2015 Fact Sheet

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  1. 1. Proved Reserves in Brazil SPE criteria (Society of Petroleum Engineers) boe = barrels of oil equivalent Oil production in Brazil Kbpd Onshore Shallow water Deep water Ultra-deep water Kbpd = thousand barrels per day E = estimates Platforms under operation Reneries 122 13 LNG terminals 03 Thermoelectric power plant 21 Pipelines (km) 36,533 Ships eet 257 Servicestation (Petrobras Distribuidora) 7,931 Exploratory blocks Reneries Petrobras in Brazil Dec/2014 Equatorial Margin Cear and Potiguar Parnaba Rio do Peixe Solimes and Amazonas Parecis So Francisco Pelotas Santos Campos Esprito Santo Sergipe/Alagoas Paraba/ Pernambuco Tucano, Recncavo, Camamu/Almada and Jequitinhonha FACT SHEET 2015 www.petrobras.com.br/ir 1st semester 2,800 1980 1990 2000 2010 2014 2019 E 181 654 1,271 2,004 2,034 Feet on the ground and eyes on the future We recorded gross prot of R$ 80.4 billion (15% up on the previous year); Investments totaled R$ 87.1 billion; Oil and natural gas production in Brazil and abroad increased by 5.1% over 2013; Processed feedstock in Brazil and abroad grew by 2% year over year; Four new platforms began operations and 87 wells were connected in Brazil. Billion boe 1980 1990 2010 20142000 1.55 5.37 15.28 16.18 9.65 Information relating to 2014
  2. 2. Production Growth and Pre-salt Record We have posted frequent production records in the pre-salt region, underlining the eciency of our operations and the achievement of solid results. In 2014, we reached the mark of 700,000 barrels produced per day in only eight years after the rst discovery of oil in this region. The combination of technologies developed for the exploration of the pre-salt layer won the OTC (Oshore Technology Conference) Award in 2015, the worlds most prestigious award in the oshore oil and gas production sector. This was the third time we received this recognition, rearming our ultra-deepwater leadership. Management and Governance The construction of a new management and governance model was the path chosen to confront our challenges, further strengthening our commitment to transparency. With this in mind, we have implemented several initiatives, including the appointment of a new CEO and Executive Board by the Board of Directors and the creation of a Governance, Risk and Compliance Ocer, and the election of new members of the Board of Directors. In regard to Operation Lava-Jato, we have been collaborating eectively with the authorities and adopting measures to improve governance, controls and risk management through the creation of internal monitoring committees; the constitution of a special independent committee; the exclusion of the companies cited from future bids; and the adoption of legal measures to ensure restitution of the losses suered. Consolidated Financial Results US$ Billion Net income Capex and Investments EBITDA Net debt ShareholdersEquity Net debt / Net Capitalization Net debt / EBITDA 2013 2012 20112014 - 7.36 37.00 24.96 106.20 116.98 48% 4.25 Total 2015-2019 Business and Management Plan Exploration & Production* Downstream** Gas & Energy Other areas US$ 130.3 billion (US$ 108.6 billion) 83% 10% (US$ 12.8 billion) 5% (US$ 6.3 billion) 2% (US$ 2.6 billion) * Includes Petrobras investments abroad ** Includes Distribution Shares quotation * We were the most traded ADRs (American Depositary Receipt) in 2014. 7.547.27 NYSE* (US$ per ADR) Price in 12/31/2014 PBR/APBRTicker 11.03 42.95 27.63 72.34 169.04 30% 2.62 20.10 43.16 37.30 54.90 177.11 24% 1.47 11.09 48.09 29.42 94.57 149.12 39% 3.21