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  • aka Alyson Pearson

  • Cassandra LadruPhotography

    cassandra ladru photography

    The brief was to create a logo with asoft and hand drawn approach to compliment the sharp photographic style. Illustration was combined with a personal andsophisticated type lockup to balance and complete the logo. Rolling out this style across the restof the brand will be next!

  • PlaNaCTioN


    summer 2013 The Magazine of Plan in ausTralia Global Child 11

    What does 4CA stand for? Child-centered Climate Change adaptation.

    thats a long name what does it mean?Basically, this project supports communities to adapt, prepare for, and respond to the increasing effects of disasters (with a specific focus on climate change related disasters) and makes sure children and young people are involved at every level.

    Why is this something Plan needs to focus on?Climate change adaptation is a new and dynamic area for not only Plan but many international organisations. as the climate changes we are seeing an increase in the number of natural disasters around the world and this is most prominent in developing countries; in communities that Plan works with. of course, you cant stop these disasters from happening, but what you can do is help communities prepare appropriately and improve their ability to withstand the effects.

    at Plan we believe it is vital that children and young people are involved in this planning, not just because they make up such a large percentage of their communities, but because they are often the most vulnerable in times of disaster and have a

    Can you tell us about your new film I am a Girl?There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on the planet. i am a girl is a feature length documentary film that follows the stories of six girls from different countries as they reach their coming of age. it aims to reveal what it means to grow up female in the 21st century.

    Why did you decide to make the film?Three years ago i was lucky enough to survive a tsunami whilst on holiday in samoa. While this event was the most frightening and levelling experience of my life, along with it came a realisation that we dont always have control over our lives or the outcomes of a situation. Upon reflection, it seems that many, if not most girls in the world today, live with this feeling every day.

    not long after this occurred, i was moved to tears when i read a magazine article about the plight of girls around the globe. it seems that despite technological advances and an abundance of wealth, we live in a world that openly discriminates against

    right to have their views respected. Children have important contributions to make and they should be recognised and valued.

    Why do you think its important?Plan is an agency dedicated to child rights. Boys and girls have the right to learn and be in a position where they can act on issues that will affect them now and in the future. This project supports this, and will hopefully help communities to become more resilient to the changing environment around them.

    How can people find out more about what is happening? People can read more about the project and ongoing updates at

    Plan is also a co-founding member of the Children in a Changing Climate Coalition, which continues to promote all of these things i have mentioned. find out more at

    This project is funded by the australian government, primarily through the ausaiD humanitarian Partnership agreement.

    girls, subjecting them to the most incomprehensible violence, abuse and deprivation of liberties.

    I decided I had to make a film that would reach out to a broader audience; that would inform and at the same time give people the opportunity to connect with these issues through film.

    Have you achieved what you had hoped with the stories?Yes. My vision for i am a girl was simple to weave a universal story through the voices of girls in different locations around the world dealing with their own unique challenges. each story has been approached as a portrait, poignant in its simplicity. Whether its a story of abuse, neglect, optimism or hope, each story follows the daily toil from sunrise to sunset.

    What impact has making the film had on you?Making this film has been an incredible experience. Not just meeting the girls but having their trust and having the privilege of telling their stories. and also being able to capture the imagination and dedication of the individuals and organisations who made it all possible.

    five miNuTes WiTh RoHAn Kent, Plans DIsasTer Manager, Talks abouT 4ca our neW clIMaTe change ProjecT.

    ReBeCCA BARRy, FIlM Maker, DIscusses her neW FIlM, i am a girl.

    Boys in their classroom in Myanmar look at an educational poster that teaches them how to stay safe in times of disasters.

    Plan has been assisting i am a girl which is set to launch in june this year.

    To stay updated on the launch date, tickets and film information visit and stay tuned to

    habiba, 17, from Cameroon is one of the girls featured in i am a girl.

    plan international australia

    As the sole in-house graphic designer I worked directly with all internal departments to produce high quality print and digitaldesigns, including the 2013Annual Report winning Plan the PWC Transparency award. Otherrewarding projects include theWomen for Girls material and their quarterly magazine.


    AbOUT ThIS REPORTThis report sets out Plan International Australias progress towards our vision and mission between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2013. We have referred to this period as 2013.

    In this report, the informal name Plan in Australia refers to Plan International Australia. The terms Plan and Plan International refer to the global organisation of which Plan International Australia is a part. See page 8 for further information on our global network.

    We encourage our readers to visit our website: where they can find more information about the topics discussed in this report. Links to specific pages on our website and other publications (such as our Annual Effectiveness Review) are given throughout this report.



    Cover photo: Members of a Plan-supported hygiene club sing a song at their school in Tororo District, Uganda.

    This page: Hennock, 5, plays with friends at his Plan-supported kindergarten in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • CO_The Creative Couples Project 9796 CO_The Creative Couples Project

    person there is a drive to constantly be evolving, learning new things and growing. The sacrifice seems to be departing from a materialistic, safe, mindset and embracing change. I would say you have to give up your illusion goggles to live a truly creative lifemake of that what you will.

    What does one gain?

    The ability to see things as they really are. A keen eye! A good bullshit detector among other things, the freedom to re-imagine everythingthis is creativity we are talking about and its only limited by your imagination!

    Some people find inspiration in a tea cup, where do you find yours?

    In every moment of every day. Life and the many varied forms of expression it comes in; cities and nature, contrast and context, absurdity, stories real and imagined, observing people and animals, beauty, what is good in the human spirit, irony, old things, patterns, cultural heritage, history and intuition

    Tell us how you collaborate in your creative life together.

    The whole relationship is a collaboration, all relationships are a collaboration, arent they? I think we both see our art making as a kind of personal joy and connection to the inner self as well as a way to live your life, and so sharing a creative life with someone else means that there isnt a thing that isnt questioned, planned, positioned and created and fashioned anew. It can be a challenge as neither [of us] is content to just accept a pre-made definition and both wish to be co-authors of the story.

    Both being printmakers we share a love for traditional analog printing technology. Darren brings a wealth of technical knowledge and I bring the experience of design and graphic arts together we are able to learn and extend our professional practice in different directions. There are times in our life and practice where we are working on things in all aspects that find expression in collaborative prints or artworks, and it is a really organic and unplanned collision of ideas and resulting creative work. Other times it finds expression in different ways, but all the choices we make together are a product of a creative collaboration.

    In what way does your community and landscape influence your practice as an artist?

    All I do is an expression of my continued investigation and experiences of how I see the world and influences on my work in that my work

    Picasso once said: All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. How true is this in your experience?

    Im not sure if I grow up Ill let you know what thats like. Im of the opinion that we are both kids who refuse to grow up, that is, we refuse to abandon our innocence. I think its something we give up to grow