Childrens' portfilio about nutritius foods

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Transcript of Childrens' portfilio about nutritius foods

  • The children created portfolio with nutritious foods

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  • YES AND NO OF FOOD To be beautiful strong de careful what you eat Banish anymore coca cola and all these quick dites. Throw away sticks Crisps and crackers! Lower refreshments and all these harmful drinks. Throw away the sweets and candy. Tomatoes , cucumbers, cabbages and carrots. Salt and pepper, pour some oil. Ready salad, and a slice of bread. Quick and simple meal, delicious the healthy. Legumes and vegetables, build strong bodies. Fish do not forget drink a lot of water too. it a lot of fresh fruit, dont forget to. When I go to school, I learn to eat properly. Many years to live and many great things to create.