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Transcript of A.D. 2016 A.L. 6016 October Trestle BOard - Mt. · PDF fileA.D. 2016 A.L. 6016 Warrant Dated...

  • A . D . 2 0 1 6 A . L . 6 0 1 6

    Warrant Dated January 11, 1854121 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, NJ 08505-0646

    (609) 298-0091 mountmoriah28.com

    Regular Communications2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 7:30pm



  • From the East


    B rethren, the cement that unites us as Freemasons is found in the obliga-tions we take and the dedication and devotion in the way in which wehonor them. The Latin word Frater means Brother. It is also the root word forFraternity, a brotherhood of likeminded men. As Brothers we are bound asone sacred band committed to the mutual support of one another throughthe exemplification of Brotherly love and understanding, and these are per-sonified in the five points of fellowship.

    The first point shows us that we should practice benevolent acts ofkindness toward a Brother. To be willing to hazard ourselves, in order torelieve or save a brother in distress.

    The second point councils when on our knees offering up our devo-tions, that through the use of prayer we are calling upon our Creator themost potent force for good. In this single act we acknowledge ourdependence on God, which leads us to wisdom, insight, and thestrength and courage to follow in his path. Seeing that his will be donein all things, especially when concerning the welfare of a BrotherMason.

    The third point reminds us of the responsibility of being trustworthy.When a Brother confides in us, we are bound to hold confidencessecurely in our breasts as though they were our own deepest and inwardthoughts. Brethren we should remember a Brother Mason is our mosttrusted friend.

    The fourth point we are charged to stretch out a hand and support afallen Brother. While in his presence or not, and to remind an erringBrother of his failings, aid him in his reformation, and vindicate hischaracter when traduced. We should also on his behalf suggest the mostcharitable judgement.

    The fifth point teaches us that we should extend a Brother Mason thehand of friendship, Brotherly love and affection. Whispering friendlycouncil in his ear advising him of obstacles and impending dangerswhen need be. Sometimes all it takes is just being there for support.

  • Brethren, each point teaches us an important lesson in Fellowship remindingus of our responsibilities toward each other as Brothers in this fraternity. Thatthese Oaths and Obligations are not to be taken lightly, they are serious andsolemn. Brethren, there is no going back on them once you have placed yourhand on the Three Great Lights of Masonry pledging before God and Man.So let us come together in fellowship being firmly resolved in our in ourcommitment to this ancient and honorable craft of Free Masonry.


    Ted M. DAnnunzioWorshipful Master

    From the West

    A s this is something I frequently ask about, I decided for this month toprovide a table of all of the types of ballots/voting that may occur whenyou are in our Lodge.

    Top i c R equ i r e dVot e s

    M e thod

    Petition for initiation Unanimous Secret Ballot

    On initiation after objection to anelected candidate

    Unanimous oronly one black


    Secret Ballot

    Petition for affiliation Unanimous Secret Ballot

    Petition for dual membership Unanimous Secret Ballot

    Conferring and Rescind title ofHonorary Member

    Two-thirds Secret Ballot

  • Top i c R equ i r e dVot e s

    M e thod

    On waiver of jurisdiction overEntered Apprentice or Fellow Craft

    when permitted

    Unanimous Secret Ballot

    On waiver of penal jurisdiction overpetitioner

    Three-fourths Secret Ballot

    On waiver of territorial jurisdictionover petitioner

    Three-fourths Secret Ballot

    On withdrawal of charges ofunmasonic conduct, upon written

    consent of all parties

    Two-thirds Secret Ballot

    On declaring degree of punishmentafter trial and conviction

    Majority Secret Ballot

    On suspension of member for non-payment of dues

    Two-thirds Secret Ballot

    On restoration within five years fromsuspension for non-payment of dues

    Majority Secret Ballot

    On restoration after five years fromsuspension for non-payment of dues

    Unanimous Secret Ballot

    On restoration of membership, whensuspension is for any cause

    other than non-payment of dues

    Unanimous Secret Ballot

    To withdraw petition for membershipbefore investigating committee has


    Two-thirds Manual Sign

    Request for an extension of time forinitiation of an elected candidate

    Majority Manual Sign

    Request for dimit Majority Manual Sign

    Request by a dual member forcertificate of withdrawal

    Majority Manual Sign

    Request to be excused from voting Three-fourths Manual Sign

    To empower brother to cast vote oflodge in election of officers

    Unanimous Manual Sign

  • Reminder

    The Lodge must ballot to suspend members for


    in November

    Please make every effortto pay your 2016

    Dues before the ballot




    AH LODGE #28 F. &



    B O R D E N T O WN

    For more information on balloting/voting, feel free to contact me or the Secretary.

