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Transcript of Cantos of Ezra Pound

other books by EZRA POUND COLLECTEDSHORTERPOEMS SELECTEDPOEMS19081959 SELECTEDCANTOSOFEZRAPOUND DRAFTSANDFRAGMENTSOFCANTOSCX CXVII PISAN CANTOS THE CLASSICANTHOLOGYDEFINEDBYCONFUCIUS LITERARYESSAYSOF EZRAPOUND (edited by TSEltot) SELECTEDPROSE19091965 ( edIted by WIllIam Cookson) ABC OF READING TRANSLATIONSOFEZRAPOUND SOPHOCLESWOMENOFTRACHIS THE SELECTEDLETTERSOFEZRAPOUND190719 II (edIted by DDPaIge) THECANTOS OF EZRAPOUND FABERANDFABERLONDON Collected edItIOn(CantosI84) FlCst publIshedInI954 Second ImpressIonI957 New Collected edmon(CantosI109) publishedmI964 SecondImpressIonI968 ReVISed Collected edItIon(Cantos11 17) published In 1975 byFaber &Faber LImIted 3 QueenSquare London WCI Pnnted 10the Umted Statesof Amenca 1975 The Ezra Pound Literary Property Trust ISBN 0571048978(hard bound edmon) ISBN 0571048986(Faber Paperbacks) AllnghtsreservedExceptforbrIefpassagesquotedInanewspapt.r magazme,radIO,ortelevIsIonreVIew,nopartofthISbookmaybert. producedInanyformorbyanymeans,elcctromcormechaOlcal meludlngphotOCOPYIngandrecording,orbyanyinformationstoragt andlemevalsystemWIthoutpermIssIon10wrltlngfromthtPubllsh,r CONTENTS ADraft of XXX Cantos(1930)I ElevenNewCantosXXXI-XLI(1934)151 The FIfth Decadof Cantos XLII-LI(1937)207 CantosLII-LXXI(1940)253 ThePlsanCantosLXXIV-LXXXIV(1948)~ P 3 SectIonRock-Dnll DeLos CantaresLXXXV-XCV (1955)541 ThronesdelosCantaresXCVI-CIX(1959)649 Draftsand Fragmentsof Cantos CX-CXVII(1969)775 ADRAFTOF XXXCANTOS I ADthenwentdowntotheship, Set keelto breakers,forthonthe godly sea,and Wesetup mastand sax!on thatswartship, Bore sheepaboard her,andour bodiesalso Heavy wlth weep1Og,and wmdsfromsternward Boreusout onward WIthbellymg canvas, Cxrce's thiS craft, the trxm-colfed goddess ThensatweamidshIps,wmdJamnungthetIller, Thuswithstretchedsail,wewentoverseatillday'send Sun to hiS slumber, shadows o'er allthe ocean, Came we then to the bounds of deepest water, To the Kxmmenan lands,and peopledcities CoveredWlthclose-webbedmist,unplercedever WithglItterof sun-rays NorWithstarsstretched,norlookmgbackfromhea\en Swartestmght stretched over wretchedmen there The ocean flowmgbackward, came wethen tothe place Aforesaidby Cuce Here did they rites,Penmedes and Eurylochus, And drawmg swordfrommy hip Idug the ell-square pltkm, Poured wehbatlons unto eachthedead, Firstmeadandthens ~ e e tWIne,watermixedWithwhIteflour Then prayed Imany aprayerto theSIcklydeath's-heads, As set mIthaca, sterllebullsof the best For sacrIfice, heap10gthe pyre With goods, Asheepto Txreslasonly,blackandabell-sheep Dark blood flowed10the fosse, Soulsout of Erebus,cadaverousdead,of brIdes Of youths and of the old whohad borne much, Soulsstamed WIthrecenttears,gIrlstender, 3 Menmany,mauledwlthbronzelanceheads, Battle spoll,beanng yet dreoryarms, Thesemanycrowdedaboutme,wIthshoutmg, Pallorupon me,cnedtomy menformorebeasts, Slaughtered the helds,sheepslam of bronze, Pouredomtment,cnedtothegods, To Pluto the strong, andpraIsedProserpIm., UnsheathedthenarroWsword, Isattokeepoffthe lmpetuousImpotentdead, Ttll Ishouldhear Tlreslas But first Elpenor came,our frIendElpenor, U nbuned,castonthewldeearth, Llmbsthat weleft Inthehouseof CIrce, Unwept,unwrapped10sepulchre,smcetOllsurgedother PItIful splntAnd Icned 10 hurrIedspeech .. Elpenor,how