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  • 1. Who am I in todays media? 1.Mission - messenger on multiple levels 2.Vision - Use skills on several platforms to enhance each story on a case by case basis 3.Document - Historize the energy of mankind See for yourself

2. Skills Photography Video Web/Flash Write So, lets NOT wait around! 3. Recents Moments 4. The perfect angle and shot 5. Portraits 6. News 7. Make the photo dont just take the photo 8. Document Life 9. Sample Portfolio 10. Videos Youtube Channels Personal - Alylan11 Collaborative - Bundle Productions Software capabilities: Audacity, Final Cut Pro, iMovie Hardware: Flip video camera 11. Web/Flash I can create using HTML, CSS, Adobe Flash On my way to the future (HTML5) Currently a web producer for The Gainesville Sun -CMS Interactive map of a Dublin community placed on 12. Thats not allThats not all 13. I can write accurately, work on deadline and write in journalistic style Continue to view a clip 14. View clip here 15. II amam The all in one with a specialization On a mission II cancan Tell beautiful,Tell beautiful, compelling storiescompelling stories Have visionHave vision Document lifeDocument life 16. So become a part of my network as I join yours Find me on Facebook Visit my blog Follow me on Twitter/ alylanphoto View my videos on Youtube