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  • 1. Howdy Its time to hop on your horse and rope an A on your Texas History benchmark.

2. Battle of Gonzales (October 1835) 3. Important dates to know 4. 1519 5. Mexico, including the region of Texas, became a base of Spanish exploration. 1519 6. 1718 7. Mission San Antonio de Valero is founded.(a.k.a. The Alamo) 1718 8. 9. Mexico gains independence from Spain! The Austins begin colonization ofTexas! 1821 10. 1836 11. Convention meets and the Texas Declaration of Independence is written by George Childress.Texas becomes a Republic. 1836 12. 1845 13. Texas is annexed as the 28 thstate. 1845 14. 1861 15. The Civil War begins. Civil War Battles in Texas 1861 16. Order of Eras 17.

  • Tips for test taking
  • Read the question carefully.
  • Eliminate those answer choices that you know are wrong.

18. More tips

  • Use the primary and secondary sources (maps, letters, graphs, charts, pictures, graphic organizers) to help you.Dont ignore these!


  • More tips
  • Use the dates!If the source comes from 1861, you should find an answer that relates to the Civil War.
  • Take your time!There is no prize for finishing first.


  • More tips
  • Go back and check all of your answers.You will be surprised how many questions are connected to one another.An answer at the end of the test could help you respond to a question at the beginning of the test.

21. Looking at Maps When you see a map you should ask yourself the following questions: 22.

  • What time period/era is this map showing?
  • Does the title give me helpful information?
  • Are theredatesor specific facts written in either the key or on the map that answer questions?

23. Title and relative date This is a thematic map because it reflects a particular theme (concept) from Texas HistoryNativesand their location. 24. Look Here!!! Compass Rose West Texas is DRY and HOT! 25. 26. Catholic Mission Building in Texas--1718 Important Missions and People: San Antonio de Valero San Francisco de los Tejas Corpus Christi de la Ysleta Father Francisco Hidalgo The Spanish wanted to settleTexas in order to spread religion . 27.

  • Texas Revolution
  • Battle of GonzalesStart of the Texas Revolution; Come and Take It; Oct 1835
  • Convention of 1836Declaration of Independence written by George Childress; David Burnet becomes ad interim president; Sam Houston named as commander in chief of the army


  • Siege of the AlamoTexans were defeated by Santa Anna; William Travis declares, Victory or Death
  • Battle of Coleto CreekJames Fannin was defeated by Urrea; Fannins troops were marched back to Goliad where they were executed
  • Battle of San JacintoSam Houston attacks the Mexican troops led by Santa Anna and defeats the Mexicans; Santa Anna signs the Treaties of Velasco giving Texas its independence

29. Texas as a Republic Presidents of Texas: Sam Houston Approved Constitution of 1836 Issues with Natives Not officially recognized by U.S. Debt Mirabeau Lamar Father of Education Established a Texas Navy Moved the Capitol to Austin Santa Fe Expedition 30. Sam Houston Debt continues to increase Archives War Mier Expedition Drawing of the Black Beans Anson Jones Joint Resolution for annexation Could divide Texas into 5 states 1845 Texas Annexed as 28 thstate 31. Mexican-American War

  • Reasons for War
  • Dispute over the annexation of Texas
  • Boundary dispute between U.S. and Mexico
  • Mexico refused to negotiate with U.S.
  • Results
  • Santa Anna flees
  • Mexico cedes almost 50% of its land to the U.S. in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)


  • Civil War
  • Started in 1861
  • Sam Houston is removed from office as Governor because he does not agree with secession from the Union.


  • Causes of the War: Slavery, States Rights, Tariffs, election of Lincoln as President
  • Battles in Texas: Galveston, Sabine Pass, Palmito Ranch
  • Robert E. Lee surrenders to the Union on April 9, 1865.


  • Reconstruction
  • * A period of rebuilding following the Civil War.*
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Juneteenth
  • Freedmens Bureau
  • 13 th , 14 th , and 15 thamendments Remember (Free, Citizen, Vote)
  • Ironclad Oath
  • New Texas Constitution

35. Spindletop Gusher Discovered in 1901 by Pattillo Higgins and flowed nonstop for nine days.The population increased significantly in areas where oil/petroleum was discovered. 36.

  • Progressive Movement
  • (early 1900s-1920s)
  • Commission Government
  • Terrell Election Laws
  • Primary Elections
  • Poll Tax
  • Womens Suffrage (19 thamendment)
  • Prohibition (18 thamendment)
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Segregation
  • Urbanization

37. Similarities between U.S. andTexas Government

  • Constitution
  • Form of government: 3 Branches
  • Bill of Rights


  • Dont forget:
  • TAKE YOUR TIMEYou know this material!
  • Read the questions carefully!
  • Use the dates!
  • Make me proud!I know you can do it!