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MobileMonday DUS 03.09.2012 - Mobile Payment MasterCard

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  • 1. Christian Rau September 2012 Mobile Payment: MasterCard perspective on changes ahead 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential
  • 2. Getting started: Some things you should know about MasterCard. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Company formed 1966 Merged with Europay International 2002 2006 Became a publicly traded company (NYSE: MA) 210 countries 23,000 customers 33 mln. acceptance locations 1059 mlnMasterCard cards 705 mln. Maestro cards 2700 bln.USD GDV Things MasterCard does not do: We dont issue cards We dont determine the pricing for cards (fees and interest) We dont decide on interchange, nor do we earn on it
  • 3. 2012 MasterCard. before we start: definition of mobile payment. Proprietary and Confidential Page 3 Mobile payment is.. Payment transaction involving the exchange of funds for either goods or services conducted via a mobile handset (1) . also referred to as mobile money, mobile banking, mobile money transfer, and mobile wallet generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device (2) Mobile proximity Mobile remote P2P 1) Euro Monitor July 20122) 2) Wikipedia July 2012
  • 4. Technology Behavior Entrants 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Industries change. Juni 12, 2012 Page 4 Music industry MP3 (players) Apple, Spotify Sharing, digitization Cameras Digital cameras, smartphones Sony, Samsung, Instagram Always on, sharing online Payment (mobile) internet, smartphones, tablets, mobile TAN TelCos, PayPal, Facebook, iZettle, Groupon (mob.) internet banking, (mob) E-commerce, mobile payment Tele-coms Mobile internet, smartphones Skype, Facebook, Whats App Social, one-to-many, text based Market dynamics Consumer behavior Technology advances
  • 5. Evidence of changes relevant to mobile payment. 59% of Germans already shop online, generating 18% of all sales (3) 26% did pre-purchase research thru smartphone and bought in shop (4) 112% YOY growth for PayPal transactions. 2nd largest already in E-Com (2) 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Page 5 72% of young German males have a smartphone (1) 70% of retailers say mobile contactless payment is next big thing (2) 1) Source: Nielsen e.o.y. 2011 for consumer postpaid tariffs 2) EHI 2012 3) Eurostat Juni 12, 2012 4) Google - Our mobile planet global smartphone users (In De)
  • 6. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Our view on the changes we see. Juni 12, 2012 Page 6 He who rejects change is the architect of decay. Harold Wilson ! Technical and behavioral changes are significant (Steam engine, mass production) ! Change is irrevocable generations of digital natives will entrench it in society ! Due to network character we expect the speed of change to increase rather than slow down ! MasterCard and our partners have assets that put us in good position to shape the future playing field
  • 7. We are still at the beginning of change. CONCEPTUAL 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Juni 12, 2012 Page 7 Time Adoption of change We are here today PayPal offers interest on funds, increasing offline presence Non perishable goods E-com sales overtake classical retail Mobile fund transfers replace small value trx. Virtual wallets replace classical ones Acceptance curve is illustrative only, MasterCard accepts no liability for forecast
  • 8. Ensure plastic cards are transferred to digital wallet as digital payment tools. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential MasterCard product initiatives. Juni 12, 2012 Page 8 Mobile in store Roll out of contactless retail ecosystem on issuer and acquirer side. Conver-gence Enable all connected devices for consistent payment experience. Value add Services such coupons, social network integration and P2P fund transfer. Mob POS P2P Mob E-com Digital wallet Note: digital wallet also serves as enabler for convergence and value added services
  • 9. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Opportunities opened up by mobile payment. Juni 12, 2012 Page 9 Faster transaction time Manage loyalty Geo-location discounts Comparison shopping Read product reviews Check account balances I. Opportunities for merchants II. Richer consumer experience III. Value add from / for banks IV. New opportunities for MasterCard
  • 10. Development path for mobile proximity payment. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Juni 12, 2012 Page 10 Classic form factor with contactless PayPass technology (relevant for acceptance build up). Sticker form factor to go on mobile (or keys) to prepare consumers (educating users, cover NFC phone gap). Multi card mobile wallet as target picture (incl. VAS). Low High Degree of Mobility
  • 11. 2012 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential To get in touch. Christian Rau Senior account manager TelCos christian_rau@mastercard.com +49-172-1880723 Juni 12, 2012 Page 11