Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great. Who was Alexander the Great?. A warrior by the age of 14 A general by the age of 18 A king by the age of 20. Alexander’s Father. His father was King Philip II of Macedon. Another Picture of Philip. Philip’s Kingdom. The Phalanx. Alexander’s Childhood. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Alexander the Great

  • Alexander the Great

  • Who was Alexander the Great?A warrior by the age of 14

    A general by the age of 18

    A king by the age of 20

  • Alexanders FatherHis father was King Philip II of Macedon

  • Another Picture of Philip

  • Philips Kingdom

  • The Phalanx

  • Alexanders ChildhoodHe was born and raised in PellaHe died at the age of 32 in 323 B.C.Plutarch documented Alexanders childhoodAlexander was born in 356 B.C.

  • Alexanders MotherAlexanders mother was Olympias

  • Early Life ContinuedOlympias worshipped serpents that represented Zeus and DionysusPeople went to see the oracle of Apollo in DelphiAigai was the capital of Philips MacedoniaPhilip became king in 359 B.C.Alexander read books by HomerAt the age of 13, Alexander tamed his horse, BucephalusAlexander was tutored by Aristotle

  • Aristotle Tutoring Alexander

  • Alexanders Horse

  • Alexander and his DadAlexander went to see nymphs, mythological goddesses in naturePhilips phalanx carried a 15-18 foot long pikeThebes and Athens went against PhilipAlexander helped his dad at age 18 at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 B.C.They found the band of Thebes below a lionPhilip now controlled Greece

  • The Lion

  • Early AlexanderThe historian, Diodorus started to write about Alexander at age 18Philip married Cleopatra at the age of 18 ( Not Egypts Cleopatra)Olympias was from EpirusDarius led the Persians against AlexanderPhilip died in 336 B.C., Alexander became king

  • Alexanders FamilyPhilips tomb was found in 1977Alexander regained Greece in 6 months after his fathers deathCleopatra then committed suicideAge 18

  • Alexanders Military CareerAlexanders goal was to conquer Persia and AsiaAlexander had to cross the Hellespont to get into AsiaFor luck, Alexander sacrificed a bull to Poseidon, God of the oceanAlexanders first victory happened at the Granicus river in 334 B.C.

  • Alexanders CareerIn Gordium, Alexander solved the riddle of the knotIn 333 B.C., Alexander won at the battle of Issus

  • Battle of Issus

  • Alexanders BattlesThe weakness of the phalanx is rough groundIn 332 B.C., Alexander tried to capture TyreTo get to Tyre, Alexander built a mole or causewayTo defeat Tyre, Alexander borrowed warships from CyprusIt took Alexander 7 months to get Tyre

  • Alexander in Battle

  • Alexander in EgyptAlexander went into Egypt after Tyre and became a pharaohHe created Alexandria to control world tradeAlexander traveled the Sahara Desert for 6 weeksAlexander asked an oracle three questions about this life in the desert

  • The Three Questions1. Will I conquer the world?2. Am I the son of Zeus?3. Has all of my fathers murderers been punished?

  • Alexander and the PersiansAlexander met the Persians at Guagamela in 331 B.C.In 326 B.C., Alexander turned to PersiaThe Persians used chariots armed with swords against AlexanderAlexander defeated 300,000 PersiansAfter the battle, Alexander moved to PersepolisTalents = 57.5 pounds

  • A Talent

  • Alexander Against the Persians

  • Battle of Guagamela

  • Alexander and the PersiansAlexander executed the general Bessus by using treesPhilotas met Antigone and was executedIn 327 B.C., Alexander moved to IndiaAt age 29 Alexander married Roxeanne

  • Alexander and the PersiansIn 326 B.C., King Porus used elephants against AlexanderAlexander had his lung pierced at MaliIn July of 324 B.C. Hepfastian died as Alexander reached SusaOn June 10, 323 B.C. Alexander the Great diedHis last words were To the strongest

  • Alexander Against King Porus

  • Alexanders DeathAlexander died in BabylonHis body was sent to AlexandriaPtolemy stole Alexanders bodyIn 301 B.C., 3 generals first divided Alexanders empireIn 200 B.C., the Romans invaded Macedon

  • Alexanders Tomb

  • Alexanders LegacyAlexander led 40,000 troopsAlexander marched over 20,000 miles in 12 yearsIt took 20 rulers to run Alexanders empire after his death

  • Alexanders Empire

  • Alexander the Great