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  • Social Media Strategy

    Ashley Lu 17, February 2017

  • 1. Executive Summary

    2. Social Media Audit

    3. Social Media Objectives

    4. Online Brand Persona and Voice

    5. Strategies and Tools

    6. Timing and Key Dates

    7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities

    8. Social Media Policy

    9. Critical Response Plan

    10. Measurement and Reporting Results

    Table of contents

  • Our major social media priorities for 2017 will be improving the quality of our online community by

    increasing the number of meaningful engagements on posts across each social media platform. The

    primary focuses will be to post more meaningful and culturally relevant content and to more actively

    engage with users.

    Executive summary

  • Social media assessment:At the present time, the highest number of interactions per post are on Facebook and the lowest are found on Twitter. Although each platform sees an overall large number of interactions, the large number of followers renders a low engagement rate. Across everyplatform, AirBnb has a low quality of followers that do not engage.

    Social Media AuditSocial network URL Follower

    countAverageweekly activity

    Average engagement rate


    Facebook 5,218,107 7 posts 5%

    Twitter 573k 14 posts 1%

    Instagram 1.6m 16 posts 2%

    YouTube 62k 2 videos 50,000 views per video

    The following is an audit of Airbnbs, Inc. social media presence as of February 18, 2017. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis

    Competitors: HomeAway VRBO Wimdu

    Couch surfing Roomorama

  • In 2017, the primary focus of our social media strategy will be to Specific objectives will include: Increase user engagement across all platforms by 3%

    Reply to 45% of mentions across each social media platform Increase use of company specific hashtags across all platforms

    Social media objectives

  • Adjectives that describe our brandAdventurousFriendly


    Online brand, persona, and voice

    When interacting with our customers we are:Understanding


  • Paid: Once a month, identify one highly rated and experienced AirBnb host to live stream an overview and

    highlight of their home, as well as their city. The live stream will be featured on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

    Once a month, identify a frequent AirBnb guest to live tweet a day of their travels via Twitter

    Earned: Identify neighborhoods and cities with a high demand. Partner with local businesses and attractions to

    offer deals to guests staying at a local AirBnb.

    Tools:Frequent AirBnb usersFacebookTwitter


    Strategies and tools

  • Reporting Dates:Reporting will occur once a quarter in: January

    March June September

    Timing and key datesValentines day (Feb. 14)Summer (June-August)4th of July weekend

    ThanksgivingHoliday season (Dec. 20-31)

  • Marketing director: Zachary KaplanOversee all marketing efforts across every platformcommercial, print, social media.

    Social media manager: Sarah Jenkins

    Manage social media voice and maintain quality company personaSocial media coordinator: Allison Jones

    Delegate specific tasks to fulfill quarterly social media objectives across each media platform

    Social media support team: Jason WebCarry out tasks Christina Millsand maintain Courtney Robertsdaily media Christopher Mans


    Social media interns: Casey Jones, Katlyn Marks, Joshua SmithSupport and aid marketing team in daily tasks

    Social media roles and responsibilities

  • Social media policy

    Act promptly and immediately when host or visitor issues arise Take necessary actions to prevent further issues whether with host or guest Make interactions meaningful and engaging Be:

    Understanding Accommodating Accepting Respectful Helpful

    Always remember that hospitality is the top priority

    As a company that operates with representatives in hosts across the globe, we must be active and responsive across all social media platforms. As a social media manager, you are a representative of AirBnb, Inc. and expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Scenario: Report of violence, abuse, injury, etc. during a stay at an AirBnb

    1. Identify nature of issue

    1. Contact local authorities if deemed necessary

    2. Contact victim directly and assess the situation

    3. Provide assurance for proper action

    4. Remove victim from situation and relocated them in a comfortable area

    5. If media picks up on story, respond to story as deemed appropriately

    1. Do not compromise the victim or the suspects identity or privacy

    2. Reveal only necessary information

    3. Maintain professionalism

    Preapproved message: N/A. Will be determined on a situational basis.

    Critical Response Plan

  • Measurement and reporting resultsSource Volume % increase/


    Facebook Avg +20,000 interactions


    Twitter Avg +5,000 interactions +.5%

    Instagram Avg +2,000 interactions +1%

    YouTube Avg +40,000 views +4%

    Timeframe: Monthly Average, January 2017-January 2018

    Though an increase in meaningful interactions were reported across all social media platforms, the goal of increasing interactions by 3% was only fulfilled on Facebook and Youtube. Efforts moving forward will be directed toward optimizing Twitter and Instagram engagements.