5 amazing benefits of yoga

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The true essence of yoga revolves around elevating the vitality and life force at the base of the spine. Yoga practice aims to achieve health and immunity for any individual through a series of physical and mental exercises. In this slide we will explore few amazing health benefits that we get from regular practice of yoga.

Transcript of 5 amazing benefits of yoga

  • 5 Amazing benefits of Yoga
  • The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke the spirit and physical body together. Yoga
  • 1. Boosts Immunity The regular practice of yoga results in changes in gene expression that is crucial to boost immunity at a cellular level. Yoga makes this happen by simply increasing the overall health.
  • 2.Ease Migraine Research reveals that the migraine sufferers have fewer and less painful migraines after three months of regular yoga practice.
  • 3. Sleep Better Eight weeks of regular yoga can be really helpful for those who are sleep deprived. In fact researches revealed that practicing yoga twice daily helped the cancer survivors to sleep better and feel less fatigued .
  • 4. Fights Food Craving Regular practice of yoga is inherently associated with mindful eating. Yoga creates an awareness of physical and emotional sensations that are associated with healthy eating.
  • 5. Release Stress and Anxiety Yoga is a mind-body exercise hence regular practice of it may reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
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