Texas Early Statehood

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TexasEarly Statehood


A. Government and Texas Occurrences The Texas State Constitution maintains the 7 Principles of Government, and follows the U.S. Constitution with the three branches of government.

2. Texas no longer has a president but will instead have a Governor, or leader of the state.

Official Annexation Date:December 29, 1845A. Government and Texas Occurrences

2015 Texas Governor Greg Abbott3. James Pickney Henderson is elected the first governor of Texas once it is annexed by the U.S. A. Government and Texas Occurrences

4. Mexico wants its territory back (Texas), which again causes many issues between the United States and Mexico.A. Government and Texas Occurrences

5. James K. Polk (U.S. President) sends officials to offer to buy the remaining Mexican territory and give compensation to Mexico for their loss of Texas.A. Government and Texas Occurrences

~America wanted to buy all land between Texas and California to reach their goal of Manifest Destiny.~A. Government and Texas Occurrences

1. Already angered by the loss of their land, Mexico claims Americas desire to buy their land is an embarrassment and is angered even more.B. War with Mexcio

Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga2. Fighting breaks out once more over the disputed border territory between the U.S. and Mexico.~Both are blaming each other for wrongdoings.~B. War with Mexcio

3. American officially declares War on Mexico on May 13, 1846 to put a final stop to the disputes.B. War with Mexcio 4. Texans begin to rally and say, Remember the Alamo and create their own forms of protection.B. War with Mexcio

5. The Texas Rangers who are highly trained scouts, spies, and guides lead the war in Texas.~Produced fierce fights that scared Mexican troops and militias.~B. War with Mexcio

C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo1. After many battles and skirmishes, the war ends with an American victory.~Mexico could not compete with the United States Army.~

2. The Treaty of Guadalupeis signed between both American and Mexican officials to officially end the war with Mexico.C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo

~All land north of the Rio Grande is American soil (no more border disputes for Southwest Texas.~C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo

~All land between Texas and the Pacific Ocean is now American territory.~C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo

~Americans promised to repect and fairly treat all remaining Spanish speakers.~C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo

3. This treaty made America grow in size and reach their goal of Manifest Destiny. America now reached from Sea to Sea! (Atlantic to Pacific).C. Treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo

D. The big state of texas1. Now that Texas was undeniably part of the United States, there was another looming issue that faced Americans.

D. The big state of texas2. Texas was a very large state, and it allowed slavery; however, America was split in half on the issue of slavery.

d. The big state of texas~Some Americans were abolitionists, or people who wanted to remove slavery.~~Some Amiericans were pro-slavery, or wanted to keep slavery.~

3. Texas, with its large size, brough many concerns for notherners who were abolitionists.d. The big state of texas

4. To setle the concerns with the nation, the Compromise of 1850 came about. It said:d. The big state of texas

~California would also be annexed by the U.S. As a free state.~

~All U.S. Territories could vote whether they wanted slavery or not (popular sovereignty)d. The big state of texas

~The slave trade would be ended in Washington D.C.~~The Fugitive Slave Law would be put into place (all runaway slaves would have to be returned to their owners if they escaped to the North).~d. The big state of texas

This compromis was made to please both the anti-slavery North, and the pro-slavery South.d. The big state of texas

D. The big state of texas

6. Another concern was that Texas was too large to fairly represent all of the people equally.d. The big state of texas

The Texas New Mexico Act was established to trim Texas borders to its present day size. ~Texas was also given $10 million dollars for the land it lost.d. The big state of texas