build-Options- Select Only my objects, select only movable objects, select by

surrounding• Shift-X- snaps object on xy

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Shared Media• Etherpad- • Google docs• Google Wave• Dabbleboard• Google Moderator• Adobe Connect• Adobe Connect Now (3 users free)• UstreamYoutube


Other examples:

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Groups• 25 group limits

Ownership- owners can only be removed if they remove themselvesRoles limitations 10 roles

• Alternatives to SL GroupsSubscribomaticHippo GroupsDrawbacks- one way communication

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Land Ownership

• Rent vs Own• Parcel vs Estate• Mainland vs Island– Estate Management Tools– Land Management Tools– Group Management Tools

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Viewer Choice• Emerald - V1.23• Imprudence- V1.23• Kristin- V2 features• Radegast- text only client (ish)• Snowglobe- open source viewer V1.23/V2

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SL Pics Stored Easy• Snapzilla – snapshots e-mailed from SL to p[email protected] Teen SL [email protected] Flickr- Can connect snapzilla- so posts in both locations

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Organization• Inventory• Open New Window

• Naming conventions

Team buildsDetermine Permissions System before beginningContractAll items go to one avatar after built

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Handy Tools

Scanners- who is close who comes in limitationsCan better use People Nearby

MystitoolChat recorderChat relay

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Catherine Dutton, PhDSL: Catherine SoderstromE-mail: [email protected] Woman’s University