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Enjoy the journey.SMCall 1-800-USA-RAILVisit AMTRAK.COMADIRONDACKMONTRAL - WESTPORT (LAKE PLACID)SARATOGA SPRINGS - ALBANY - NEW YORKAnd intermediate stationsMONTRAL and NEW YORKVERSION FRANAISE au versoNRPC Form P68100M11/7/11 Stock #02-3795Schedules subject to change without notice. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corp. National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington Union Station, 60 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20002.Effective NOVEMBER 7, 2011ADIRONDACKADIRONDACK ROUTE MAP and SYMBOLSATime Symbol for A.M.PTime Symbol for P.M.DStops only to discharge passengers; train may leave before time shown.LStops to receive and discharge passengers; train may leave before time shown.RStops only to receive passengers.b Bus stopiFerry connectionhU.S. Customs & Immigration checkpoint-Quik-Trak self-serve ticketing kiosk>Unstaffed stationStaffed ticket office; may or may not be open for all train departureswStation wheelchair accessible; no barriers between station and trainvStation wheelchair accessible; not all stations facilities accessibleShading KeyReserved long-distance trainThruway and connecting servicesConnecting trainNEWYORK NEWYORKMONTREALAdirondackOther Amtrak Train RoutesCBSA Lacolle, , QC (Customs Stop)Plattsburgh, NYPort Henry, NYTiconderoga, NYWhitehall, NYFort Edward-Glens Falls, NYSaratoga Springs, NYSchenectady, NYAlbany-Rensselaer, NYCroton-Harmon, NYYonkers, NYNew York, NYPougkeepsie, NYHudson, NYRhinecliff-Kingston, NYSt. Lambert, QCMontreal, QC, NYRouses Point, NYPort Kent, NYWestport, NYService on the Adirondack R Coaches: Reservations required.yLounge: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.Note: Connections available at Montral for Toronto, Ottawa, Qubec and Eastern Can ada on VIA Rail Canada. Wi-Fi available.2Connecting Train 177 operates Monday through Friday and departs New York at 10:05 p.m.; connecting Train 169 operates Saturday and Sunday and departs New York at 11:05 p.m. and arrives Washington, D.C. at 2:25 a.m. Connecting Train 150 operates Saturday and Sunday and departs Washington, D.C at 3:15 a.m; connecting Train 110 operates Monday through Friday and departs Washington, D.C at 4:00 a.m. and arrives New York at 7:17 a.m.7 Free shuttle service between rail and air terminal.!This station is operated by VIA Rail Canada.!Not a passenger stop; Canadian Customs and Immigration inspection only. Train is subject to delay.!U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspection. Train is subject to delay.%Seasonal. Train stops only on dates of ferry operation. Lake Cham plain Trans porta tion Com pany ferries operate summer seasonal service be tween Port Kent on the Adirondack route, and down town Burlington, Vermont. For ferry schedules call (802) 864-9804.(TrainCatcher van/car service available from Ft. Edward to Glens Falls and Lake George Village. Reservations required. Call (518) 792-1086 for information and reservations.Smoking is prohibited.Service on the Adirondack is nanced primarily through funds made available by the New York StateDe part ment of TransportationCROSSING THE U.S./CANADIAN BORDERCustoms and Immigration InformationIf you are crossing the border by land or sea, including on Amtrak trains and Thruway services, you must have one secure Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative-compliant document that proves both citizenship and identity. For United States citizens 16 or over, this document must be one of the following: passport, passport card, trusted traveler card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST), enhanced drivers license, merchant mariner document, US military ID with military orders, or form I-872 (American Indian card). For Canadian citizens, this document must be one of the following: passport, trusted traveler card, or enhanced drivers licence.For citizens of other countries, a passport, and in many cases a visa, are required. A passenger 15 and younger who does not have one of the above may present a copy of his or her birth certificate only. For further information and to determine what is required for your particular situation (including permanent residents and others not mentioned above), contact the appropriate US or Canadian government agencies prior to travel.An Amtrak brochure with additional details, Important Information on Crossing the Border between the United States and Canada, is available. Ask for it from an Amtrak agent.Other details:Passengers under 18 not traveling with both parents require a letter from any parent not present giving permission to cross the border. If one parent is deceased, bringing a copy of the death certificate will minimize questioning and delay at the border. Children under 18 may not cross the US-Canadian border unaccompanied.Amtrak and VA Rail Canada will require your date of birth, your country of citizenship, and your identification information. This will be entered into your reservation record and provided to border authorities. If you do not provide this information we are unable to accept payment or issue your ticket.Admission into either country is solely at the discretion of border authorities, and possession of required documentation and the provision of required information in no way guarantees entry. Neither Amtrak nor VIA Rail Canada nor any other carrier is in any way liable if you are denied entry or removed from the train or bus.68Train Number69DaiIy NormaI Days o! OperaIion DaiIyR yOn Board ServiceR y Read Down Mile 5ymboI

