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Transcript of 23rd EZRA POUND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “ROMA . Pound.pdf · PDF file23rd EZRA...


    ROMA AMOR: Pound, Love and Rome

    Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei Rome, Italy

    30 June - 4 July 2009

    Rome, Albergo dItalia, via Quattro Fontane (1938-1941)

    Conference website: http://lowres.uno.edu/ezrapound/


    ROMA AMOR: Pound, Love and Rome Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei

    Rome, Italy 30 June - 4 July 2009

    Conference website: http://lowres.uno.edu/ezrapound/


    University of New Orleans

    Ezra Pound Center for Literature website: http://lowres.uno.edu/brunnenburg/ Department of English website: http://english.uno.edu/

    Centro Studi Americani website: http://www.centrostudiamericani.org/ Universit di Roma Tre website: http://www.uniroma3.it

    Comune di Roma http://www.comune.roma.it/was/wps/portal/pcr Libreria La Diagonale http://www.ladiagonale.it/contatti.php


    Co-Conveners John Gery, University of New Orleans

    Caterina Ricciardi, Universit di Roma Tre Massimo Bacigalupo, Universit di Genova

    Conference Advisory Board Massimo Bacigalupo, Universit di Genova Walter Baumann, University of Ulster Helen May Dennis, University of Warwick John Gery, University of New Orleans (Secretary) Alan Golding, University of Louisville Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, Universit Ca Foscari di Venezia David Moody, University of York William Pratt, Miami University of Ohio Caterina Ricciardi, Universit di Roma Tre

    Centro Studi Americani Senator Giuliano Amato, President Peter Alegi, Vice President Karim Mezran, Executive Director

    Centro Studi Americani Administration

    Giusy De Sio, Public Relations and Cultural Activities Manager Valeria De Mori, Cultural Office Assistant

    University of New Orleans Triche Roberson, Ezra Pound Center Associate William Lavender, Program Consultant & Webmaster Svetlana Nedeljkov, Conference Staff

    Universit Degli Studi Roma Tre

    Viviana Fabiani, Conference Staff Flavia Sabina Molea, Conference Staff Giulia Napoleone, Conference Staff

    Images Front Photo: Wide World Photos. Ara Pacis. Detail

  • Monday, 29 June Walking Tour and Pre-Conference Reception and Dinner: Santa Maria in Trastevere.

    5:30 pm: Short Walking Tour of Old Rome. For those who meet at Campo dei Fiori, by

    the Statue of Giordano Bruno, Caterina Ricciardi will conduct a brief tour across the Tiber to Santa Maria in Trastevere. Tour ends back at the reception.

    Tuesday, 30 June Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei 1st Floor (upstairs), , Michelangelo Caetani, 32, Largo di Torre Argentina, Roma 9:00 am -5:00 pm: Registration 9:30-10:30 am: Greetings and Opening Remarks

    Welcome from Centro Studi Americani: Karim Mezran, Biancamaria Tedeschini Lalli

    Chair: Biancamaria Tedeschini Lalli, Professor Emeritus, Universit di Roma Tre Barbara Arnett Melchiori, Universit di Roma Tre: Brownings Scorpion 10:30 -11:00 am: Welcome coffee break 11:00 am-12:30 pm: Session 2. Baedekers to Pounds Rome Chair: Caterina Ricciardi, Universit di Roma Tre 1. Massimo Bacigalupo, Universit di Genoa: Pounds Rome: The Returning of

    the Gods 2. Lucile Dumont, Dublin: Rome and the Cantos: A Poetical Fusion 3. Catherine E. Paul, Clemson University: Ezra Pound in Mussolinis Rome

    12:30-1:45 pm: Buffet Lunch Centro Studi Americani 1:45-2:15 pm: Special Performance

    Sasha Colby, Simon Fraser University: Eros Drowned or Dear Ezra: Best wishes, bien, Margaret Cravens [A Monologue]

    2:30-3:45 pm: Concurrent Sessions 3 Session 3A. Pound and SPQR Main Hall Chair: Peter Liebregts, Leiden University 1. Jo Berryman, California Institute of the Arts: Amo Ergo Sum Propertius,

    Mauberley, and Caravaggios Omnia vincit Amor

  • 2. Stephen Wilson, University of Coimbra: Greeks to Their Romans: Ezra Pounds Visions of Empire

    3. Stephen Romer, University Franois Rabelais: Venus at Terracina, or the Mediterranean Sanity

    Session 3B. Pound and Modernist Women Room Amor Chair: Yoshiko Kita, Japans Womens University 1. Andy Trevathan, University of Arkansas: Pounds Love and the Poem as

    Palimpsest: Ed ascoltando al leggier mormorio 2. Nephie Christodoulides, University of Cyprus: A wondrous holiness hath

    touched me: Divine Love in Ezra Pounds Hildas Book 3. Evelyn Haller, Doane College: Pound, Woolf and Yeats: An Unexpected

    Confluence 4:15-5:30 pm: Concurrent Sessions 4 Session 4A. Pound and Fascism in the 1930s Main Hall Chair: Tim Redman, University of Texas at Dallas 1. Mario Faraone, Universit di Trieste: Shooting of fighting lions in a cage?:

    British and Italian Press Receptions of Ezra Pounds Writings and Statements about Mussolini and Fascism in the 1930s

