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A BUSINESS LEGEND- RATAN TATAPRESENTED BY:HARIPRASATH.MHARITAA VARSHINI.BHEMAVATHY.BIRFAN KHAN.SISHAQ AHMEDCONTENTSIntroductionCharacteristicsRoles and tacticsPowersSocial responsibilitiesAwards and recognitionsCriticismA BUSINESS LEGEND Ratan Tata is the chairman of the Tata Group, India's Iargest corporation. He is the Iatest in a Iong Iine of Tatas to head the famiIy-owned company. Born into an oId Parsi famiIy of Bombay, in December 28th1937. He received a BacheIor's degree in architecture from America's CorneII University in 1962. He returned to India and joined the Tata Group. Tata is singIe and Ieads a modest IifestyIe in hisbacheIor apartment. The US-educated bacheIor Iives aIone with his two German Shepherds in an apartment in Mumbai. He is known to be a supporter of the traditionaI Parsi way of Iife. He has a passion for home cooked food and is known to induIgedeepIy in art coIIection. A trained piIot who stiII takes to the skies on his own aircraft has pickedup a number of awards.He is known to sIip into the front seat aIongside his driver to and fromwork.Tata ChemicaIs Tata ChemicaIsTata Power Tata PowerTata internationaI Tata internationaITata SteeI Tata SteeITata Tea Tata TeaTata Motors Tata MotorsTata ConsuItancy Services Tata ConsuItancy ServicesRaIIis RaIIisIndian HoteIs Indian HoteIsTata Finance Tata FinanceTata InfoTech Tata InfoTechVoItas VoItasTata Interactive Systems Tata Interactive SystemsTitanTata Share RegistryTata Fin AMEXTata Home FinanceTata TechnoIogiesTata RefractoriesTAYO RoIIsTata CoffeeTeIconTata ServicesTata SSLTRFTrentTACOTQMSTSMGTata IndustriesTAL AutomationNELCOTata TeIe ServicesTata Auto pIasticsTata Johnson ControIsTata Interactive SystemsTCE ConsuIting Engrs.Tata Investment CorpnTECSTFSTCS E-SERVE The Tata Group consists of nearIy 100 companies. Tata group is a muItinationaI congIomerate and one ofthe Iargest private companies in India. Today, it has a strength of 350,000 empIoyees aII over the worId andan estimated annuaI turnover of $62 biIIion USD. Tata's contribution to India's GDP is nearIy 5.5% and 60% of itsrevenue comes from foreign countries. Tata group was aIways known for its business ethics andcorporate governance. The Tata Group has spread its operations across six continents andmore than 80 countries.GUIDING PRINCIPELS OF TATA'S...VERY DGNFEDETHCALDEPENDABLEBELEVES N KEEPNG PROMSESLOYAL AND BELEVES N RELATONSHPSQUESTONNG THE UNQUESTONABLERSKTAKER NOT A SPECULATOREXEMPALARY LEADERSHP QUALTES AND A TREMENDOUS MOTVATORPERSONALITY.....AT MAKES IM RATAN TATA- TE LEADER???One hundred years from now. I expect the Tatas to be much bigger than it is now. More importantly. I hope the Group comes to be regarded as being the best in India.. best in the manner in which we operate. best in the products we deliver. and best in our value systems and ethics. aving said that. I hope that a hundred years from now we will spread our wings far beyond India.VisionaryStrategist"e is a deep thinker and extremely strategic. e is always 2-3 steps ahead"-Alan Rosling ED. Tata sons"Ratan was the chief architect of the Corus deal. I was worried about the magnitude and the amount of money. But he instilled confidence." says Muthuraman. InitiatorChange championIf you put a gun to my had better take the gun away or pull the trigger. because I'm not moving. "hile he doesn't look it. he's one of the toughest people I've ever known."says Muthuraman Risk taker"hen you come to him for a critical decision. he will give you a very quick answer. his responses would be crisp. leaving no room for involvement in cross-border deals could be quite significant. And that`s precisely what gives the CEOs the confidence to move ahead without doubts." says Rosling.Expertise"e has a tremendous technological brain." says Tata Steel Managing Director B. Muthuraman"Tata has shown that there is no other way he will do business other than do it ethically." says Gopalakrishnan.A man of integrityleadershp managera1ro1es llgure heud LnLrepreneur Resource ullocuLor role LlsLurbunce hundler n11uence 1actcs onsulLuLlon RuLlonul persuuslon Lxchunge LucLlcskA1AN 1A1A'S L5A05kSH1 S1L5sLurL goodno repeLlLlvesLrongweukiLuskreluLlonshlpiedler modelLLAuL8SPl C8luPlCPLCW1LCW9PlCPCCnCL8nlC8 LCLLCCnCL8n lC8 8CuuC1lCn LN1LRL...................................lMllOYll ClN1lRluLLALLRSHlP S1YLL llAulRSlll S1Yll,lCPlCAn LLAuL8SPl ,CuLL1he 1ata 8usness Lxce11ence Mode1.The true ob|ective of settinq these criteria, was never meant to be mere|y to use them as an assessment for an award,but more important|y, to uti|ize them for an institutiona|ized approach to drive performance and attain hiqher |eve|s of efficiency in everythinq that a corporate entity does."Mr. Ratan N. Tata.cnd whct t s cbout.... .cnd whct t s cbout.... A seL of sLuLemenLs 8 ouesLlons 1huL usks us Lo descrlbe Lhe wuv we conducL our buslness And provldes us wlLh lnslghLs on how we cun lmprove WhuL we do, und How we do lL lL mukes us ensure LhuL we huve cleur ob|ecLlves boLh shorL 8 long Lerm 1huL Lhese ob|ecLlves ure undersLood 8 shured bv ull of us. 1huL we huve u roudmup Lo uchleve our ob|ecLlves And LhuL we lmplemenL, monlLor, revlew 8 lmprove us we move forwurd.H HAv5 A 80S1N5SS 5xC5LL5NC5 M005LWnL1nLk MANDA1LD 8 8L8 Ck C1nLkWI5L

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T0V. 3|x 3|dralrp(overerl l30 Corlo(rarceuest for the Best : Evo|ution1ypes o1 owersPSl1lN PWLR: LeglLlmuLe Power lnformuLlve PowerPLRSNAL PWLR: ReferenL power experL poweroca1 responsb1ty ommunlLv lnlLluLlves LnvlronmenL 1he 1uLu 1rusLs lnsLlLuLlons SporLs und urLsAAk0S AN0 k5C06N1110N . Padma Bhushan on 26 1anuary 2000 2. Padma Vibhushan . On 26 1anuary 2008 3. NASSCOM Global Leadership on ebruary 2008 in Mumbai . Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 5. Robert S. atfield ellow in Economic Education In March 2006 6. London School of Economics and Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. 7. the Government of Singapore conferred honorary citizenship on Ratan Tata. 8. the title of honorary economic advisor to angzhou city in the Zhejiang province of China.9. ortune magazine in November 2007 ,listed him among the 25 most powerIull business man10. Time magazine's 2008, listed him the World's 100 most inIluential people Successor Criticisms EnvironmentaI Criticisms UnethicaI partners: the Dow chemicaI controversyCRITICISMS.....One hundred years from now, expect Tatas to be much bigger, of course, than it is now.More importantly, hope the group comes to be regarded as being the best in ndia.Best in the Manner in which we operate ,Best in the products we deliver, and best in ourvalue system and ethics. Having said that , hope that a hundred years from now we willSpread our wings far beyond ndia, that we become a global group, operating in manyCountries, as ndian business conglomerate that is at home in the world, carrying the Same set of trust as we do