Alexander the Great Alexander the Great’s Empire.

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Transcript of Alexander the Great Alexander the Great’s Empire.

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Slide 2 Slide 3 Alexander the Great Slide 4 Alexander the Greats Empire Slide 5 Alexander the Great in Persia Slide 6 The Hellenization of Asia Slide 7 Pergamum: A Hellenistic City Slide 8 The Economy of the Hellenistic World Slide 9 Hellenistic Philosophers Cynics Diogenes ignore social conventions & avoid luxuries. citizens of the world. live a humble, simple life. Epicurians Epicurus avoid pain & seek pleasure. all excess leads to pain! politics should be avoided. Slide 10 Hellenistic Philosophers Stoics Zeno nature is the expansion of divine will. concept of natural law. get involved in politics, not for personal gain, but to perform virtuous acts for the good of all. true happiness is found in great achievements. Slide 11 Hellenism: The Arts & Sciences Scientists / Mathematicians: Aristarchus heliocentric theory. Euclid geometry Archimedes pulley Hellenistic Art: More realistic; less ideal than Hellenic art. Showed individual emotions, wrinkles, and age! Slide 12 The Breakup of Alexanders Empire Slide 13 Alexander was not from Athens, but Macedonia. Alexander was a brilliant military strategist. His favorite book was Homer s Iliad Slide 14 Slide 15 What happens when cultures collide? Slide 16 Hellenistic is a fancy word for Greek. Alexander spread Greek technology and ideas throughout his empire Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 1.What is Greece s political contribution to the political world (especially the United States)? 2. How did geography influence Greece s economy and military technology? 3. How did Hellenistic ideas spread throughout Asia? 4. Describe an example of how necessity brings about technological change. 5. Define monarchy 6. Define oligarchy Slide 22 This powerpoint was kindly donated to http://www.worldofteaching.com is home to over a thousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching.