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  • portfolio highlights

  • Senior Management HighlightsCreative mindset along with years of Live entertainment experience in senior level management including Operations, Logistics, Direction, Show Build and Technical Production.

    Successfully turns ideas into major productions. I know what it takes to put on a spectacular event and exactly how to make it happen.

    Sr. Producer - PRI Productions | Concert Production, Festivals, Fairs, Parades, Galas, Fund Raisers.

    Produced a large fund raiser gala for a local charity - with over $200 million in exotic cars, airplanes and helicopters. Co-Produced Holiday Extravaganza with Headline National Entertainer. Produced concerts for large outdoor venue including 12 national high profile acts. Emcee for Octoberfest entertaining approximately 6000 people.

    Head Of Department/Head RiggerCriss Angels Believe, Cirque du Soleil

    Hired and managed 15-member rigging crew, $500K annual budget and $12M dollar roof/rigging revamp project. Maintained all performance and rigging equipment, documentation and monitored show operations. Utilized MS Project, Visio

    and AutoCad to manage design-build team. Instituted inspection process for analysis and maintenance scheduling, Competent Inspector Certification.

    Director of Operations - Consultant | Winfield Murdock Creative Works

    Consulting on re-branding and business growth within the entertainment realm for world-wide operations. Redesign of website, employee relations and recruitment, streamlining of business operations, development of processes and

    growth of revenue streams.

    Director of Operations - Consultant Sight and Sound Productions | Mugwump Productions

    Coach and Mentor Leadership Team Assist in developing strategies and implementing plans to improve and standardize all aspects of operations. Ensure that operational processes stay within agreed upon budgets and timelines. Implement, manage and evaluate operation processes and procedures, in accordance with the standards and Work closely with the CEO in pursuit of organization time lines and goals. Oversee overall show readiness for both companies.

  • Provided consulting services; conceptualized and produced colossal events. Devised cost-effective strategies. Employed latest technology and cutting edge equipment. Developed pricing to meet sponsor needs and ROI, based on gate and souvenir sales projections. Produced marketing collateral (news releases, full-page color ads, print and TV media). Establish KPI's, Capex and EBITDA for long term growth strategies.

    Production Manager / Operations Manager - Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. Managed Red Unit (Animal, Train, Transportation and Food Service) for 300 annual shows. Monitored fleet during rail to fairground transfersinstalled emergency lighting on all equipment. Oversaw

    250300 staff, safety, train movements and ensured adherence to Teamsters Union rules. Handled logistics, strategic planning, risk management, finance, compliance and human resources to

    ensure operational efficiency.

    Entertainment Consultant / Executive Producer

    Transformed concept into traveling theatrical extravaganza with 75 show horses of all types;Handled all local, state and Federal compliance and permitting requirements."

    Supervised build-out of $4M tent that required two cranes and 30 riggers to erect 12-beamstructure in 4 days and 75 semi-trailers to transport to each venue.

    Secured vendors and equipment; negotiated leases and capital contracts, insurance, horsetransportation, veterinary"services, staff and talent, riders and contracts.

    Senior Creative Team member for show build

    Director of Operations "Valitar"

  • Just another day on a Creative Island....

  • Head of Rigging - "Criss Angel Believe"

    IRATA - Certified Competent Inspector

  • From an idea to reality

    Grand OpeningValitar

  • -- -----I

    - -

  • Racing to

    Opening Day

  • Valitar Orchestrated equestrian extravaganza from concept through production. Managed$28M operating budget and staff of >250 in multiple venues. Led image recognition effortscollaborated with marketing to brand all show equipment. Saved >$500K in cost overruns by pro actively identifying structural design errors in.

