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MOST WORSHIPFUL ANTHONY W. MONTUORI GRAND MASTER OF MASONS OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY 100 Barrack street, Trenton, NJ 08608-2008 Email [email protected] ___________________________________________________ RIGHT WORSHIPFUL KEVIN D. BUNTING DISTRICT DEPUTY GRAND MASTER OF THE 19th MASONIC DISTRICT 609 802 5556 email [email protected] ____________________________________________________ RIGHT WORSHIPFUL ROBERT K. BOULTON DISTRICT RITUAL INSTRUCTOR OF THE 19th MASONIC DISTRICT 856 296 2002 email [email protected] ____________________________________________________ WORSHIPFUL MASTER JONATHAN S. SOLTESZ 609 267-1035 e-mail t[email protected] ____________________________________________________ May A.D. 2015 A.L. 6015 CONSTITUTED AS MOUNT HOLLY LODGE NO. 18 IN 1803 RESUSCITATED AND RE-NUMBERED NO. 14 IN 1850 Regular Meetings — Third Monday of Each Month Except July and August Meets in: Masonic Temple, 15 Garden Street Mount Holly, NJ 08060 Telephone 609-267-3095 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 265, Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060-0265 Jonathan S. Soltesz, Worshipful Master Grand Lodge Web Site www.newjerseygrandlodge.org 19th Masonic Dist. Web Site www.19thdistrictnj.org Mount Holly Lodge Web Site www.mthollylodge.com

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Email [email protected]
609 267-1035 e-mail [email protected]
Except July and August
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
Jonathan S. Soltesz, Worshipful Master
Grand Lodge Web Site
BREAKING NEWS: We were successful in capturing the 19th district traveling
gavel from Burlington Lodge Tuesday, April 28th. We are the third lodge to
capture it since the start of this contest in February. I am very grateful for the
willingness of my fellow brothers who traveled with me to claim this prize.
However, in the spirit of brotherhood, I don’t expect to keep it for very long.
Hopefully five or more brothers from another lodge will come to claim it. The
friendly competition encourages brothers to visit other lodges in the district
and learn something new in their travels. I am also proud to inform you that
the 19th district won the award for Best Grand Lodge of Instruction at the
Annual Grand Lodge Communication. It is a real honor to win this award as it
exemplifies your dedication to the craft.
Spring is in full bloom. As Mother Nature is shows us new growth of flowers
and trees as well as newborn wildlife, we as masons experience new growth.
Last month at the Annual Grand Lodge Communication, Most Worshipful
Anthony W. Montuori was elected as our new Grand Master. I had the
opportunity to attend the Masters Breakfast where he shared some insight on
his plans for the future of Masonry. One key point he made concerned
meetings. “They should be more than reading minutes and paying bills.”
Sound familiar? Another topic was that of guarding the west gate. We should
be particularly careful not to recommend anyone for membership unless we
are certain they will conform to our rules and guidelines. We won’t lower our
standards for the sake of more members. If we have good and wholesome
instruction, new members will seek us out.
When brothers come to us to learn, we want to make sure our lodge is
attractive and welcoming. Removal of rubbish and making minor repairs and
upgrades to our lodge will make our home new again. Our spring cleaning day
is Saturday, May 16th at 8:30 am. Whether its window washing, painting,
pruning or scrubbing floors, we need you! We’ll be there until 2pm but if
everyone pitches in a little, the work gets finished faster. The Regular meeting
is Monday the 18th. We want our lodge sparkling for the guests who come to
steal the gavel. Remember in masonry we only get out what we put in. I hope
to see you in the lodge soon.