art thoucometo thISdarkc o a s t ~ .. Cam'stthouafoot,outstnppmgseamen'>.. And he10 heavy speech .. IIIfateandabundantwmeIslept 10 Clrce's109Ie .. Gomgdownthelongladderunguarded, .. Ifellagamstthebuttress, .. Shattered thenape-nerve,the soulsoughtA vel nus .cBut thou,0Kmg, IbId rememberme,unwept,unbuned, .. HeapupmInearms,betombbysea-bord,andmscnbt..d ccAmanof nofortune,andwith a nametocome ccAndsetmy oarup,that IswungmIdfellows" And Anttdea came, whomIbeat off,andthen Tlreslas Theban, HoldmgIusgoldenwand,knewme,andspokefirst .. A secondtlIDe'>why'>man of IIIstar, talways,andtheVlSlonalways, Eardull,perhaps,WIththeVISIon,fhttxng And fadmg at WIllWeavmg WIth pomts of gold, Gold-yellow,saffronTheromanshoe,Aurunculeta's And comeshufflIngfeet,andcrIes" Da nuces' c.Nuces' "praISe,andHymena:us.. bnngsthe gul to her man.. Or .. hereSextushadseenher .. TItter of soundaboutme,always andfrom.. Hesperus" Hush of theoldersong.. Fadeshghtfromsea-crest, .. And mLydIa walksWithpalr'dwomen .. PeerlessamongthepaIrs,that oncemSardIS 17 "In satIetIes Fadesthe lIghtflomthesea,'lndman)thIlgs .. Aresetabroadandbroughttonundof thee," And thevmestocks heuntended,llewleavescometotheshoots, North wmdmps011thebough,andseasmheal t TossupchIllcrests, Andthevmestocksheun tended AndmanythlOgsaresetabroadandblOughttomlOd Of thee,Atthls,unfrUltful Thetalksranlong mthemght AndfromMauleon,freshwIthanewearnedgrade, Inmazeofapproachmgram-steps,POlcebot-TheaIrwasfullof women, AndSavamcMauleon GavehImhIslandandkmght'sfee,andhe wedthewoman Came lust of travelon hml,of 1omerya, And out of Englanda kmghtwIthslow-hftmgeyelIds Letfassalurara del,put gl1mouruponher And left heraneIghtmonthsgone .. Came lust of womanupon hIm," POlcebot,now onNorthroadfromSpam (Sea-change,agreymthewater) And 10 smallhouseby town's edge Founda woman, changedandfamihar face, Hard nIght,andpattmg at mormng AndPleltewonthe51Ogmg,PleitedeMaensac, Song or landonthethrow,andwasdrcftzhom AndhadDe TierCl'sWIfeandwIththewartheymade Troy mAuvergnat Wlule Menelausptledupthechurchat port Hekept TyndarldaDauph10stoodwIthdeMaensac John BorgIaISbathedat last(Clock-tIckpIercestheVISIon) TIber,dark WIththecloak,wetcatgleammg 10patches 18 Chck of the hooves,through garbage, ClutchIng thegreasystoneccAnd thecloakfloated.. Slander lSupbetImes But Varchl of Florence, SteepedInadIfferentyear,andpondermg Brutus, Thenc.l;t")'ap.aX'aVOLS8EVTEpa.VI .. Dog-eye" "(to Alessandro) .. WhetherforloveofFlorence,"VarchlleavesIt, Saymg .. Isawtheman, cameupWIthhImatVenice, .. I, onewantmg the facts, .. And no mean labourOr for a pnvy SpIte ';).. Our Benedetto leavesIt, ButIsawthe manSePZtz';) rr 0empta';lFor LorenzacclOhad thought of strokemthe open But uncertaIn(for theDuke wentneverunguarded) .. Andwouldhavethrownhimfromwall .. YetfearedthiSmIghtnot end hIm,"or lestAlessandro Know not by whom deathcame,0secredesse .. If whenthefootshpped,whendeathcameuponhun, .. LestCOUSInDu1..eAlessandrothmk hehad fallenalone, .. No fnendto aIdhIm mfallmg" Caznaattende The lake of Icetherebelow me Andallof thIS,runsV archl,d r e ~ m e dout beforehand In Perugla,caught Inthestar-maze by DelCarmme, Castonanatalpaper,setWIthanexegesIS,told, Alltoldto Alessandro,toldthnce over, Who heldhISdeathforadoom In abulelaBut Don Lorenzmo Whether for loveof Florencebut .. 