    Galaxy of Thrills Envisioned, created and produced Galaxy of Thrills in 4 monthsan all-American, death-defying,daredevil show that left audiences breathless!staged 3 shows per day with 25 acts and ~20K attendees; garnered pro bono cover advertising in local ad magazine; completed project for

  • Our Galaxy of Thrills is not a circus, it is not a car derby, its not a motorcycle race, its not a concert, and its not a carnival! So, you ask what is it? It is the most comprehensive culmination of crazy thrills, chills and daredevil stunts in existence today. It is a display of true talent representing generations of Professionalism, Concentration and Attention to detail. It is a family event that will leave your audiences raving and praising your organization, and its decision to bring The Galaxy Of Thrills to your event again and again.

    K&W Extreme shows will showcase in Jacksonville Florida March 25 28, 2004 for the First Annual Morocco Shriners Family Thrill Show. The Galaxy of Thrills event will feature some of the Finest Performers in the world including A Guinness Record Book holder, the longest Human Cannon Ball Shot, The one and only Galaxy Girl (over 130 feet in the air without the aid of any safety device), The Globe of Death, Double wheels of death, The slide for life, The Cyber-Cycle, Dueling sway poles, and much, much, more.

    K&W Extreme Shows is the one and only production company in the entire United States that Features the Galaxy of Thrills. You owe it to your organization not to use second-rate companies that claim to provide similar entertainment at a lesser cost. Do not accept imposters! We Guarantee we will provide you a show like no other!e G

    K&W Extreme Shows, Originators of the very first Official Shrine Thrill Show.

    K & W Extreme Shows is proud to introduce a new concept in live family entertainment, our new concept promises to thrill audiences all over the United States and abroad. Our Galaxy of Thrills concept features The Greatest Thrill Show in The Entire Universe The Galaxy Of Thrills culminates with Professional Artists and Daredevils from all over the world in an action packed show tailored to your time constraints and financial needs. K&W Extreme Shows can show you how to maximize your profit potential while increasing your attendance numbers. We offer a complete package so that you can concentrate on other facets of your event. Our Galaxy of Thrills concept is designed to stand alone as an attraction or work in conjunction with your existing fair, festival, race, concert etc.


  • Carnivale Di VitaCarnival of Life circa 1930s

    Carnivale Di Vita takes you back to the 1930s Euro-America, to a night of enchantment, mystery, fabulous entertainment including vaudeville, cabaret, circus and carnival arts. A time of political incorrectness, Freaks of nature, illusion, spectacles for glare, the era of jazz....musical greats and dances like the jitterbug, swing and more.

    Life in the 1930s brought hobos, hoovervilles, new deal programs, promises, appeals to the young to stand behind Herbert Hoover the new president. It was a time of mystery and uncertainty, a time of hardship and restlessness. Five course gourmet meal served directly to your table.

    Your journey begins one hour before show time, you arrive at The Carnivale Di Vita tent, you enter into our parlor area, a pre dining experience where you will be entertained and encouraged to imbibe on adult beverages at one of our two fully stocked bars. Cockatils of your choice, wine, and beer. These beverages are also available at your table throughout the show. Carnivale Di Vita is ever changing which makes it an even better show every night, although we have a show design we encourage the performers to play with the audience and make them feel a part of The Carnival De Vita family. You will leave the show wanting more and encouraging your friends to come and be a part of the newest sensation, the show that will take you away from your every day troubles and live Life as it was meant to be.

  • Galaxy of Thrills"

    WORLD'S LARGESTThrill Show!

  • Carnivale de Vita.............

  • Grandpas Cough Medicine

    Concert Production

  • Corporate Events..............

  • Lighting and Sound Equip. Managed.Lighting: Sound:

    AboLites 96 channel board SC 48 / 56 Go Pros M5D Yamaha 48 56 maxPar Can Speakers QSCFreedom Chauvets K-10s /K-12sColor Blast DMX Shure and SennheiserVesuvio RGBH Clear-Com communicationsChauvet Spots and Washes Truss 12 x 12 x10Go Bo 4x4Leekos with FramesFreedom battery power LED - washes Video Production 7 K and 10 K4.00 - 5.00 feeder cable Premier Pro, Final Cut, after affects

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