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Transcript of 5820 Hwy 411 South, Maryville, Tennessee 37801 (865) 856 ... · PDF file5820 Hwy 411 South,...

1 Revised 2-20-02 EHJ 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.5820 Hwy 411 South, Maryville, Tennessee 37801 (865) 856-3035

2Revised 2-20-02 EHJ 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.

Table of Contents

Section I Introduction 3Section II Boating Safety 5Section III Boating Rules 9Section IV Boat Specificatioins 13Section V Operating Information 19Section VI Starting & Operation 21Section VII Instrument Panel 25Sectioin VIII Equipment & Options 33Sectiion IX Service & Maintenance 45Section X Cleaning, Care & Storage 51Section XI Winterization & Dry Storage 53Section XII Technical Information 55Section XIII Trailer Your Boat 57Section XIV Supra Warranty 61Section XV Index 65

Boat Information

Hull Identification Number:______________________________________

Date of Purchase:_____________________________________________

Dealers Phone Number:________________________________________

Registration Number:__________________________________________

Engine Serial Number:_________________________________________

Trailer Serial Number:__________________________________________

3 Revised 2-20-02 EHJ 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.


Supra inboard ski boats are manufactured by Skiers Choice, Inc. in Maryville, Tennessee anddistributed throughout the United States and the world.

This manual provides an overview for operating your Supra boat. It should be considered apermanent part of your Supra boat, and contains important information on Safety, Boating Rules,Proper Operation and Maintenance of your boat. Should the boat be sold, this manual willprovide the same important information to the next owner.

Be sure to read and understand all aspects of Boating Safety and Operation before using yourboat. If you have any questions, your dealer can provide the information you need to have asafe and pleasurable boating experience.

All information, illustrations and specificationsin this manual are based on the latest productinformation available at the time of printing.Supra may discontinue models and equipmentor change specifications and designs withoutany notice and without incurring obligation.

This manual contains information aboutseveral Supra models. Some information may not apply to your boat since standard and optionalequipment may vary from model to model.

As you read through this manual, you will find CAUTION, WARNING and DANGER symbolswhich require special attention. Please read them carefully! They may tell you how to avoidproblems and/or endangering yourself, your passengers, and other boaters. PLEASE REVIEWALL SAFETY INFORMATION.

A maintenance schedule and accessory information are included to assure trouble-free operationof your boat. Should service problems arise, remember that your Supra dealer knows your boatbest and is interested in your total satisfaction.

Thank you for purchasing a Supra boat. We hope your ownership results in an enjoyable andrewarding boating experience. Be safe and enjoy the fun!

Section IIntroduction

TrademarksComp, Legacy, Santera, Launch, Launch SL, Launch SS, Launch SSV, Sunsport, and Sunsport V

are registered trademarks of Skiers Choice, Inc.

All other product names are copyright and registered trademarks/trade names of their respective owners.

2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.

4 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.

5 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.

Important Safety Information!

Your safety, as well as the safety of others with and aroundyou, is a direct result of how you operate and maintain yourboat. Read and comprehend this manual. Make sure thatyou understand all the controls and operating instructionsbefore attempting to operate the boat. Improper operation isextremely dangerous.

The basic safety rules are outlined in this section of themanual. Additional precautions throughout the manual arenoted by the following symbols.

This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous circumstance,which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.It may also be used to alert against unsafe practices.

This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which,if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.

This symbol indicates an imminently hazardous situation,which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.This is limited to the most extreme situations.

The precautions listed in this manual and on the boat arenot all-inclusive. If a procedure, method, tool or part isnot specifically recommended by Skiers Choice, youmust satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and others,and that the boat will not be damaged or made unsafe asa result of your decision.


In addition to everyday safety, failure to observe safetyrecommendations may result in severe personal injury ordeath to you or to others. Use caution and common sensewhen operating your boat. Dont take unnecessary chances!

Be certain that all boat passengers are aware of thisinformation and conform to boat safety principles.

