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Critical Links Education Portfolio

Transcript of 20100119 Critical Links Education Portfilio General Presentation

  • 1. Critical Links School 2.0 Portfolio Delivering an enriching educational experience 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Abdul Kasim VP, Global Marketing & Business Development kasim@critical-links.com

2. CONTENTS An Introduction to Critical Links Critical Links School 2.0 Portfolio School 2.0 Portfolio Value Proposition Summary2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3. THE CRITICAL LINKS EDUCATION APPLIANCE First fully Integrated IPplatforms for Schools thatcombine essentialLearning, Networking &Administration functionsin single platform2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4. CRITICAL LINKS - A SNAPSHOT OUR MISSION COMPANY Developing Innovative Privately held company ; part of Critical Group of Companiesand Cost-Saving IntegratedCommunication andOFFICES HQ: Fairfield, New Jersey, USAIT Solutions R & D Center: Coimbra, Portugal Sales Offices Worldwide; Indirect Sales Direct TouchTEAM 50+ R & D; 30+ Sales Consultants, 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 400+ Software EngineersTARGET MARKETS SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses 10 300) Schools 5. CRITICAL LINKS - CAPABILITIESIn-House Wide Variety State-of-the-Art of Competencies Capabilities & Capabilities Spin-off from Software outsourcing Extensive Software Development & company, Critical Software Customization Developing Mission Critical Applications National, Multi-National Scope and Scale for Space, Aircraft, Telecom, State-of-the-Art Government, Economics Comparable to China & India Over 400+ Software Engineers; Available at Short-Notice, Near-Shoring Worldwide Recognition: Numerous 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDAwards from Around Globe PARTNERS / CLIENTS 6. CAPABILITIES SHOWCASE Real time OS & Complex Schengen Information Instructor Operation On-board ApplicationsSystem (SIS) to Enable System for Cockpit for Inter-PlanetaryExtension of Union Procedural Training.2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Robotic Vehicle A109 Helicopter 7. STRATEGIC COLLABORATION WITH INTEL STRATEGIC COLLABORATION FOR EDUCATION Intel Learning Series Alliance Sole Platform for Client Management, Asset Management, Theft Deterrence etc for Intel powered Classmate PC (CMPC) Joint market offer with Intel-based CMPC solution SEVERAL PARTNERSHIPS AND INITIATIVES Featured Case Study Success Story with Intel2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 8. PIONEERING SCHOOL 2.0 First industry solution addressing 1:1 e-learning infrastructure Enabled largest school modernization program worldwide Critical Links education Alliance Partnering with leaders in education Delivering a School-in-a-Box2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 9. EVOLUTION TO 1:1 E-LEARNING 1:1 e-Learning is the most1:1 E-LEARNINGeffective way to develop21st Century skillsCLASSROOM E-LEARNINGComplete digitalcurriculum integration Learning ValuePC LABSSome digital curriculum integrationStudent-centeredBASIC learning ITFocus on learning PCsProject-based learning Most people, 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Group collaborationthorough instruction More people, deeper instruction Digital CurriculumLab instructor onlyBroad, fast coverage Wireless in(WiFi, WiMAX) Improved Learning Methods classroom Wired, lab onlyProfessional Development DialupConnectivity Computers-on-wheelsLaptops (1:1) ~25:1 (students,or shared desktops with TPP, and SPPTechnology Access Minimal and teachers) (~ 5:1) with TPP 10. ENABLING ESSENTIAL 21ST CENTURY SKILLS Technology and media literacy1:1 Effective communication E-LEARNING Critical and systems thinking Problem solving Collaboration Self-direction Global awareness2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Civic literacy 11. 1:1 E-LEARNING ARCHITECTURE W/ EACLASSROOM #1 WIRELESS ZONE INTERNET ETHERNETPROJECTOR SHARED PRINTERINTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD TEACHER COMPUTERSTUDENTS NETBOOKS CLASSROOM #2 WIRELESS ZONE2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDINTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDTEACHER COMPUTER STUDENTS NETBOOKSHOME USE K-12 DSL MODEMEDUCATIONCLASSROOM #N WIRELESS ZONEPORTALSDSL MODEMINTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDTEACHER COMPUTERSTUDENTS NETBOOKS 12. 1:1 E-LEARNING ARCHITECTURE W/ EAKEY HIGH-LEVEL INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTSBUSINESS TECHNOLOGYFUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTSCAPABILITIES 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 13. 1:1 E-LEARNING ARCHITECTURE W/ EA Education Appliances at classroom (optional) and/or School. 