    2. David Barnes, University of London: Marinettis Rome, Dazzis Venice, Pounds Italy: Culture and Politics

    3. Serenella Zanotti, Universit per Stranieri of Siena: Pounds Readings of Italian Fascism and the Creation of the Mussolinian Myth

    Session 4B. Mythology in The Cantos Room Amor Chair: E.P. Walkiewicz, Oklahoma State University 1. Rama Kundu, Burdwan University: Pounds Metamorphosis of Philomel:

    Analysing the Unanalysable 2. Giuliana Ferreccio, Universit di Torino: The Nymphs are not departed:

    Undine and the Pathosformeln 3. Janna Kantola, University of Helsinki: From Rome to Scandanavia: Nordic

    Elements in The Cantos 6:00-7:30 pm: Special Event: Reception Musei Capitolini

    EPIC participants will be welcomed by Rome City Councils Authorities, at the Musei Capitolini (a short walk from the Centro Studi Americani), followed by a visit to the Palazzo dei Conservatori and a reception on Terrazza Caffarelli.

  • Wednesday, 1 July Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei 9:00 am - 5:00 pm: Registration 9:30-10:45 am: Concurrent Sessions 5 Session 5A. Pounds Roman Connections Gallery Chair: Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, Universit Ca Foscari di Venezia 1. Anne Conover, Washington, D.C.: Beyond civic order, lamor: Olga, Ezra

    and Benito Mussolini 2. Caterina Ricciardi, University di Roma Tre: Ezra Pound and the Foundation of

    the Centro Italiano di Studi Americani: 1936 3. Stefano Maria Casella, Libera Universit di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM-

    Milan/Feltre: Ez, Franz & Nini: Pound and the Monottis in Rome 1935-1999

    Session 5B. In the Sequence of the Musical Phrase: The Cantos Room Amor Chair: Mark Byron, University of Sydney 1. Alex Pestell, University of Sussex: Measure and Performativity in The

    Cantos 2. Sean Pryor, University of New South Wales: Love and the Line in the Late

    Cantos 3. Richard Taylor, University of Bayreuth: Soundscape and Formations of

    Absolute Rhythm in The Cantos 11:15 am-12:30 pm: Concurrent Sessions 6 Session 6A. Pound, Love, and the State Gallery Chair: Catherine E. Paul, Clemson University 1. David Ten Eyck, Nancy University: Beyond Civic Order: lAMOR: Law

    and Love in Pounds Paradise 2. Leo Marchetti, Universit di Pescara: The Unsellable Time of Corporate

    Socialism 3. David Ayers, University of Kent: The Russian Revolution and the

    Responsibility of the Artist Session 6B. Who Is Speaking? Pound and Identity Room Amor Chair: David Barnes, University of London 1. Aaron Jaffe, University of Louisville: The Cosmopolitan and the Amorous

    Event: Ezra Pound, Walking 2. Sarah Parry, University of British Columbia: Schizophrenic Discourse in The

    Cantos: A Textual Analysis 3. Tony Lopez, University of Plymouth: Darwin in Rome: Pound and Stein 12:30-1:15 pm: Special Event: Museum Tour: Palazzo Venezia

  • Guided visit to the museum of PalazzoVenezia (Advanced Reservation required: 4/person)

    2:30-3:45 pm: Concurrent Sessions 7 Session 7A. Magical and Mystical Signs in Pounds Work Gallery Chair: Demetres P. Tryphonopoulas, University of New Brunswick 1. Mohammad Shaheen, University of Jordan: Seeing, Thinking and Knowing: A

    Trilogy of Pounds Thought 2. E.P. Walkiewicz, Oklahoma State University: ROMAMOROMAMOR:

    Palindromic (and Iconic) Pound 3. Scott Eastham, Massey University: The BLAST & BLESS Balancing Act -- A

    Way into the Mystical Dimension of Ezra Pounds Poetry Session 7B. Translations by/and Pound Room Amor Chair: Biljana Obradovic, Xavier University of Louisiana 1. Aileen Waters, Washington University (St. Louis): Raising the Already

    Living: The Uses of Translation for Pounds Unique Modernism 2. Giovanna Epifania, Universit di Bari: The Tradition of Dolce Stil Novo and

    Pounds Translation Strategies in Canto XXXVI 3. Gerd Schmidt, School of Library and Information Science, Stuttgart: The

    Egyptian Hieroglyph as a Medium for Poetry: H.D and Ezra Pound 4:15-5:30 pm: Session 8: Roundtable Discussion Session 8. Teaching Ezra Pound: Ezra Pound Teaching Gallery Chair: John Gery, University of New Orleans 1. Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos, University of New Brunswick: His Penelope

    was Flaubert: Teaching Ezra Pounds Allusiveness 2. Ira B. Nadel, University of British Columbia: Life and Poetry: The Case of

    Ezra Pound 5:45-7:00 pm: Special Event: Musical Presentation Main Hall

    Margaret Fisher and Bob Hughes: An Evening of Ezra Pound's Operas: A Love Trilogy

    7:30 pm: Special Event: Libreria La Diagonale, via dei Chiavari, 75 Portraits: Homage to Ezra Pound. An Exhibition

  • Thursday, 2 July Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei 9:00 am - 12:30 pm: Registration 9:30-10:45 am: Concurrent Sessions 9 Se