    See you in Lodge,

    Richard W. LaBawSenior Warden

  • From the South

    In Former Times

    In former times, before writing was generally in use, men were in the cus-tom of availing themselves of imperishable tokens to memorialize orhighlight a transaction or record an event in place of using parchment orpaper. Hence, we find an example in the early church, where a fish cast dieserved as a certificate of membership and was so recognized from town totown and church to church. There is another example where a piece of metalor ivory was used by ancients as a token or pledge of amity. A host entertain-ing a stranger often broke the piece of metal or ivory in two as he was aboutto depart. The host retained a piece and gave the other to the departingstranger to pledge his friendship and memorialize that a friendship hadstarted. In recognition of this custom, as Masons we are asked if we have anymineral or metallic substance to be laid up in the ARCHIVES OF THELODGE as a memorial. Through this the Mason is giving his pledge offidelity to the Institution of Free Masonry. By this we are taught a lesson incharity and the true meaning of Masonic friendship is deposited in our heartsand minds.

    Stay Safe Stay Well,

    Arthur S. PelzerJunior Warden

    Poker N ightSpend an Evening of Fellowship with your Brothers!

    O c t o b e r 2 7 th7:30pm at Mt. Moriah Lodge #28, Lewis Parker Lounge

    $ 10 buy in w ith 1 re -buyPizza will be ordered Bring your favorite beveragePlease register in advance by calling W.B. Roger K. Fisherat (609) 234-6024 or emailing PleasePokeFun@me.com

  • MOUNT MOR I AH LODG E # 2 8 F . & A .M .

    LegendaryTABLELODGENovember 9 at 6:30pmValley of Central Jersey, 103 Dunns Mill Road, Bordentown, NJ 08505

    O U R H O N O R E D G U E S T A N D S P E A K E R W I L L B E

    MW Walter J. KaulfersG R A N D M A S T E R O F M A S O N S O F T H E S TAT E O F N E W J E R S E Y

    $40 per PersonWe encourage you to get your tickets early.

    For more information and tickets:

    Ted M. DAnnunzio, Sr., WM (609) 499-2949Richard W. LaBaw, SW (609) 499-0418Arthur S. Pelzer, JW (609) 306-2584




    AH LODGE #28 F. &



    B O R D E N T OWN


    Fried Oyster &Chicken SaladFamily-Style Dinner

    Saturday, October 8th 2-6pmScottish Rite Center, 103 Dunns Mill Road, Bordentown, NJ

    Handicapped Accessible

    MenuFried Oysters Chicken Salad Parsley PotatoesGreen Beans Pepper Cabbage Cranberry Sauce

    Homemade Apple Sauce Homemade Cakes Beverages

    Tickets$25 Adult $10 Child (12 & Under)

    Take-Outs $25 (2:30-4:30pm)

    Order Tickets by October 3rd

    No Tickets Sold at the Door!

    To order tickets, make checks payable to:Bordentown Chapter #257, O.E.S.

    and mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:Mrs. Sharon L. McGinley, 433 East Fifth Street, Florence, NJ 08518

    Questions? Call (609) 499-3970 or (609) 298-2346

  • Our Lodge Committees

    Our Lodge Trustees


    R.W. Richard F. LaBaw, Jr., Chair

    R.W. George A. Chidley

    R.W. William Morelli

    R.W. William F. Wallings


    R.W. Brian Sisz, Chair

    M.W. Edgar N. Peppler

    Bro. Joseph Lippincott

    Bro. Anad Trevedi

    Community Outreach

    Bro. Barry Oros, Chair

    Bro. Nick Manocchio

    Bro. Martin Ingenbrandt

    Bro. Ben Halifko

    Bro. Mark S. Juchniewicz


    W.B. David S. Blew, Chair

    Bro. Nick Manocchio

    Bro. Michael J. Galati

    Dues Collection

    R.W. Brian Sisz, Chair

    W.B. Jose G. Gonzalez

    Bro. Richard W. LaBaw

    Bro. Arthur S. Pelzer


    R.W. Richard H. TroutR.W. Brian P. Sisz

    Sickness and Distress

    Bro. Barry Oros, Chair


    Bro. David Workman, ChairW.B. David S. BlewBro. Michael Onofri

    Lew Parker Scholarship

    Bro. Robert B. McCormick, ChairBro. Albert Ari

    Bro. Robert Oliver

    Blood Bank

    W.B. Roger K. Fisher, ChairBro. Richard W. LaBaw


    R.W. Carl H. DoanM.W. Edgar N. Peppler

    R.W. Henry P. Fratz

    Masonic Home

    Bro. William V. FedericoBro. William E. Wentzien

    Liason to Eastern Star

    Bro. Robert B. McCormick

    D.B. Raymond E. Jones (to 2017)R.W. Bro. Dave Patriarca (to 2018)

    R.W. Joseph Varga (to 2019)R.W. George A. Chidley (to 2020)W.B. Jose G. Go