1:1 LEARNING ANYWHERE All required infrastructure MONITORING &SUPERVISIION functionality integrated in STUDENT a single applianceADMINISTRATION2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COMMUNICATIONS STUDENT IT MANAGEMENT COLLABORATION 14. CRITICAL LINKS SCHOOL 2.0 PORTFOLIOFirst fully Integrated IP platforms for Schools that combine essential Learning, Networking & Administration functions in single platform ** ** Available soon 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Supports from 60 1000 students Supports same feature functionality Wide array of interfaces and redundancy options 15. EDUCATION APPLIANCE FUNCTIONALITY LEARNING NETWORKINGADMNISTRATIONGUI Configuration Single Sign-on Learning Management SystemInternet Access Client Management WIKI, Blogs, Forums, ChatsWiFi AccessSecurityElectronic BoardsTheft ControlShared Storage 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Conferencing SystemEmail, WEBBackup & Recovery Network PrintersAsset Management Reports, Statistics Student Information System 16. LEARNING KEY FEATURES Wiki Learning or Course ManagementWiki and blogs allowing the jointSystem (LMS) creation and sharing ofSchedule and Coursedocuments and presentationsManagement; Broad VirtualLearning environment including: School Conferencing System Learning Activity Management Synchronized live presentations,System (LAMS)web pages; Share locally or via 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDManage and Deliver onlineinternetcollaborative learning activities;highly intuitive authoringenvironment for contentdevelopment and collaboration 17. NETWORKINGKEY FEATURES Quality of ServicePriority and Allocation ofBandwidth; Web caching Unified Communications Connectivity Voice Telephony/IP-PBX; Email Wireless connectivityserver, video, website, blogs, (802.11a/d); Ethernet 100MbpsInstant Messaging Internet Access and Proxy Print Server Services USB attached printer; Can be 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Internet Access and Proxy Server shared amongst students Routing Shared Storage Static IP Routing, DHCP Server Local storage capacity; Create & and DNS Server manage personal and sharedfolders; security and allocation 18. ADMINISTRATION KEY FEATURES SecurityFull Security and Firewall Asset Management System Client management Provides system info (versions, releases,Configure, view, update and delete OS configurations) on student and other devicesimage, user data, network profiles; viaconsole Student Information SystemDocuments student-specific information: Authenticationdemographic, class scheduling, attendance,Authentication system for teachers,transcripts, etc.students and guest users2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Unified GUI management System BackupSimple and easy-to-use interface to manageAutomatic and/or manual system backupall features remotely; Multilanguage Single Sign-On Full reporting systemGreatly simplified access andmanageability of complete functionality Monitor usage of internet, storage, printers,etc.; Periodical reports and assessment 19. THE CRITICAL LINKS EA VALUE PROPOSITION Only solution that provides vital Learning & Networking infrastructure to support 1:1 e-learning Collaboration and Content Creation tools enable continuous learning Streamlines student/learning, teacher and administrator activities Simplified interface and integration of features minimizes need for sophisticated IT support to operate, leverage and manage the eA. Eliminates need for several stand-alone products; Reduced power, space and carbon footprint Shared hardware resources & optimized hardware components 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Simplified GUI operation reduces operational overhead Can support from 60 to over 1000 student laptops (CMPCs), whether single classroom, multiple classrooms or entire school Can scale further, without any impact on functionality Can support 3rd party commercial applications as well as any user specific customization 20. 1:1 E-LEARNING: SAMPLE SCENARIO Classroomscenario EDUCATION APPLIANCE 2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 21. 1:1 E-LEARNING: SAMPLE SCENARIO Remote Learning Solution over Internet2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED HOME BASED EDUCATION 22. 1:1 E-LEARNING: SAMPLE SCENARIOCLASSROOM 1 WIRELESS ZONE WIFI ACCESS POINTClassroom educationappliance (Optional) School-wide education LMS appliance Shared Storage Voice Telephony Print Server Internet Access Internet Black listsTEACHER COMPUTERSTUDENTS NETBOOKS School/MoE PolicyVPN (...) Firewall/Security2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Routing/QoS Email/Web serverCLASSROOM N WIRELESS ZONE Webcaching School records/statistics (...) WIFI ACCESS POINT TEACHER COMPUTER STUDENTS NETBOOKS 23. CRITICAL LINKS SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE Training & Certification Design/Planning Comprehensive program to support Partners, Service Providers, and End users to leverage Installation the power of the Education Appliance. Tiered Support Programs encompassing: 7 x 24 Help Desk RMAs On-site support Part replacementEnhancementsAutomatic Software Updates2009 - CRITICAL LINKS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 24. CRITICAL LINKS 2.0 PORTFOLIO SUMMARIZEDINDUSTRY LEADING SOLUTION Industry Leading Solution First solution combining vital learning and underlying networking functionality. Can Scale from 60 upwards FIELD TESTED, LOW TECHNOLOGY & EXECUTION RISK Field Tested, Low Technology & Execution Risk Deployed country-wide. Trials in Latin Americ