Boating Safety

Boating Safety starts with a thorough understanding of yourequipment and its proper operation. In addition to carefulreview of this manual, you should be aware as well that thereare many sources of information available. Skiers Choiceurges you to pursue additional training, such as safety andseamanship courses offered by the U.S. Coast GuardAuxiliary and the U.S. Power Squadron.

The following is a listing of just some of the agencies andorganizations that offer safety training or information:

- American Red Cross, National HQ17th & D Streets NWWashington, DC 20006(202) 639-3686www.redcross.org

- USA Waterski799 Overlook DriveWinter Haven, FL 33884(941) 324-4341www.usawaterski.org

- Boat Owners Association of the United States (BOAT/US)880 South Pickett StreetAlexandria, VA 22304(703) 823-9550www.boatus.com

- National Safe Boating Council2550 M Street NW, Suite 425Washington, DC 20037(202) 296-4588www.safeboatingcouncil.org

- U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Commandant (G-NAB)2100 Second Street SWWashington, DC 20593-0001(800) 336-2628www.cgaux.org

- U.S. Power Squadronwww.usps.org

- On-Line Basic Boating Safety Course availableat:www.boatsafe.com

Federal law requires certain safety equipment to be on-boardat all times. In addition, responsible boaters carry otherequipment in case of emergency. Check with the local boatingauthorities for any additional requirements over and abovethe federal stipulations.

Section IIBoating Safety

6 2002 Skiers Choice, Inc.

Safety Equipment

Your Supra has been equipped at the factory with most of thefederally required safety equipment for inland waters (Class1, 16-to-26). This equipment includes:

- UL-approved Marine Fire Extinguisher, Type A-BC (2 lbs.),good for solids, liquids, and electrical fire

- ABYC-approved Marine Mufflers with water injection

- USCG-approved Marine Flame Arrestor

- USCG-approved Engine Box Ventilation with spark-lesspower blower

- ABYC-approved Electric Horn sound warning device

- USCG-approved inland lighting

Federal law also requires at least a Type I, II or III PersonalFlotation Device (PFD) for each person on board or beingtowed on water skis or other recreational equipment. Inaddition, one throwable Type IV PFD must also be on board.As the owner, obtaining the appropriate PFDs is yourresponsibility. Your Supra dealer canand will be happy toassist you.

NOTE: Requirements for coastal waters and inland watersdiffer. Check with the local authorities for moreinformation.

A responsible owner will avoid potential problems on an outingby having additional equipment on board. Normally, thisequipment is dependent on the body of water and the lengthof the trip.

We suggest the followingas a minimum. Your Supra dealercan also assist you with additional recommendations.

- An anchor with at least 75-feet of line- A manual bailing device for removing water- A combination oar/boat hook- A day-and-night visual distress signal- A first aid kit and manual- An airway breathing tube- A waterproof flashlight- A set of local navigation charts- Mooring lines and fenders- Extra engine oil- A tool kit- A portable AM/FM radio or weather radio

Boating-related accidents are generally caused by theoperators failure to follow basic safety rules or writtenprecautions. Most accidents can be avoided if the operatoris completely familiar with the boat, its operation, and canrecognize potentially hazardous situations before an accidentoccurs.

Failure to adhere to these precautions may resultin severe injury or death to you and/or others.

- Improper operation is extremely dangerous. Operatorsmust read and understand all operating manuals suppliedwith the boat before operation.

- On-board equipment must always conform to thegoverning federal, state, and local regulations.

- Small children in the bow of the boat should beaccompanied by an adult at all times.

- Never stand or allow passengers to stand while the boatis moving. You or others may be thrown from the boat.

- Never operate the boat while under the influence ofalcohol or other drugs.

- Gasoline vapors can explode. Before starting engine,open engine box, check engine compartment for gasolinevapors, and operate blower for at least 4 minutes. Runblower below cruising speed.

- Leaking fuel is a fire and explosion hazard. Inspectsystem regularly. Examine fuel tanks for leaks orcorrosion at least annually.

- Never override or modify the engine sa