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Transcript of adventure + lifestyle along the Amtrak Cascades route - Statehood Media - Statehood Media ·...


    The official onboard magazine for leisure and business travelers on the Amtrak Cascades rail line.

    2018 Media Kit

    adventure + lifestyle along the Amtrak Cascades route



    Household income


    Median age








    43%travel for school, friends and family

    14%travel for business

    35%of Amtrak passengers are

    on weekend getaways, long vacations or

    shopping excursions



    OnTrak magazine brings together stories of creative entrepreneurs, innovative companies, adventurous journeys and intriguing artists from across the Pacific Northwest to every seat of Amtrak Cascades.

    is the official onboard vehicle for culture and entertainment for more than 800,000 annual passengers.

    Avid Readers2013-2015 Ridership

    year, with about five one-way trips on Amtrak Cascades.

    Leisure travelers most frequently said their trip duration was two to

    they visit. They schedule activities but leave some of their itinerary open for unexpected discoveries.

    Their activities include:

    About OnTrak

    Visiting art museums/OMSI/aquarium, etc. Going out to restaurants, bars and pubs Going shopping Going to a music show/concert Exploring the city Trolley/Ferry/ Monorail/ Sky Train rides Urban hiking Visiting and exploring parks

    Sightseeing Biking Reconnecting Romance City tours Skiing Visiting friends and family

    *average riderside 2013-2015

    *Source: Amtrak Cascades, 2013-2015

    Ridership Numbers*Entire corridor:

    850,000(Eugene - Vancouver, B.C.)

    Portland - Eugene: 105,000

    In addition to being onboard all Amtrak Cascades trains, OnTrak can also be found in 41 visitor information centers throughout Oregon and Washington.


    Feature Stories

    INSPIRATION This feature focuses on an interesting person from an Amtrak Cascades location city doing something amaz-ing, inspiring, bigger than themselves.


    common theme: horses, football, museums, tech, bar-ber shops.

    GALLERY Gorgeous photos from along the way with social inter-action, engagement and giveaways.




    WEEKENDER Each issue features two Weekender pieces with itineraries built around couples, families, students, business and leisure travelers.

    Inside OnTrak


    OnTrak is always on trend in our Culture section. From Carmen per-formed at Vancouvers Queen Elizabeth Theatre, to upscale American

    -lection at Portland Art Museum and Oregon Duck football at Eugenes Autzen Stadium, OnTrak speaks to the renaissance explorer.

    CHEF SPOLIGHTHighlights a creative professional in the culinary arts.

    MUSICIANSBrings the new sounds from both classic and emerging artists of the Pacific Northwest.

    ON STAGE Delivers the best in arts, theater, staged music performances and dance.

    EVENTS CALENDER Brings together in one space all of the seasons events that our readers want to engage with in Oregon, Washington and Vancouver B.C.


    -nies and the people behind them who have made the Pacific Northwest the global leader in world-changing technology.

    Q&A Focuses on someone pursuing an interesting research topic in business or academia.

    GREEN BIZProfiles a sustainable business from a city along the Amtrak Cascades line.


    EXPLORE GUIDES Where to eat, stay and play in venues along the line.

    Photo contest Games for kids Train schedules Connections Route map | City maps Rail history trivia Calculate your carbon footprint


    2018 Ad Rates


    Ad Size 1x 4x *Multi-Pub1/4 Page $1,100 $950 $750

    1/2 Page $2,000 $1,700 $1,400

    Full Page $3,400 $3,000 $2,400

    Two-Page Spread $6,460 $5,605 $4,500

    Explore Guide (1/6 page) $600 $500

    *Requires commitment in at least ten (10) Statehood Media publications per year.

    2017 Production Calendar

    File TransferPlease use our transfer site

    Phone541.728.2764 main

    Mail70 SW Century Drive Suite 100 - 218Bend, OR 97702

    WINTER 2018ThemeWinter Adventures

    Materials due:12/08/18

    On boardJanuary - March 2018

    SPRING 2018ThemeBeer

    Materials due:03/09/18

    On boardApril - June 2018

    SUMMER 2018ThemeBest Places (BC, OR, WA)

    Materials due:06/08/18

    On boardJuly - September 2018

    AUTUMN 2018ThemeArts & Culture

    Materials due:09/07/18

    On boardOct - Dec 2018

    Premium Placements(per issue)

    Inside Front Cover $3,800

    Inside Back Cover $3,800

    Back Cover $4,000



    Print Ad SpecificationsAd size

    Bleed type Ad specs Trim area Live area

    1/4 page No bleed 4w x 4.8125h -- 4w x 4.8125h

    1/2 page horizontal

    No bleed 8.125w x 4.8125h -- 8.125w x 4.8125h

    1/2 page vertical

    No bleed 4w x 9.75h -- 4w x 9.75h

    Full page Full bleedNo bleed

    8.5w x 10.25h8.125w x 9.75h

    8.375w x 10h--

    8.125w x 9.5h--

    1/4 page4w x 4.8125h

    no bleed

    1/2 page(Horizontal)

    8.125w x 4.8125hno bleed

    Full(with bleed)

    8.5w x 10.25h

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    4w x 9.75hno bleed

    (no bleed)8.1.25w x 9.75h