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Transcript of 24x7 Power For All Uttarakhand


    A Joint Initiative of Government of India and Government of Uttarakhand

  • Government of India

    Piyush Goyal

    Union Minister of State (IC) Power, Coal, New & Renewable Energy


    Electricity consumption is one of the most important indices that decide

    the development level of a nation. The Government of India is

    committed to improving the quality of life of its citizens through higher

    electricity consumption. Our aim is to provide each household access to

    electricity, round the clock. The Power for All programme is a major

    step in this direction.

    This joint initiative of Government of India and Government of

    Uttarakhand aims to further enhance the satisfaction levels of the

    consumers and improve the quality of life of people through 24x7

    power supply. This would lead to rapid economic development of the

    state in primary, secondary & tertiary sectors resulting in inclusive


    I compliment the Government of Uttarakhand and wish them all the

    best for implementation of this programme. The Government of India

    will complement the efforts of Government of Uttarakhand in bringing

    uninterrupted quality power to each household, farmer, small &

    medium enterprises and establishment in the state.

  • Harish Rawat Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

    Government of Uttarakhand


    Uttarakhand, since the day of its inception is

    known as the Urja Pradesh, Energy State.

    Electricity is critical to the livelihood of almost

    everyone and essential in pursuit of life.

    Dependable electricity is essential to the bottom

    line of industrial and commercial businesses, as

    well as a necessity for the productivity and comfort

    of residential customers.

    The verve of Uttarakhand is testimony to the fact

    that despite being severely affected by one of the

    worst natural calamities in June, 2013, causing

    widespread mass destruction & damage to the

    public property especially to the electrical

    establishment across the State, its distribution

    company Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd.

    restored the electrical system at the earliest, has

    been accredited with category A for 2014, earned

    an operating profit of Rs. 68.24 Cr. (8 paisa per

    unit) in FY 14 and already has much lesser AT&C

    losses i.e. 18.50% compared to the target of

    20.18% finalised by Govt. of India for FY 15.

    In the light of above, I would like to thank and

    congratulate Government of India, for selecting

    Uttarakhand for implementation of 24x7 Power

    For All programme. At Uttarakhand we are

    continuously meeting more than 96% of our

    demand and offering one of the lowest tariffs in the

    country for almost all categories of consumers.

    The present performance of power utilities of

    Uttarakhand convince me that we will certainly

    accomplish the target level of 14% AT&C losses

    earlier than the timeframe of FY 20, finalised by

    Govt. of India. As we are supplying reliable and

    affordable power to our consumers at present, the

    programme of 24x7 Power For All will

    definitely add quality to it.

    The programme will focus on harnessing the

    untapped potential of Renewable Energy

    Resources available in abundance in the state,

    bridging the gaps of transmission constraints

    and efficient use of available power at

    distribution end. Plenty of sunshine is also

    available in DEV BHOOMI Uttarakhand. The

    programme must also look for these Renewables

    to lit-up lamp in far flung inaccessible regions of

    hilly terrain and international border areas,

    where extending the grid is difficult and

    uneconomical also. I strongly believe the

    programme must redress the issues of reduction

    of AT&C losses, bridging the gap between ACS &

    ARR as well as customer centric initiatives for

    ultimate customer satisfaction. Availability of

    power and access to it will definitely bring upon

    a change in the socio-economic environment of

    rural hilly areas which is very important to

    check migration of population from hills.

    I am optimistic that this 24x7 Power For All

    document prepared after several round of

    rigorous, strenuous meetings and negotiations

    between personnel at State and Central level,

    chaired by senior officers of Ministry of Power.

    This will play pivotal role and pave way forward

    for accomplishing Uttarakhand Governments

    commitment and preparedness towards

    maintaining the status of Uttarakhand as a

    power-cut free state for providing every citizen

    access to 24x7 reliable, quality and affordable

    power supply, with cooperation from the

    Central Government.

  • Government of India

    Government of Uttarakhand

    Joint Statement Uttarakhand is third state in the country

    selected for 24x7 Power for All (PFA)

    programme. This programme will be

    implemented by Government of Uttarakhand

    (GoU) with active support from Government of

    India with the objective to connect the

    unconnected in phased manner by FY 18,

    ensure 24x7 quality, reliable and affordable

    power supply to all Domestic, Commercial

    Agriculture and Industrial consumers within a

    fixed time frame.

    Government of Uttarakhand is attaching

    highest priority to power sector and power

    supply position is been reviewed by the State

    Cabinet on periodic basis and is committed to

    provide full support to all utilities for ensuring

    quality power supply.

    Government of Uttarakhand would ensure that

    all the necessary steps outlined in the PFA

    document are taken up in terms of capacity

    addition, power procurement, strengthening

    the required transmission and distribution

    network, encouraging renewables, energy

    efficiency measures, undertaking customer

    centric initiatives, reduction of AT & C losses,

    bridging the gap between ACS & ARR, and

    following good governance practices in

    implementation of all central and state

    government schemes.

    Jyoti Arora, IAS Joint Secretary

    Minister of Power (GoI)

    Government of India (GoI) would supplement

    the efforts of Government of Uttarakhand by

    fast tracking resolution of key issues

    pertaining to generation, expediting the

    additional interstate connectivity and

    ensuring optimum allocations in various

    distribution schemes (as per provisions of

    applicable policies).

    It is envisaged to cover the entire state under

    PFA programme in a phased manner and

    provide 24x7 power supply to all domestic,

    agriculture industrial and commercial

    consumers for all connected households from

    FY 16 itself and to all un-connected

    households by FY 18.

    However Government of Uttarakhand would

    endeavor to implement the programme much

    earlier than the above targeted dates.

    The central and state governments would

    meet regularly to review the progress of the

    programme over the next 4 years and would

    strive to achieve the objectives of the

    programme by taking the necessary steps as

    envisaged in the PFA document.

    Dr. Umakant Panwar, IAS Secretary, Energy & Non-conventional Energy,

    Government of Uttarakhand


    24x7- Power for All (24x7 PFA) is a Joint Initiative

    of Government of India (GoI) and State

    Governments with the objective to provide 24x7

    power available to all households, industry,

    commercial businesses, public needs, any other

    electricity consuming entity and adequate power

    to agriculture farm holdings by FY 19. This

    roadmap document aims to meet the above

    objectives for the state of Uttarakhand.

    Uttarakhand is one of the few states in India which

    not only have high hydro potential of 18,175 MW

    but also have higher per capita consumption than

    the national average of 1000 kWh. (Per capital

    consumption of the state has steadily grown from

    1,012 kWh in FY 12 to 1,154 kWh in FY 15)


    The state has already completed the RGGVY

    scheme. However, according to recent survey

    undertaken by the state, 1,00,407 households in

    rural areas are still un-electrified, whereas there

    are no un-electrified households in urban areas.

    The state has planned to electrify 54,015

    identified un-electrified households under the

    DDUGJY scheme of GoI and 2,229 households

    through off-grid solutions. The balance 44,163

    households will be identified within next 6 months

    and a plan would be prepared to electrify the same

    by 2018 under DDUGJY/ State Plan


    The state has proposed an outlay of Rs 479 Crores

    in the DDUGJY for segregation of agricultural

    feeders, which will be implemented judiciously by

    the state.

    24 X 7 SUPPLY

    The state is already supplying power to the extent

    of almost 24 hours in urban areas, 22-24 hours in

    rural areas and 19-22 hours to the industries.

    However, with planned additional link connecting

    Uttarakhand to the Northern Grid, the import

    capability from Northern grid will increase and

    the sta