Read Up9 30A 0 Dp MonIraI, CCentral Station w! Ar 7 10PR9 45A 4 5I. LamberI, C v! D6 47P48 C5A LacoIIe, CCustoms Stop h !5 36P !11 05A 49 Ar ouses PoinI, NY >h Dp L4 00P12 05P Dp Ar12 35P 72 PIaIIsburgh, NY > 3 15P% 85 PorI KenI, NY % > %(Burlington, VT i)1 40P 112 WesIporI, NY > 2 08Pb Lake Placidsee below2 09P 123 PorI Henry, NY (Lake George) > 1 39P2 33P 140 Ticonderoga, NY > 1 17P3 05P 162 WhiIehaII, NY > 12 44P3 30P 184 forI Edvard-GIens faIIs, NY > 12 19Pb Lake George Village (3 53P 203 5araIoga 5prings, NY w 11 57A 4 50P 222 5chenecIady, NY w- 11 29A5 40P 240 Ar AIbany-ensseIaer, NY v- Dp 11 05A6 00P Dp Ar 10 45A6 25P 268 Hudson, NY v- 10 15A6 51P 293 hinecIi!!, NY v- 9 52A7 05P 309 Poughkeepsie, NY >v- 9 38A7 45P 349 CroIon-Harmon, NY >w- 8 58A8 04P 367 Yonkers, NY >w8 39A8 40P 381 Ar Nev York, NYPenn Station w- Dp 8 15AR177/R1692 Connecting Train Number R190/150210 05P 381 Dp Nev York, NYPenn Stationw-Ar 6 40A10 21P 391 Ar Nevark, N1 w- 6 22A11 01P439 TrenIon, N1 >w- 5 44A11 28P 472 PhiIadeIphia, PA30th St. Sta. w-5 15A11 51P 497 WiImingIon, DE v- 4 50A12 40A 566 aIIimore, MDPenn Station w- 3 55A12 52A 577WI MarshaII AirporI, MD pw-7 3 39AD1 14A 598 Nev CarroIIIon, MD >w-1 25A 607 Ar WashingIon, DCw- Dp 3 15AProper documentation is required to cross U.S./Canadian border when traveling on the Adirondack.Thruway ConnectionsWesIporI Lake PIacid (Ground Force One)7168 Thruway Number 7169DaiIy Mile Days of Operation 5ymboI DaiIy12 15P 0 Dp Lake PIacid, NY > Ar 3 05P1 00P 36 Ar WesIporI, NYAmtrak Station > Dp 2 20PDiscover Canada by TrainTM Trademark owned by VIA Rail Canada Inc. Great deals all year round atviarail.caProfitez bien de votre trajet.SMAppelez 1-800-USA-RAILVisitez AMTRAK.COMADIRONDACKMONTRAL - WESTPORT (LAKE PLACID)SARATOGA SPRINGS - ALBANY - NEW YORKStations IntermdiairesMONTRAL et NEW YORKENGLISH VERSIONon other sideNRPC Formulaire P68100M11/7/11 No. Stock 02-3795Les horaires peuvent changer sans pr-avis. Amtrak est une marque dpose de National Railroad Passenger Corp. National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington Union Station, 60 Massachusetts Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20002.En vigueur le7 NOVEMBRE 20115ervices ord I'AdirondackR Voiture Coach: Rservations requises.y Salon: Sandwichs, collations et breuvages.Nota: Correspondances disponibles Montral pour destinations vers Toronto, Ottawa, Qubec et lest du Canada bord des trains de VIA Rail Canada.Le service Wi-Fi est disponible.2Le train 177 effectue la liaison du lundi au vendredi et quitte New York 22 h 05; le train 169 effectue la liaisonle samedi et le dimanche et quitte New York 23 h 05 pour arriver Washington, D.C. 2 h 25. Le train 150 effectue la liaisonle samedi et le dimanche et quitte Washington, D.C. 3 h 15; le train 110 effectue la liaison du lundi au vendredi et quitte Washington, D.C. 4 h 00 pour arriver New York 7 h 17.7Transfert entre la gare et laroport gratuit.!Cette gare est exploite par VIA Rail Canada. Pour de plus amples renseignements communiquez avec VIA Rail Canada. Veuillez prendre note des informations concernant le franchissement des frontires E.U./Canada au bas de ce document.!Pas un arrt pour lembarquement/debarquement des passagers; Seulement pour linspection par les services frontaliers du Canada. Le train est susceptible dtre retard.!Inspection de la U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Service des douanes et de la protection des frontires des tats-Unis). Le train est soumis des retards. %Saisonnier. Le train sarrte seulement aux dates dopration du traversier. Les traversiers de la compagnie Lake Champlain Transportation offrent un service saisonnier entre Port Kent, sur la route de lAdirondack, et le centre-ville de Burlington au Vermont. Pour renseignements au sujet des horaires du traversier tlphonez au (802) 864-9804.(Service de mini-fourgonnette/voiture TrainCatcher disponible de Ft. Edward vers Glens Falls et Lake George Village. Les rservations sont requises. Pour information et rservations tlphonez au (518) 792-1086. Il est dfendu de fumer.ADIRONDACKPA55AGE DE LA fONTIEE ETAT5-UNI5lCANADAenseignemenIs sur Ies douanes eI I'immigraIionSi vous traversez la frontire par voie terrestre ou maritime, incluant par train Amtrak et par les services dautobus Thruway, vous devez avoir en votre possession un document de lInitiative relative aux voyages dans lhmisphre occidental des tats-Unis qui prouve votre citoyennet et votre identit. Pour les citoyens amricains de plus de 16 ans, ce