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Ketsaal provides guaranteed sales on all e-commerce portals to the online sellers and assures you if we cant bring out the desired results we will give your 100% money-back. for taking services call at +91-827-931-4960. for more information to visit us -

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Ketsaal Retails LLP



With so many e-commerce platforms,online sellers get confused and really frustrated that where to make their presence and where not? How to generate profits, how to do accounting and where to manage their inventory? We at KETSAAL provide one step solution to online sellers where they can get all under one roof.

We provide services like guaranteed sales on amazon and flipkart,brand building,product development,market research, accounting,marketplace promotion and everything which can generate highest profits for our clients.

What services we provide?

Marketplace promotions


Guaranteed Sale

Launching New Account

Listing & Cataloguing

Brand Building

Account Health Management

Guaranteed Sales Agreement

Product Market Research

Product Development


Account Reinstatement

Marketplace Promotion

Well, Promotions market refers to advertising through digital channels such as search engines, web sites, social networks, email, and even includes mobile applications.

It's good to diversify into other markets. More opportunities to promote their brand, increase sales, grow your business. Not at the expense of selling on Amazon, but also. The more sales channels you have, the better.

You must keep tight control over their online presence at Amazon or elsewhere. We can help you with customized solutions designed to extend its reach beyond Amazon while ensuring that the existing owner Amazon continues to grow.


Simply wonderful creative content, informative description, amazing deals are not enough to make a profit, you need much more than that. What you need is the web analytics to make a success of their online businesses. More than half of online marketers do not know after 6 months of their business that if you are in profit taking huge losses. And it's all happening because of a problem - lack of analytics investment in web analytics services can give you an idea of the number of visitors who visit your site, bounce rate of your pages, and number of clicks to your ad. Precise as visually appealing reports analytical data, you can make business decisions when it comes to your site. Harnessing interesting web analytics services to start making your website work for you.

Guaranteed Sales

In this rapidly growing market of electronic commerce, where every day thousands of companies are starting and thousands are closing is very difficult to make a decision to start your own online business. But what if, you start getting the guaranteed sales from the first day to put your product on any platform e-commerce? And what would you say if you also get a guaranteed 100% money back if you are not getting the desired results? Sounds appealing? Yes? That's what we're offering. We know it is not easy to manage sales growth and constant challenges other online businesses. Competition and challenges that sell online have increased dramatically, and they are different in each portal - Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, but what can be better than getting everything done by experts and just relax and make money.


Help online marketers to launch their businesses and take advantage of every possible way is one of the services we offer to our valued customers We help launch their accounts at more than one site without wasting their worthy efforts, precious time and cost in understanding the working of the new portal with a promise of guaranteed sales from day one. Now, you can sell on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal without giving a second thought.


Unlike online shopping, the buyer can not touch and feel the product here. Listing and Cataloging plays the most important in the case of online shopping paper gives the customer's perception of the product. The physical appearance of the product, MRP, sales price, detailed description and adequate validity of the products. It is very essential to make very attractive catalog, because it acts as the face of our store or product to the customer and makes the buying decision. Score also includes Catalog, Brand Content feature enhanced by the very attractive catalog in hand and boost sales.


Ketsaal offers you to build your brand and the value of trust that will last for years. We also do to protect your brand of all offenses and mapping in any way so against any damage to its brand value. So we will work with leading experts construction industry brand that will provide help and constant orientation to achieve the desired sales and promoting your brand to the level where it becomes the master of your industry. They were assigned special equipment for all our customers who also deal with copyright infringement by other online marketers.


Keep bill of health or performance matrix is very important because it affects their qualifications and does not want higher ratings, especially when you are in the online business. Good performance matrix helps you to activate higher grades and allows you to participate in different events, deals offered by these online portals such as Amazon Great Sale India, Flipkart sale that will help in generating additional conversions and profits. On the other hand, the matrix underperforming lowered its ratings, which makes losing customers and also creates the risk of account suspension, so the health maintenance of the account is very important to serve online.


The seller must come to us because Ketsaal have the team of experts who dedicatedly helped dozens of clients in generating profits and building their brands (in the span of 3 months). Our team of experts analyzes your merchant account, then make precise strategies tailored to suit your business, industry and needs and then present the guaranteed result on the table. A guaranteed agreement guarantees a result in e-commerce business and provides all tried to benefits exclusively to our vendor, and if our experts could not provide the promised result, the seller can claim any money from us.


You may not realize it now, but after being in this business e-commerce for more than 2 decades, we have understood how difficult it is to start any business from the initial level. Do market research, then research product, then find the best product on the market that too at competitive prices, after listing the product in e-commerce platforms, then building your brand, which works in sales, evaluation of your finances, taking care of inventory, managing yields, it is customer complaints and research are just some of the responsibilities to handle. When we started there was no one to help us with this, but today we have. In Ketsaal we assign a special team for each of our online sellers that takes care of all these responsibilities and our vendors just have to sit and wait for profits in their bank accounts.


Although product development is creative, disciplined but requires a systematic approach to guide the processes required to bring a new product to market. In Ketsaal we have a framework that helps structure the actual development of the product. The five elements of our product development services are identification criterion- brainstorm every possible design new products. Idea analysis- A more detailed assessment of the product concept and market. analyis market - where demand for product is high Prototypes - create a relevant and valuable product. Product development - ensure that the product is viable and can get benefits.


Each portal has its unique system of accounting and sellers have difficulty coping with her and at the same time boost your sales, is not where you come into play, we will help each online portal individually, and will simply not focus in the payment cycle, but it will also focus on reconciling accounts and eliminate the risk of loss of inventory or returns and ensure that complaints are received against damage which will minimize the losses usually are passed high by sellers, but never affect their pockets.


We have a team of experienced experts to thoroughly evaluate your case and find the reason for the suspension of the seller. After having a detailed study to carry out the guaranteed solution for reimbursing your merchant account and offer this amazing service in a very short time. So instead of wasting your valuable time, energy and hard earned money on retries to get the bill back simply contact us and get a guaranteed solution will not only help us to get your account back, but also ensure that your account is not suspended in the first place.


In this fast pacing world where each seller is the competitor of other seller, its really difficult to win and make profits out of the e-commerce platforms. We provide a promise to generate guaranteed sales on Amazon and Flipkart and other E-commerce platform so that sellers can be in the market and the economy of India boost upto.

So,let's join hands and start making a better tomorrow.

Where to find us?

How to contact us?

B-70, Sector 67 Rd, Block B, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


[email protected]

Well be looking forward to listen from you.