Jonathan Soltesz WM
Worshipful Master Jonathan S. Soltesz 1322 Woodgreen Lane Hainesport, NJ 08036 609 267-6422 [email protected] Senior Warden Daniel T. Lynch 125 South Ave. Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 609 284-2162 [email protected] Junior Warden Alexander G. Churney 41 Bridge Rd Lumberton, NJ 08048 609 261-5485 [email protected] Chaplain - Charles W. Gray Senior Deacon - Frank J. Deyhle Junior Deacon - Guha Lashmiratan Sr. M. C. - David L. Kimball Jr. M. C. - Nathanael P. Feifert Senior Steward - Matthew A. Stephens Junior Steward - Victor T. Scott Marshal - Steven E. Martin Historian - Val Korszniak Tyler - Matthew P. Soltesz LODGE TRUSTEES Jeffrey L. Alexander, DB William T. Costello, Jr., PSGS Robert T. Dyson Steven P. Martin Paul Rivas
Treasurer William R. Rudolph 10 Manor Drive Westampton, NJ 08060 609 261-4569 [email protected] Secretary Shern J. Kier 2236 Richards Ave. Atco, NJ 08004 856 889-1540 [email protected] Proxy To Grand Lodge Frank J. Deyhle 803 Rancocas Avenue Riverside, NJ 08075 856 461-3113 [email protected] 609 267-2642 856 461-3113 716 951-0857 609 518-1695 609 351-9375 850 396-3959 609 968-8431 609 518-9336 856 234-2773 609 864-4440 609 261-1760 609 261-6580 609 386-4717 609 518-9336 609 893-8210
2015 Lodge Officers
If you are interested in receiving the Trestleboard by e-mail, please
send an e-mail to [email protected] and include in the Subject: line
the words “TB Subscribe.” Please include your name and e-mail
address in the message.
This really saves the Lodge a lot of printing and postage expense. We also are able to notify you quickly when events occur such as the passing of a Brother or calls for assistance.
Living Past Masters Wheelchair push schedule at the
Masonic Home of New Jersey
•May 31, 2015 with Collingswood Cloud Lodge #101 •August 02, 2015 with Mozart Lodge #121 •October 04, 2015 with Laurel Lodge #237 •December 06, 2015 with Audubon-Parkside Lodge #218
Awaiting vote on Petition for Membership and Initiation: Awaiting the Entered Apprentice Degree • Paul Allan Feifert • Andrew Melendez Awaiting the Fellow Craft Degree Frank Joseph Albano, Jr. Awaiting the Master Mason Degree Ron Francis Applegate, Jr. Dogan Goksoy Awaiting the Master Mason Examination Awaiting vote on Petition for Dual Membership or Affiliation
Year Name
1988 Charles R. Levering, Sr.
1989 Robert T. Shellenberger, Jr.
1990 Sam R. Nasuti
1996 Gary L. Fox
1997 Russell A. Fries
Year Name
2004 William J. Czepiel
2006 & ‘13 William T. Costello, Jr.
2007 & ‘14 Daniel C. Adamo
2008 Jack Miladin
2010 Matthew D. Kauffman
2011 David A. Soltesz
Lodge Date
Budget Committee: Bill Rudolph, Jonathan
Soltesz, David Kimball, Shern Kier
Audit Committee: Andrew Churney, John
Soltesz, Jeff Alexander
Masonic Birthdays “May”
Dennis Buyers 05-03-2004 11
William Jacob Czepiel, Jr. 05-03-2004 11
Carlton J Decker 05-01-1962 53
F. William Levering 05-12-1993 22
John J Moran 05-22-1972 43
Timothy M Murphy 05-22-1979 36
John W Napoline, Sr. 05-20-1996 19
Robert D Plants 05-14-1991 24
Robert T Shellenberger, Jr. 05-19-1977 38
Jeffrey B Sleeper 05-17-1982 33
John A Soltesz 05-12-1980 35
Jonathan Sean Soltesz 05-15-2000 15
Total Number of Records : 14
Ending Point: The Pic-A-Lilli Inn, 866 U.S. 206, Shamong, NJ
Registration: 9am to 11am Kick stands up 11:30 Sharp
All proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish® New Jersey
Rain Date: August 2nd 2015
Any questions please contact
Passenger $15
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