0semorose,credessecaduto da se " l;l-ya.,(fl,,),a SchIaVOnI,caughtonthewood-barge, GIvesouttheafterbIrth,GIOVannIBorgIa, TraIlsout no moreat nights,whereBarabello 19 Prods the Pope'selephant,and getsno crown, whereMozarelJo Takesthe Calabnanroadway,andforendmg Issmotheredbeneatha mule, a poet'sendmg, Downastalewell-hole,oha poet'sendmg"Sanazarro .. Aloneout of allthe court wasfaIthfultohIm" For thegOSSIpof Naples'troubledrIftsto North, Fracastor(lIghtnmg was mtdw1fe)Cotta, andSerD'Alv1ano, AIpocoglorno edalgrancerchlod'ombra, Talkthetalksout WithNaVlghero, Burner of yearly Martlals, (The slaveletISmournedmvam) And the next comersaystoWere nmewounds, .. Four men, whIte horseHeldonthesaddlebefore hIm" Hoovesclmkandshckonthecobbles SchIaVOnIcloak.. Smkthe damn thmg' .. Splashwakesthat chaponthewood-barge TIber catchtng the nap,the moonlIt velvet, Awetcat gleamIng1npatches ccSepIa,"VarchI, cc0empla, martsoluto ccE ternbtle dehberazlone " Bothsaymgsrun mthewmd. Masemortsse' 20 VI WHATyouhavedone,Odysseus, We knowwhatyou havedone AndthatGu:tllaumesoldouthIsgroundrents (Seventh of POltlers,NInthof AqultaIn) toTant lasfotelcomaUZIrets c.Cen e quatre vIngt et velt vetz" The stone ISahveInmy hand, the crops wxllbethIck In my death-year T:tllLOUISISwedwIth Eleanor And had(He,Guxllaume)asonthat hadtowIfe TheDuchessof N ormandlawhosedaughter WaswIfeto KIngHenry emairedelreIJove Wentoverseat:tllday'send(he,LOUIS,WlthEleanor) ComIng at lastto Acre toOngla,oncle "salthArnaut Her unclecommanded InAcre, That had known helIngIrlhood (Theseus, sonof Aegeus) And he,LOUIS,wasnot at ease Inthattown, And wasnot at easeby Jordan Assherodeoutto thepalm-grove Her scarf InSaladln's C1mler DIvorced her 10that year,heLOUIS, dlvorclng thus Aqultalne And that year Plantagenet marrxedher (that had dodgedpast17 swtors) Et quand 10reISLOIS10entendlt mout er fasche N auphal,VeXls,Harry Joven In pledgefor allhIShfe and Me of all hISheIrs Shall have GISOrs,and Vexls,N eufchastel But If no ISSueGISOrsshallrevert .. Need not wedAhxmthe name Tuntty holy mdlvlslbleRIchard ourbrother Neednot wedAllx once hIsfather'swardand But whomso hechooseforAhx,etc Eleanor,domnaJauzionda,motherofRIchard, Turnmg onthtrty years(wdhavebeenyealsbeforetht:.) Bynver-marsh,by galle nedchurch-porch, Malemorte,Correze,to whom MyLadyofVentadour .. Is shut by Ebhs 10 ccAnd wtllnot hawknor hunt nor get her free10theaIr ccNor watch fishnseto baIt c.Nor the glare-Wlllg'dflIesalIght In thecreek's edge Save 10 my absence,Madame Que1alauzetamover' .. Send word Iaskyouto Ebhs you have seenthat maker .. And finderof songssofarafieldasthIS " That hemay freeher, who sheds such lIght In theaIr" E 10Sordels SlfodtMantovana, Sonof a poor kmght,SlerEscort, And he delIghtedhImself 10c h a n ~ o n s And mIxedWIththe menof thecourt And wentto the courtof RIchardSamtBontface And wasthere taken WIthloveforhISWIfe Cumzza,daRomano That freedher slavesonaWednesday Masnataset servos,witness PICUSdeFarmatls andDon EhnusandDonLlpus sons of Farmato de'Farmatl CCfree of person,freeof wIll ccfreetobuy, WItness,sell,testate" A manto subtraxlt lpsam dictum Sordellum concubulsse (CWmter andSummer Ismg of her glace, AstheroseISfaIr,sofaIr15helface, BothSummerandWmter ISlOgof her, The S'10Wmakyth meto remember her" AndCalrelswasof Sarlat TheseusfromTroezene AndtheywdhavegivenhImpOlson But fortheshapeof hISsword-hIlt VII ELEANOR(she spoued InaBnt